EBTV presents host Evita Ochel with returning guest Ruby Roth sharing about Ruby’s work, newest book and talking about the growing vegan movement and how parents and teachers can best support vegan children.

Ruby was first featured as a guest in the following episode, Having Heart to Take Action, which outlines her journey and work into veganism, as well as other tips and consciousness expanding material for understanding veganism when it comes to children.

Ruby Roth is an artist, designer, speaker, teacher and author of several children’s books, including: That’s Why We Don’t Eat Animals, Vegan is Love and her newest release V is for Vegan. She has been vegan for a decade and her work combines books, art and activism for a new generation.

Specific topics discussed in the video include:

  1. Current vegan trends and growth. (2:25)

    • growth rate statistics
  2. Ruby shares positive experiences and trends when it comes to increased societal awareness. (4:40)

    • the GMO movement
  3. How veganism is a lifestyle, not a trend, fad or diet. (7:10)

    • Veganism as a political tool
  4. Effective ways to help families approach veganism with their children. (9:50)

    • the role of education
    • the role of effective communication
  5. How to make sense of nutrition misinformation when it comes to vegan diets. (15:00)

    • where best vegan nutrition information can come from
    • resources and tips
  6. Tips and advice for teachers to make classrooms more vegan inclusive. (17:50)

    • parents can provide best info and take accountability
  7. Tips and advice for teachers who need to teach nutrition. (19:50)

    • how to handle the curriculum
    • the importance of sharing multiple opinions/perspectives
  8. Characteristics of vegan children. (22:00)

    • teaching discernment
    • the importance of teaching kids critical thinking skills
    • perseverance and other character building skills
  9. Solutions and practical tips for handling any holidays. (24:13)

  10. How to handle Halloween with children. (26:50)

    • the importance of engaging kids into problem solving skills
  11. Gift ideas from or to vegan adults and kids. (29:10)

  12. Information about Ruby’s books for children. (31:40)