Megan’s story demonstrates the deeper meaning of synchronicity and exemplifies the magnificence and potential we have as creators of our own lives. Megan is a seeker, and her spiritual journey thus far has made her an amazing role model to learn from and learn with. She inspires us to honestly examine our own lives and make changes where we feel changes are needed.

My journey of awakening and personal expansion

I had a defining moment at age 25 that shook me out of my (dis)comfort zone and forced me to take my life in a different direction. At the time, it really was a crossroads I stood at and my choices were: remain tethered to a traditional world where all that exists is what we can see, hear, taste and touch — OR — explore the unseen forces in life from a more spiritual perspective? I chose the latter.

Prior to age 25, I used to think I was a victim of circumstance, but I very quickly learned that I had been in the driver’s seat all along. What started out as a simple exercise in positive thinking led me to the very magical place I’m at now: someone who can alter the landscape of her life just by thinking things into reality.

It might sound elementary, but I swear there are days when I have a thought and two hours later, that thought has materialized!

My Inspirations and Influences

Reading self-help and spiritual books has always represented the crux of my learning. In my late 20′s, though, I serendipitously crossed paths with a spiritual teacher who wanted to teach me for free. He introduced me to a variety of world religions, as well as various manifestation techniques, psychic exercises (to develop my latent clairvoyant gift), and other divination methodologies.

When I turned 30, though, I felt like I’d outgrown him, so I manifested a new teacher. I had just finished watching The Secret (Extended Edition) and was enamored with Rev. Michael Beckwith. I wrote to his church and asked if he would consider taking on a student. I never heard back. In the meantime, though, the seed I planted for a new teacher sprouted in a totally surprising way and connected me with a guy named Steve, who would turn out to be the best teacher I’ve ever had.

Steve continues to teach me that we manifest absolutely everyone and everything in life to teach us more about ourselves. EVERYONE. EVERYTHING. Every time. No exceptions! Taken a step further, he taught me that every interaction we have is US interacting with ourselves. So when I’m talking to Joe Smith at Starbucks, everything Joe says to me is really ME talking to ME.

When I examine my life and everyone in it from this perspective, I’m blown away by what I learn. In some cases, I allow myself to dive a hundred layers more deeply into who I really am and what I’m here to accomplish.

My Positive Life Changes

When I look back at my life prior to age 25, I was angry, pessimistic, living paycheck to paycheck, in and out of unhealthy relationships, getting sick all the time, and generally despising everything. I was fearful and future-focused, hoping somehow that my future would be brighter than whatever moment I was in.

Today at age 34 (or 27 if you ask my gullible and adorable niece!), I’m optimistic, joyful, have money in the bank (even after taking a year off from work), am only involved in healthy relationships, am surrounded by happy people, and love my life for all of its glorious moments. I don’t worry about the future because I trust that every moment unfolds perfectly. I truly feel content simply to be alive.

My Next Steps as an Evolving Being

I want to keep exploring what it means to be me, and continue giving and receiving as much love, joy and inspiration as possible. 2009 was all about learning how to open my heart more, and expand my mind. It felt very good, and frankly I’d like more of that!

My Advice to Others

  1. It’s none of your business what other people think of you. (In other words, we need to be who we were born to be. So shine on, young grasshopper!)

  2. The heart is infinitely wiser than the mind. Therefore, as often as possible, listen to and follow whatever your heart has to say.

  3. Everything is possible, and everything you’re seeking is also seeking you. If you can dream it, you can have it.

  4. Intend that you will always have the resources and guidance needed to follow your way. (And so it shall be!)