In our world there are many people who live their lives based on contribution or out of the passion to help, heal or change the world in some way. We hear many names that have made it into the media and are now considered famous for bringing about a particular change or for making a particular difference in people’s lives. But aside from the select few famous names, there are millions of amazing beings in the world who are everyday heroes, healers or perhaps even angels. These people may not get recognized internationally, but their presence and contribution to the world is no less important.

One of these people is Jenny Mannion. I met Jenny through her website and had the opportunity to take part, as one of the contributors, for the Heroes of Healing group writing project that she put together. This endeavor, created by Jenny has already touched many lives and will continue to touch many more. And so it was my great pleasure to interview Jenny and learn more about her, as well as her personal spiritual journey and how the Heroes of Healing project came to life. Read on to learn more about this evolving being in action and how she continues to inspire, heal and touch many people’s lives.

A Hero of Healing

EVITA: Could you please give us a small introduction about yourself and your personal spiritual path?

JENNY: I was brought up in NYC and now live in upstate NY with my husband and 2 children. Growing up I went to a Catholic school from 2nd – 6th grades but my parents believed that I would ultimately choose a religion for myself. As a child I liked the morals of religion but not the fear Christianity instilled. As I grew I really felt religion was another form of bias and did not like the way it separated people but I DID believe in many of the lessons religion aims to teach. I believed there was MUCH more to life than met the eye and in a higher power but did not want to “limit” my views and was open to learning about different religions.

Two years ago when my healing journey started is when I feel the most dramatic shift in my spiritual path began.

EVITA: During the past 2 years, you have had many changes in your life that have resulted in big changes for you as well as helpful resources for many people out there. Can you first tell us a little bit about your project Heal Pain Naturally and what events along your own personal journey lead you to create this?

JENNY: Heal Pain Naturally began as a result of me wanting to empower others to learn different healing modalities. I was ill for over 6 years with doctors saying I could “manage my pain” with pills but would only get worse. Never once was I told I could heal myself or make myself feel any better. Once I began learning about the mind-body connection and the Law of Attraction, it became evident quickly JUST how powerful the mind is and I KNEW I would heal myself. A few weeks after beginning the process I felt better than I had in years. Now, 2 years later I am pain and pain pill free.

I realize everyone is different and what might resonate with me might seem preposterous to others and vice versa. My goal is to write about as many different means to heal from within as possible. By exposing people to different healing modalities, inspirational people who have healed themselves and tools to heal physical or emotional pain from within – there is a MUCH better chance of people coming away from my site having found something that resonated with them.

EVITA: Aside from your site, you have also written an ebook How I Used the Law of Attraction To Heal Chronic Pain? – what is the greatest message readers can expect to learn from this book?

JENNY: Readers of my ebook can come away with many tools that will help them improve their life and the way they look at it. I recently wrote a poem about the system I came up with to heal called the Paging Me System. It is an acronym for what helped ME heal. I use worksheets with each step as well as resources for more information on each step. Here is the poem:

The Paging Me System is what I coach from, a method of healing adopted by me.

Let’s then begin with the letter P.

P is for Pardoning, yourself and others
a step “difficult” for some two-fold.
You have to fall in love with yourself
AND let go of blame, often deep seeded and OLD.
Cutting the thick ropes
that have kept you anchored in the past
Allows for freedom, power and forward motion
the future is yours at last!

A is for Attention Shifting
from what is bad or hurts to what is right.
Wayne Dyer’s quote “When you change the way you look at things the things you look at change” can help you to see things in a new light.
If you have a pain that is recurring
one you feel physically or emotionally within
after observing the cause, shift to what parts are painless
Concentrate on letting the positive emotion for that pain free part win.

G is for Gratitude for EVERYTHING
My favorite healing tool of all
because when you stop to FEEL all that is good
you can suddenly appear 10 feet tall!
From the air you breathe, people you love, having clothes and food
you can suddenly realize abundance is all around.
When you stop and really EXPERIENCE this at its deepest level
more goodness is sure to abound.

I is for Influences, keep them positive
from news, movies and books to the friends that you choose.
Remember true all-weather friendships win
Energy vampires suck your energy, too precious for you to lose.

N is for No Negative “Self talk”
Turn it around to say it a positive way.
Even a long wait in the grocery store shifted to positive time for reflection
can change your outlook on the day.

