EBTV presents host Evita Ochel with special guest Laura Magdalene Eisenhower in a dialogue about the purpose of life on planet Earth, planetary changes and cosmic life.

Laura Eisenhower is an Intuitive Astrologist, Global Alchemist and Cosmic Mythologist. For over 15 years she has been a spiritual advisor and has counseled hundreds of people leading them to greater insight and sense of purpose. With expertise in psychology, ecology, mysticism and metaphysics, she offers clairvoyant and spiritual readings, healings, writings, workshops and lectures at various international events.

General topics covered in the episode include:

  1. Laura shares about her personal journey and life purpose. (1:30)

  2. The current purpose of life on this planet. (3:30)

    • the importance of understanding the challenges present on planet Earth
    • the importance of connecting with our personal sense of authenticity and power
  3. Understanding unification and what it means to be one, from the same source. (6:15)

    • the importance of honoring diversity
  4. How to understand planet Earth as a living organism. (9:23)

    • the role fear and free will plays in our evolution
    • the importance of connecting consciously with nature
  5. What ascension means on a personal and practical level. (14:50)

    • the importance of understanding the natural process of ascension
    • how the inner and outer worlds affect our lives and evolution
  6. How to understand alternate timelines on planet Earth. (20:55)

    • the importance of differentiating between natural/organic and artificial timelines
    • the importance of aligning with Earth’s organic timelines
  7. How to live in alignment with the natural frequencies of the Earth on a practical level. (26:12)

    • the importance of identifying your visions and intentions
    • the importance of service to Self
  8. The nature of cosmic life and our galactic history. (31:18)

    • Earth’s path with lower and higher energies throughout time
    • the importance of aligning the soul, spirit and Ego to become whole
  9. The possible path of disclosure regarding other life forms. (37:00)

    • the importance of connecting mindfully with others
    • knowing what red flags to look for in deciphering through information
  10. Laura’s closing words for exploring our, and our planet’s current evolution. (43:16)

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