My name is Sal Parkes, I am based here in the UK but thanks to the internet I have been fortunate enough to connect with like-minded souls across the world who share a common purpose of co-creating a better world. Up until 2010 I always felt like an outsider and invested SO much energy in trying to fit in with society and find my place within a system that never really felt right. Before this time I had no idea that my life was destined to change in the summer of 2006.

My journey of awakening and personal expansion

My journey began in June 2006 when I went to Malaysia to see my family in Penang but was presented with the opportunity to go and stay with my uncle just outside Kuala Lumpur. He had disappeared in 1993 for 10 years and no one knew what had happened to him. In those 10 years we were to find out that he had been initiated into Taoism and had become a High Priest. I’d heard some miraculous stories from my family out there of how he was healing people from supposedly incurable diseases such as cancer, bringing people back from their death beds and setting free those who had lost themselves to drugs, alcohol, prostitution and the Malaysian underworld. It sounded like something you would only come across in a movie so I was desperate to meet him and learn of how he had transformed from a ‘lazy bum’ (as my Grandma used to say!) to a high priest of Taoism who was now saving lives.

During my time spent at his temple, I witnessed what can only be described as miracles in terms of meeting some of his patients and hearing about how they had been helped. People would come from all over the country to seek my uncle’s advice. Depending on the nature of their problem, they would either be put on a special diet, treated with plant medicine from the jungle, undergo mystical energy work or a combination of all three. The most beautiful thing about the work of my uncle’s temple was that he never charged a cent to help a person. His work relied solely on discretionary donations. Because of his commitment to helping others without expectation of a reward, he attracted the financial support of influential business men from the area. They became benefactors of his work which allowed him to continue to help growing numbers of people in both Malaysia and Thailand.

Being curious by nature, I asked him all sorts of questions to which he would just smile or respond with a few words. I remember him telling me that “Everything is energy, everything has a spirit, this is Taoism”, he picked up a rock from the garden and said even this rock is alive but most people will only ever see a rock, he then smiled at my blank expression. He encouraged me to read non-fiction books and to study anthropology as it would be helpful in re-educating myself as apparently my mind was filled with rubbish! When I returned to the UK something had definitely shifted within me. I developed an unquenchable thirst for discovering the truth behind who we are and the world we live in. I read widely around the topics of philosophy, psychology and more generally, topics that were off limits in the mainstream and labelled as conspiracies or New Age nonsense. The more I read and learned over the years, the more I discovered that the world is NOTHING like the world we are educated into believing – in fact it’s quite the opposite. Perhaps this is what my uncle meant when he said my head was filled with rubbish.

To my shock, I experienced a spontaneous awakening in November 2009 where it seemed like I had literally transformed overnight. To this day I still don’t fully understand why or how it happened. The feelings of fear and anxiety which had remained in the background of my psyche since my teenage years seemingly dissolved in less than 24 hours. I felt charged with an abundance of energy and felt overwhelming love for everyone and everything around me. At the time my friends and family thought I was taking drugs because I was so happy all the time! When I met people I seemed to be able to read their energy and feel what they were feeling which was a very insightful experience. I felt at one with the universe and everything in it and seemed to be receiving what I can only describe as other-worldly insights and information which came from nowhere.

I wondered what in the world was happening to me, I didn’t recognise myself and even though I was blissfully happy the speed of change was a little unsettling. Somehow I felt so much more expansive, lighter and I guess powerful. I had an overwhelming sense of proof that my thoughts and feelings were creating my physical experience as my thoughts were manifesting within a period of a couple of days. “If this is what our human potential is, then we are all remarkable beyond belief” I thought to myself. Then stranger still, as we went into the new year of 2010 it was like someone suddenly pulled the plug on my blissful experiences. I reverted back to the ‘old’ me just as quickly as I had expanded beyond it. It was like the past 6 weeks had been some sort of crazy dream and I had now been disconnected to whatever it was that caused me to expand so rapidly. I now look back on the episode as being given a teaser of our human potential and what we were capable of. I then came to realise that our evolutionary challenge is to remove the layers of limiting beliefs which prevent us from fully realising our immense potential on an ongoing basis.

My Positive Life Changes

Since the rapid expansion of awareness and my return to a ‘normal’ state of being, the main benefit to my life has been the full understanding that everything really is energy, just as my uncle had said. I now know that as humans, we have full control over what we want to experience in life and we are only ever limited by the thoughts we hold in our minds and their corresponding feelings. We are essentially architects of energy!

I have made it a priority in my life to take responsibility for what I think and how I feel with the aim to always feel good and keep feeling better. This is the foundation for creating from energy. It hasn’t been an easy task as I’ve discovered that some of the limiting beliefs we hold of ourselves run deep into our subconscious but with patience, commitment and faith it is indeed possible to break free from their grip. I’ve also realised that contrary to the status quo belief, it’s not selfish to focus on our personal evolution and creating the lives that will truly make us happy. It’s a responsibility we have to ourselves, our loved ones and each other.

When we focus on creating the life we desire, we in turn create a better world. Every person that commits to living as the change they want to see in the world makes it that much easier for the next person to succeed. This is what gives me a burning sense of purpose every time I wake up in the morning! Every day I am forever grateful to my Uncle for opening my eyes to the infinite possibilities available to us when we embrace the world of energy and spirit.

My next steps as an Evolving Being

I will be continuing to commit to my personal evolution and in turn sharing what I learn with others through my business and blog Live As The Change . I am currently in the process of finishing my eBook “Discover The Incredible You” which is being put together to help others evolve beyond the beliefs of a dying paradigm so that they can master themselves on a whole new level. It’s packed full of leading edge scientific insights, questions that make you think outside the box. It also features practical ways to recognise and push through limiting beliefs and remove emotional blocks so we can create freedom in the key areas of life. I’m really excited to be publishing it and it will be available for free on my blog within the next couple of weeks. It’s a gift… my way of giving back to those sharing in this journey of self discovery.

In the long term, within the next four years, I plan to create an organisation of entrepreneurs who are actively inspiring and helping people to de-program and live as the change they want to see in the world… big project I know, but one that is taking root and entirely possible with the knowledge that we are the architects of our reality ;)

My Advice to Others

  • We shouldn’t feel guilty for making it our priority to feel good and pursue our goals – when we succeed we inspire others and make it easier for them to succeed
  • Success isn’t un-spiritual – success is the progressive realisation of a worthwhile ideal
  • Try to look beneath the surface of the challenges you experience– identify the lesson by looking at how have you attracted it to you by the way you have been thinking/feeling
  • Don’t let external influences suggest you are anything less than incredible – only take on the opinions and advice of others if it supports your journey of realisation, otherwise what others say and think really doesn’t matter!