October Gratitude message: Today I share my gratitude for all the entropy lowering efforts going on in our world as we speak, and for the many amazing people doing this work personally and professionally. who have woken up to the importance of conducting their lives from a conscious and love-based perspective.

One such individual is Vanessa Wideski, whose work is inspired by physicist Tom Campbell, and who has created the wonderful Low Entropy initiative and resource, whose mission is to:

Educate individuals on matters that are close to the heart. Empower each of us to take responsibility for our actions and how we relate to one another. Evolve towards a state of cooperation and compassion ~ ultimately lowering the entropy of our social system.”

It excites me so deeply to hear and see awakened expressions like this in our world, as these are all signs of a positively evolving society and changing times. So a big yes to that beautiful mission statement! Because of people like this, and efforts like this, we are creating a more coherent society, where love, empathy, compassion, cooperation and unity are the norm, rather than fear, anger, hatred, competition and division. One by one, these people are helping to expand and evolve our collective consciousness.

In the heart and soul-stirring video at the top, Vanessa beautifully explains the challenges and potential of this shift in awareness and expansion of consciousness towards lower entropy. With immense gratitude, thank you Vanessa!

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