In the spring of 2018, I had the pleasure of being hosted by health and consciousness advocate Darren McDuffie on his podcast Perfectly Healthy and Toned Radio. It was a great pleasure to speak with Darren, who like myself underwent a personal and professional change in the areas of health and nutrition, and is today dedicated to helping people improve and maintain their health and wellbeing.

In the show episode, which focused on healing and prevention through nutrition, some of the key topics we covered included how nutritional confusion and marketing impacts our ability to make healthy choices, how inflammation, acid-alkaline balance and antioxidants work, and how living based on a mentality of survival and our state of mind influence our health.

You can listen to the free, full 1-hour episode here on the Perfectly Healthy and Toned website or here on iTunes.

Overview of specific topics covered (with time stamps) in the radio episode:

  • Introduction (0:30)
  • Evita’s Bio (3:58)
  • How did Evita’s journey of nutrition begin (5:00)
  • What does “holistic” mean (7:16)
  • Evita as an example of holistic living (9:06)
  • What is ‘healthytarian’ and what does it mean (12:02)
  • What is healthy eating and why are there so many perceptions (14:20)
  • Are we victims of good marketing (20:35)
  • What is inflammation, oxidative stress and their connection to antioxidants (23:20)
    • high blood pressure as a warning sign (27:30)
    • how to overcome inflammation and oxidative stress
  • What degree will the body go to to maintain homeostasis — balance (32:30)
  • Why more disease is showing up in younger generations (35:06)
  • The challenges of living in survival mode (39:24)
  • What is the validity of the acid-alkaline diet and how does it work (43:36)
  • The importance of the sodium and potassium (48:58)
  • The importance of eating plant-based from a perspective of phytonutrients and chlorophyll (53:35)
    • the value of chlorophyll (58:10)
  • Concluding resources and info about Evita’s book Healing & Prevention Through Nutrition (1:01:30)

“It is essential to raise one’s level of consciousness to be open to new experiences so survival mode can be surpassed.”

Darren McDuffie