EBTV presents host Evita Ochel with special guest Markus Rothkranz talking about healing on the deepest level of our being through truth and surrender, and fully living our life.

Markus is an artist, filmmaker, healer, speaker and author of several books including: Heal Yourself 101: Get Younger & Never Get Sick Again, The Prosperity Secret, and Markus’ newly released book Free Food and Medicine Worldwide Edible Plant Guide.

Specific topics covered in the video include:

  1. Markus shares his transformational journey of surrender and seeking the truth. (1:42)

    • dying in order to really live
    • the role of fasting in healing
    • the limited view of our existence
    • our ownership of life and comfort challenges
    • the impermanence of life and all that we have
    • how attachment holds us back from full health and happiness
    • the importance of living our truth
  2. What is the root of the deep-seated fear within us? (10:38)

    • how we sabotage our happiness and relationships
    • the price of living for others
    • the reward of speaking and living the truth
  3. Why we are so sick today on a physical, mental and emotional level. (15:45)

    • why we eat foods that we know are bad for us
    • our addictions to comfort and escaping our life reality
    • how health and all in our life is an outer manifestation of our internal environment
  4. What role self-love plays in living our truth. (21:56)

    • transcending duality
    • the role of the “bad” in our life as “good”
    • the importance of being and living in the moment
    • the difference between living from the mind vs the heart
    • the rewards of listing to our inner voice (intuition)
  5. How to connect back to living from the heart. (28:32)

    • having the courage to let go and surrender all that does not serve us in our life
  6. A look at fate, destiny and the role of our genes. (34:20)

    • an explanation of how we can change our genes (DNA)
    • understanding the connection to nature
    • getting back to the simple truth of life
  7. How we can empower and free ourselves through the natural resources around us, like wild edibles. (39:26)

    • expanding our perspective about what is a weed
    • getting proactive about our choices
  8. Concluding words and tips from Markus. (44:28)