I’m Lynn Fang, and I generally describe myself as an eco-conscious writer who dreams of a more harmonious and sustainable world. I also play the role of biologist and graphic designer. I share my writing about sustainable living, social transformation, and personal growth at LynnFang.com

My journey of awakening and personal expansion

I’ve always felt that life should be about pleasure and freedom, a joyous adventure into its myriad experiences. I never found this idea to be very spiritual in nature, as I associated spirituality with religion. I wasn’t raised in a spiritual home, so I didn’t believe in God and for a few years I embraced the cunning logic of atheism. Still, there was always some part of me deep inside that felt there might be something more mystical to this hardy physical world.

I didn’t realize I was on the spiritual path when I began to embrace gratitude and joy. I was very sensitive to pain and discomfort, and wanted to be rid of it. For me, gratitude and joy were very rational decisions. I could either feel gratitude, or else I would feel a lack of something, someone owes me something. I didn’t want to live this way. I wanted to love life, to enjoy it. Did I have a choice? I tried it out – I cultivated gratitude, and hooray! I felt better. Choosing to see the positive has always came down to a very clear and rational choice. Eventually this transformed into something spiritual, but what sparked deeper inquiry, and opened the floodgates to the metaphysical, was some radical new information.

It wasn’t until I watched a talk by Dr. Elisabet Sahtouris, evolutionary biologist and author, that I truly embarked on a spiritual path. She explains the limits of modern science and calls for the unity of science and spirituality. Her take on science really resonates with me, as I see some of the same limits she describes. Most prominently, no human has had an experience outside his or her own consciousness. Everyone’s experience is subjective, no matter how objective you try to be. In my interpretation, humans are limited by their 5 senses, which have only a limited range of detection. While we can build machines and contraptions to detect other frequencies, everything is still limited by our human nature.

Sahtouris frames the dilemma of modern science very neatly: how does life evolve from non-life, consciousness from non-consciousness? The concept that consciousness is a late emergent property of evolution has been the prevailing mindset for modern science, going forward unquestioned until now. She claims that consciousness is not a late emergent property of evolution, but rather consciousness is the source of evolution and of matter, the very fabric of space-time.

Since that first talk, I have been exploring this information more extensively. I could get into more details, but that would take up everyone’s attention span! At this point, I’ve started my own spiritual practice through gratitude, affirmations, prayer, meditation, art, and qigong.

My Positive Life Changes

I now have tools to reverse negative thinking, to support myself in my creative pursuits. I feel that my life has much more meaning now than it once did. I engage less in fear and more in love and compassion. I’m trusting my emotions and intuition more, meditating more frequently, and opening myself up to all different ways of seeing and living. I understand pain, discomfort, and conflict much more, so it is easier for me to get through daily life. The joy and freedom I seek is beginning to shine through more fully, and fear is like an old companion that doesn’t have so much power anymore.

The people I’ve connected with in the metaphysical and spiritual worlds are truly fascinating, amazing, and incredibly loving people. I really feel that I don’t need to be anything other than my true self, ever.

I originally wanted to feel more gratitude in order to be able to live more sustainably, but the spiritual adventure is taking its own path. There are a lot of reasons why it’s hard to live sustainably, but I think the greatest reason is lack of individual power. We don’t believe we are empowered to make these changes, or that they will have any great effect, so we hunker back to our old lives of unconsciousness. This is what I see in both myself and others.

I could get really detailed into the science of it all, but ultimately I think if you don’t want to believe it you won’t, and if you’re open to it, then you are.

My next steps as an Evolving Being

I’d like to cultivate my inner strength more. This includes getting in touch with my inner child and animal nature, along with a spiritual practice. I aspire to live my truth, express my truth, and form meaningful connections. I think living with integrity is the path to freedom and happiness.

My Advice to Others

  • Trust your true self.

  • Keep your heart and mind open, always.

  • If you want something, really feel it in your whole being. Keep cultivating that feeling and it will probably come to you.

  • You don’t have to listen to me or anyone else, but when the time comes you’re looking for deeper meaning and purpose, be nice to those you didn’t believe in before.

  • Ask yourself, “What kind of life do I want to live? How do I want to feel?” Then, do whatever it takes to get there.