Nadia’s story inspires us to question why things are as they are, and question if we are happy with things in our life. We may have it all, yet for some reason we may not be satisfied. Nadia felt that something missing and this propelled her forward on an amazing personal journey of transformation, through which she motivates us on our personal journeys.

My journey of awakening and personal expansion

When I was twenty-five, I had attained every single material desire that I wanted. The funny thing was that even though I had every thing I wanted, I felt extremely miserable. It was a very ironic situation because I had sworn that if I got all that I wanted, I would be happy. Yet here I had every possible thing and I was very unhappy.

There was a huge void in my life but I had no idea what it was and I wanted to stop feeling so empty. I didn’t have a very good childhood and teenage years which created a lot of suffering.

I wanted to have a meaningful life but I had no idea what that looked like and how to get it. I just knew that there was something inside of me that needed to be discovered and I wanted to feel alive. My life at that time was so dull and I knew that happiness and joy were real but how to attain them was my question.

For me, the existence of God or a Higher Power was a given. I just wanted to know what the point of being alive was and what my purpose was. There had to be meaning in this thing called life and I wanted to get to the bottom of that issue. I wanted to be happy and free.

That began an intense spiritual journey which changed my life around in every possible way. Over the course of about twelve years, I traveled the world, lived in India, almost became a Buddhist nun and did so many other wonderful things in search of meaning and happiness.

My hard work paid off because the void became a distant memory and I was fortunate enough to discover happiness. Now the funny thing about attaining happiness is that from the outside it may look like I do not have much in material terms but I do have inner peace which is everything to me.

My Inspirations and Influences

One of the many beautiful things about life is that we are constantly in the process of evolving. Growth and change are essential to the human experience and in order to become our best we have to be aware of the fact that none of us are perfect.

If we were perfect, we would not be here unless we took a vow like Buddha to keep re-incarnating until every soul has achieved nirvana. I have no idea how many souls have made such a choice so it is not my place to determine who is what. All I know is that we are all works in progress and we each have to accept the fact that there is always room for greater awareness and perception.

Humility is key in my mind and the people who have been of inspiration to me are those that really have been honest with their imperfection and are secure enough to show that vulnerability.

The first person who really inspired me was my father because even though he had his flaws, he has dedicated his life to the concept that a person should live a life based on passion and not be so concerned with money. He has been telling me for years that a person should never do anything for money. He also told me that all religions were one and that God loved everyone. As a result, I was raised with the freedom to pick a religion that suited me as opposed to being forced to follow a particular one. I am eternally grateful for my dad for providing a foundation that enabled me to see the beauty in all.

The next inspiration was Marianne Williamson because this was a person who put to words things that had been bothering me throughout my life. I felt that she was a kindred spirit. I will be forever grateful to Marianne Williamson because she was the first person who was able to shine a light in my tunnel of darkness.

The person after that was the teacher who introduced me to Buddhism and it is Buddhism which helped save my life. She is a lifelong friend and guide. Meeting her took my journey to the next level and she is a wonderful example of being in the world and yet not of it.

The most recent inspiration has been my husband. He introduced me to the concept of unconditional love which was a life changing realization. His love and support of me helped me to learn more about myself. When someone loves you with all of your flaws and yet sees beauty in them, it creates a foundation that allows you to really look at yourself from an angle of compassion as opposed to judgment.

Besides these four amazing people, another thing of inspiration to me was my determination to overcome my pain. I have never been the kind of person who was content with being miserable or sad. I was fully determined to have a meaningful life and so I was willing to do whatever was necessary to achieve my goal. I was extremely driven when it came to finding happiness.

The funny thing about having a crappy past is that you have a great tolerance for putting up with stuff. You already know what it is like to hit rock bottom, so fear of experience is not an issue. That was a big factor which I think kept me going too.

My Positive Life Changes

The journey that I took changed my life for the better. It was not always an easy journey but it enabled me to make peace with my past and to understand the whole purpose of the human experience. It brought not only wisdom but clarity and inner peace. My life has meaning and I know who I am.

I am not a perfect person and that is cool. I know my good and my not so good points. I see the beauty and wonder of life. The happiness that I so much wanted became a reality. Life no longer is this hard journey but rather a fantastic ride. Life is what you make out of it and the more you put into it, the more you get out of it. People always talk about wanting to be happy but not many really want to do the work. The thing about life is that you can achieve anything you want. You just have to be willing to do the work necessary and sometimes that work will not be fun. But nothing of value was ever achieved by playing it safe.

My Next Steps as an Evolving Being

So many things are changing in my life right now. I am going through another re-invention which is so wonderful. It is a very exciting time right now for me.

Even though I had achieved all that I wanted on the inside, the one area which I always struggled with was trying to find a career path that was in alignment with my true self. Last September I became unemployed which was a huge blessing in disguise for it made me finally realize that I needed to have a career that was a reflection of my passion.

So I am now working on a project that is a culmination of many things that I have been wanting to do for years but had no idea how it would happen. Much of life is a matter of timing and now is the time for me to create something that is fully a representation of my passion which is to help make the world a better place.

I spent so many years working on myself and now the time has come to focus on helping others. And with whatever time I have left on the planet, I want to dedicate it to being of service. Nothing would bring me greater joy than knowing that when my time is over that I left the world a better place than when I came into it.

My Advice to Others

My first piece of advice would be to realize the fact that fear is poison. So if fear is preventing you from having a life that you love, face the fear and go for what brings you joy.

Some people are cliff jumpers meaning that they are cool with jumping into the unknown. I have always been a cliff jumper and after taking numerous risks throughout my life, I can tell you that the Universe is merciful and you will land when you jump off the cliff and always have what you need.

Now not everyone is a cliff jumper and that is cool too. Some people need to take baby steps in order to go after their dreams. Whether you are a cliff jumper or a baby stepper is irrelevant. What matters more is to go after what you love. Life is short. Your time here will eventually be over so why not leave knowing that you tried everything that you wanted.

This does not mean that you become reckless. It means: do not become a slave to fear. You were not designed to spread fear. You were designed to spread love. So spread love in whatever you do.

You are here for a reason. This is not some haphazard journey. This is a journey that you created to become better. So don’t play your role small. Play your part to its full potential. You have nothing to lose.