My name is Ryan Mullins and I am the founder of Wake Up World. I am 35 year old year old Sagittarian and live in the harbor city of Sydney Australia. I have a passion for photography, travel, personal discovery and esoteric knowledge. After working for years as a people manager in one of the world’s largest financial institutions, I left my corporate life behind and chose instead to follow my intuition and pursue in a more positive and life-affirming direction. This decision was life changing and one that allowed Wake Up World to be born.

My journey of awakening and personal expansion

I was always told from a very young age that I was an old soul in a young body. At the time I had no idea what people were referring to, but I had a sense that their words had truth. That truth became apparent to me in my late teenage years.

I believe that my awakening was due to information passed down via cellular memory from my spiritual healing parents. A family friend gave me a set of Tarot cards in my mid-teens, though I never really engaged in Tarot in any in-depth way, it opened my mind that there was more to this life than what I was led to believe through traditional education and indoctrination. During this time, I also dealt with my sexuality. In hindsight, I am very appreciative that I had to take a long look at myself and go deep within to find who I truly was. I see my “coming out story” now as a blessing, as it enabled me to start my self-discovery at quite an early age. By the time I was 20, I was secure in who I was.

The next phase of my life propelled me on my spiritual journey. My mother is accomplished in many modalities, but the most eye-opening is her knowledge of Vibrational Kinesiology. I spent many sessions on her table, tapping into my higher self and removing energetic blockages that were holding me back. By the time I was 25 I had cleared most of my baggage and was left with a clean emotional slate. Without these sessions with my mum, I would not be the person I am today.

My Positive Life Changes

My life is in a state of continual flux. I have learnt how to stay centred, though there are times when I forget how. I have my moments where I feel like I am spiraling out of control (what I call “the dark night of the soul”) but these moments are short lived. Within 24 hours, I am back on track again. I learnt what it means to live in the moment. It is still a conscious decision I need to make, as is hasn’t yet become my automatic state.

I have learnt that it is none of my business what other people think of me, something that saved me so much time and energy. Being 6”6’ I am constantly being stared at. In my teens, I used to think that there was something wrong with me… why else would people keep staring??? It was not until my early 20’s that the penny dropped and I realized that they were just not used to seeing someone so tall. I spent too much time and energy wondering what people were thinking of me. A lot of time and energy for something as simple as.. I am tall… so people stare.

I have times where my desires easily manifest, and other times when I feel out of line with source, and hit road block after road block. In these times I remind myself to stay in the moment. How much time have we all wasted on pondering future events, those “and/or” scenarios that just never come to pass? Life is much more fulfilling when you are not worrying about the future and just say centered in the moment. Freeing up all that mind-space allows you to put your energy into something you love.

My next steps as an Evolving Being

Every year I learn so much about myself, who I am and the talents I can tap into. I try not to focus too much on the future but just follow the breadcrumbs that Spirit leaves for me to follow. Things seem to work best when I stop pushing against the flow of energy, take a deep conscious breath and go with the flow of life.

Wake Up World has a life of its own too, that I just need to lovingly feed each day. I’m really looking forward to seeing its evolution continue. The focus of the site has evolved dramatically since it started last May. It was a “conspiracy” website. Though after a few months I found I couldn’t keep dealing with topics that made people feel fearful and negative, and my focus naturally shifted to information that was more inspiring, more about the mind, body, soul and environment. It is amazing to watch something evolve right in front of you, I don’t know where this will end up. I never imagined being in this position in such a short period of time. There are some new features that Wake Up World will be launching in the near future. The one I am most excited about is a WuW forum that has a section for every capital city in the world. I want a space where people can talk about local issues but do it on a global platform. I want to bring like-minded individuals together. I want to create a space that will allow everyone the opportunity to do their little bit to help wake up our world.

My Advice to Others

I go back to my previous statement: “It is none of my business what other people think of me”. Embracing that belief saves me time and energy, and enables me to make clearer decisions about what is best for me.

My other piece of advice is that “the heart is the new brain”. Go with what your heart says, and use your emotions to guide your decisions. If something feels good, it is usually the right path to take.