You are here in this lifetime and on this planet. You were born with all of your rights and privileges as a human being. As a child you had no idea what to expect from this life. You started fresh with no memories of anything. At first you didn’t even realize that other people were different from you. You had no idea that other people came to this life with a different set of starting opportunities.

As you aged you began to see the difference between yourself and others more clearly. You were able to note and compare the things in your life, to the things in their lives. They had better mothers or more money, you had unique insight and special talents and so on, and so forth. The comparisons continued to grow and you began to form judgmental opinions based on the difference that you saw between you and other people. Sometimes you judged them for not being like you, and sometimes you judged yourself for not being like them.

You were particularly hard when judging yourself for not being like them. You were hard on your family members for not being like their family members. You were hard on your things for not being like their things. You were so hard on your situation that you grew and cultured anger and hatred towards everything in your life. You began to blame.

You believed that if you could just change your circumstances you would be able to find a way to be happy, or successful, or to have whatever you wanted. You believed it was the fault of your circumstance that you were unable to fall in love with the right person. It was the fault of your upbringing that you didn’t figure out what you wanted to do with your life. It was because of who, what, where, when, and why, you were placed on this earth that you were unable to live as the person you desired yourself to be.

A New Idea Emerges

However, there was a contrasting train of thought slowly percolating over on the opposite side of your mind. There was a secret idea that who you were, was not in fact dependent on how you got here. There was this little idea that you could change the things that weren’t working in your life, maybe you could even change yourself and learn to not have this judgment and hatred towards yourself and your family.

So you began work on this concept. You began to think differently about yourself and your family. You began to find another way of looking at the world that you live in. You started to grow an outlook that brought hope for the infinite future. You left behind as much of your previous attitudes as possible. You allowed your shame and embarrassment to become public and in so doing you were able to release much of your pain. You allowed yourself to be accepted by others and you learned to accept yourself. You even began to accept your family members for who they were.

Throughout the process you noticed an inner joy beginning to shine through. Others began to notice as well. Not everyone though. Some of those family members didn’t change their attitudes at all. But it didn’t matter much to you any more because you were able to change how you looked at them and you no longer needed to be affected by the pain that used to drive you. You no longer needed to hate anyone or anything just to make yourself feel good. You no longer needed to be in pain.

It’s still an ongoing process but it has become easier. Every day you are more able to love yourself and others. Every day you are more able to find joy and inspiration in life. You are moving at a wonderful pace in exactly the way that was intended for you when you were placed here on this earth by God. You are doing exactly what you are supposed to be doing, with everything you have been given.

Good job, keep up the good work, I love you.

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