Through his story Simon shares his personal life challenges and how by listening to his inner guidance he was able to connect with the world of spirit. Inspiring us to be real, honest and courageous in our own lives, Simon also encourages us to be ourselves and accept all parts of ourselves—the positive and the not so positive.

My journey of awakening and personal expansion

I can’t identify a particular personality trait or emotional response that I’ve changed. Other than tempering impatience and frustration, I’m not certain I can enlighten you. I’d expect this tempering would manifest in all of us with age.

I’ve always had compassion for others and the desire to do things well. Despite the anger and confusion that engulfed me, I survived my parent’s separation. With time I’ve identified the reasons for my responses and actions, but that’s maturity not self awareness.

The nature of my work and connection with prophets and angels creates a level of vulnerability that I’ve not experienced before. Perception makes it easy for me to disappoint people because I’m expected to act and live a certain way.

Initially, I felt the pressure of this, but now I see that we’re all susceptible to this illusion. It’s called admiration and the desire to emulate others. I’m comfortable in this skin.

I considered retiring the fighter in me, but he serves a purpose. I can’t change the world without his strength. I’ve discovered my path is narrow and defined. Even if I chose to, I cannot veer away from this life.

My Inspirations and Influences

I’m not a strategy person, but I can share moments in my life that have changed me.

At fifteen years old I helped dig a grave for a baby, my step mother’s niece, and the emotion of this event is etched into my soul. I can still feel the sun, smell the earth, see the tiny coffin, hear the shovels of dirt landing on the coffin, and remember the pain in the living. There is something about digging the earth that is solemn and eternal.

When I was fourteen I carried the carcass of a one hundred pound wild pig for forty minutes on my back down a mountain trail. I was able to see the ocean, and I felt peaceful and powerful. I can still feel the misting rain on my face and smell the blood. I felt the earth welcoming me home.

I did karate for twelve years, and instructed for nine years. I had the opportunity to train with exceptional martial artists. One of those men gave me this advice, “there’s no such thing as a bad decision. You only have two options, make a decision, or don’t.” I’d rather act than hesitate.

I have to thank Gegu, my angelic guide, for his wisdom, support and patience, and Jesus for having faith in me. Forgiveness is tough, but not impossible, and the weight of two thousand years of guilt, is only as heavy as I allow it to be.

My Positive Life Changes

My connection with my angelic guide has given me an incredible sense of peace. My capacity to love, my sense of purpose, and my courage have all been heightened. I have an unprecedented insight into who I am. I’m empowered to change the world and I have the will and the self belief to do so. I have conversations with God similar to Neale Donald Walsch’s experience.

This transformation hasn’t been without a price. My decision to be a healer contributed to a nine year relationship ending. Every sense is heightened so I also experience grief and fear with an uncommon acuteness.

I’ve relived thousands of deaths and have witnessed the worst that we can be. It’s rare for me to be free of the weight of responsibility I carry for Gegu and Jesus. I ache with longing to return to the light. I cannot describe the loneliness I feel, but I stand there willingly.

My healing work is exciting and satisfying. I get to fall in love every day and I share about it on my site

My Next Steps as an Evolving Being

I want to travel the world and talk to as many people as I can about my work.

I’d like to share this incredible gift with students in schools and universities, and empower the next generation of leaders.

I’d like the opportunity to work in indigenous communities. The health of a nation is only as healthy as its indigenous people.

I hope to work in hospitals alongside surgeons and doctors.

I want to smile more and be a good father to my children. I never want to forget that I love the smell of my son’s hair, the laughter in my daughter’s eyes, and the shape of those two indentations either side of a woman’s tailbone (what are they called?).

My Advice to Others

Even though I have an amazing life, I’m imperfect and regular. I’m the smallest piece of the puzzle. I can almost guarantee that I’m not what you perceive me to be. I’m multi layered and we have more similarities than differences.

I’d encourage you to meditate and connect with your guides and spirit. Spiritual development is an exercise in self discovery.

Learn who you are.

I always believe that we’re not as broken as we think we are, that it’s never hopeless or impossible, and life’s not a series of tests.

Failure isn’t personal or a measure of self worth, and is a horrible word to describe a moment of reflection. It doesn’t matter that you’re reflecting on your knees, it’s as good a position as any to put one foot in front of the other.

No matter what you feel or think, you are always loved.