I think a miracle is a series of natural events that occur in an instant. Miracles are examples of potential. Potential is a word that I use a lot, and I like these meanings (all meanings from dictionary.com): possible, as opposed to actual, and, capable of being or becoming.

So as a healer it’s possible to create perfect health as opposed to believing that I can. Believing that I can is the actuality of the situation. How many people believe that they can (?), and yet they facilitate no change? Notice I refrained from using the word fail. Failure is subjective and is not a measure of proficiency, self worth or potentiality.

It’s Always Possible To Create Change

Sports teams believe they can win every time they play. It’s possible, but only one team can actually win. The winning team seizes opportunity and manufactures a win. Healing is the same. A window of opportunity is created on the healing table. A miracle may or may not be recordable, but I’d suggest that a miracle always happens. The one that’s not noticed is just evolving slowly.

Billy Slater is an international rugby league player, and a first grade NRL player. He’s fearless, and attacks the football faster than other fullbacks. He’s reactive, instinctive and explosive. The only time he fumbles is when he thinks about what he’s doing. His focus is on the ball. His intent is to score a try.

Let’s apply those principles to healing. My focus is on healing. Not to heal, not to be a healer, but on healing. My intent is to create change.

So, it’s possible to create change. How, Mr Healer? Because I have my energised special room, a piece of rose quartz in my pocket, and I’ve a diploma in linguistics — I need that to translate the Japanese kanji for love that I’ve framed in blue.

Wrong answer! I could say I believe I can because I was successful yesterday, but success is also subjective and it’s as helpful as blaming Ronald McDonald for obesity. He didn’t force anyone to eat a cheese burger.

A man comes to see me because he has insomnia. During the healing I intuit that his back, knees and one ankle are sore, and have been for a number of years. He doesn’t realise how much pain he’s lived with until the pain is gone. He returns to tell me how great he feels, he looks ten years younger, but he still has insomnia.

We have evidence of change, but success eludes us. The insomnia is a symptom, it’s not a condition. Let’s play with, capable of being or becoming. If I’m right, and insomnia is a symptom, then it’s capable of being or becoming something else.

Capable of being gives us hope, and hope fuels intent.

Capable of: having the ability or capacity for — this is the healer, and, open to the influence or effect of — this is the response.

Being: absolute existence in a complete or perfect state. So a healer has the ability and capacity to influence or effect change and create life in a complete or perfect state.

We all have that ability: it’s being decisive and taking action. No I won’t supersize my big Mac and I’ll start walking my dog. For healers and clients to engineer a miracle all we have to do is act on the decision, “yes I will heal today!

Let’s keep it simple: client hops on the table, healer heals. Eliminate the how and why.

The Healing Connection

Let’s return to the insomnia. While working with the man spirit tells me that when he was a baby, his mother used to get him out of bed every time he stirred. She did this to comfort herself, not the child. So the man’s vibration was set on, if there’s an anomaly, an incongruity or inconsistency, in my environment I must be awake. The mother was insecure and vulnerable and she used her baby to correct the disharmony in her character.

Anything that is now connected with the man’s energy field must be harmonious. He becomes a perfectionist. Spirit communicates that he cannot go to bed until everything in his home and life is perfect: dishes must be done, a magazine cannot be left out, is the stove turned of, is everything ready for work tomorrow, and this checklist plays over and over in his subconscious mind. He hasn’t a chance of sleeping.

The insomnia is a symptom of his behaviour, which is a symptom of his mother’s insecurity, which I imagine is a symptom of her upbringing. Everything is connected.

I advised the man to go home and kick his shoes of and leave them in the hallway. Have a coffee and leave the cup out. He has to disrupt his compulsive pattern. A window of opportunity has been created for him to act. He has become the designer of a miracle.

It’s always possible to create change.