The fastest way to move through the lessons of this lifetime is with honesty. Unfiltered, non-sugar coated blatant nondiscretionary honesty….with yourself. All of the lessons you are here to learn are depending on your honesty with yourself. The happiness that comes from living every day in bliss is waiting just beyond the untruths and little delusions. It’s there for the taking…but you have to stop the lies.

Every time you look at the pain in your life, you need to be able to trust yourself well enough to tell yourself the truth about how you really feel and what you really want.

Perhaps you grew up in an average North American household and like me, you developed the skill of denial. You became able to tell yourself that things are alright when they aren’t. You are able to “just deal with it” when you have situations that you believe you “cannot control”. You “accept” the things in your life because that’s “just the way it is”. What hides behind these thoughts and others like them are lies.

Your “dealing with it” is you ignoring the voice of your soul crying out to you that you are unhappy. When you look at your partner and your job and your life and your everything, and tell yourself “this is the best I can do” or “I guess that’s how it goes” you are squashing your inner happiness.

The truth is that long ago you learned everything you could from your partner and your spirit wants you to move on from them. You hate your job and it drains far more energy from your soul than your paycheck could ever replenish. You hate your life and wish it could change. You would love to live with the constant hum of joy radiating through your life.

I am telling you that you do not have to accept anything in your life. You do not have to do anything in your life. And you do not owe anyone anything, but yourself. And the only thing you owe yourself is clear, clean, transparent honesty.

Taking the Steps That Need Taking

Why in the world are you trying to trick your subconscious soul into believing you are happy when you are not? Your soul is not a fool so don’t disrespect it. It knows full and well that it’s not happy. That’s why it keeps crying out to you with all of this pain. It’s hurting because of the position you have put it in—put yourself in. So stop trying to tell yourself that you are powerless, happy, in love, or anything else you tell yourself you are, when you are not.

Sure it’s scary. Those lies help protect your conscious mind from the fear of the unknown. Those lies help you tell yourself that there’s no need to make any big changes or take any big risks. “Everything is OK so why would I need to change anything. After all I don’t know what might happen if I change something.”

You can’t be truly happy if you are telling yourself you are already happy, when in fact you are not. Telling yourself a lie is the equivalent of putting your fingers in your ears and yelling “la la la la” while your soul is trying to talk to you. If you can drum up the courage that I know you have inside of you, to take your fingers out of your ears and listen honestly to what your soul is trying to say, true inner joy will be unavoidable.

The emotional pain you feel has the same purpose as your physical pain; to indicate that something is wrong. If you wouldn’t look down at your broken leg and tell yourself “nothing is wrong I’m going for a stroll” then why would you tell yourself you are happy with your job? Or your partner? Or anything else in your life that you truly deep down know is causing you pain?

If you listen to your heart, release yourself form the burden of dishonesty and follow the paths that make your heart sing, you will be living in complete inner joy.

Now please, stop lying to yourself. If you aren’t happy at your core and you are open to a more fulfilling way of living, you need to change the things that are making you unhappy.

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