G is for Goal setting which is crucial
if you don’t know where you are going how will you know when you get there?
It is important to set mini goals to guide you
Think of it as climbing stair by stair.

M is for Meditation
which can simply be some quiet time.
A walk through nature, some deep breaths
to soothe the non stop ego-ic mind.

E is for Education
Your mind is YOURS for you to teach.
When you are learning things you are passionate about
the whole world is suddenly within reach.
This is the Paging Me System, put simply
these steps are what helped to heal me.

It will be two years in January that I have been pain and pain pill free!

EVITA: Finally, one of your most recent accomplishments was the Heroes of Healing Group Writing Project. Can you share with us what inspired you to put this project together?

JENNY: Funny you ask as the inspiration for this came in one of my most “guided” moments. I had taken a class from Slade of “Shifts Your Spirits” on talking to spirit guides. I have felt for a while I want to develop my intuition further and Slade is a wonderful spiritual teacher. I followed his directions the next day and asked a question. I then “released” expectations and took a nice warm shower and the words “Write about the Heroes of Healing” came to me out of NOWHERE (well I guess not out of no-where!).

I then spent some time envisioning what would be the best way to approach the project. I also asked advice of my husband, Slade and some other people I deeply respect such as an online friend, Akemi, who did my Akashic Record Reading, which opened me up spiritually. Within a week I had a clear picture of what I wanted to do.

EVITA: How would you explain what the Heroes of Healing Group Writing Project is all about to someone who has never heard of it?

JENNY: Heroes of Healing is based on the fact that there are many people out there doing inspirational work for us to learn from. There are “heroes” whose work has helped others to totally change their lives. Each of us is very different so the people we connect or resonate are different as well. I might hear something 10 times but it is the way that eleventh person says it that truly makes me say “Aha – GOT IT!”!

I have over 30 wonderful writers (you included) who have written about almost 50 heroes that have helped them in their lives. Each has a summary of the hero, a video, resources such as website and books to learn more and what THAT writer has learned from the hero they have chosen to write about. It gives people an excellent resource to go through and FIND someone they want to learn from.

EVITA: What have you learned personally, specifically from putting together the Heroes of Healing Group Writing project?

JENNY: I have found new people to study! I have met wonderful writers that have all been touched in some way by a hero. I have learned WOW is there a lot I want to learn! When submitting the post on a few heroes I totally resonated with their teachings and KNEW I would be learning more and looking into the resources on the list. It has been a wonderful experience. I hope to keep adding more to the list to make it a resource people know they can go to if they are looking for inspiration and someone to learn from.

EVITA: Based on everything you have been through, learned and created in your own life, what according to you is the most important message, perhaps one that you live by, that you would like to share with others who may be in the process of changing their own life from whatever circumstances they may be in?

JENNY: The mind is our most powerful asset and it is often overlooked. Just as you exercise your body you need to be connected and aware with the messages you are sending yourself. You also need to continue to learn. I was on auto-pilot for years instead of recognizing I am NOT my body.

I believed when doctors told me I would not be better, I “became my diseases” and did not hold faith in myself that I could make myself well. I have watched my son change positively as I have. I believe strongly in teaching children the messages of a positive attitude and the power of the mind very early on.

I found Wayne Dyer’s books for kids VERY helpful in this regard and no matter WHAT your religion –they are appropriate. They help to guide children through some of the difficult issues they come across in their daily lives as well as let them know JUST how special, individual and important they are.

When you live out of love with a true sense of who you are, other people and things cannot affect you negatively (if they do it won’t last long). It is YOUR response and how you look at things that make things as they are. Consciousness is of utmost importance and once you glimpse it – you wonder how you got along so long without it!

EVITA: Wow, Jenny I am awed, moved and inspired by your answers and view of life! I think what struck me the most and what I found most powerful from your responses, was the sheer confidence and upliftment with which you speak. I think that above anything else, those will be the most powerful tools for helping people who come across you and your material.

You were faced indeed with a great challenge, but instead of dwelling on it, making it “your story” for the rest of your life and blaming who you possible could for it – you rose up to your highest version of you! You had faith, you believed and you created your life anew! What a powerful message and inspirational being you are!

Thank you again Jenny for this interview, for the Heroes of Healing Project and for your wonderful presence and consciousness that touches this world. It is truly priceless!

JENNY: Thanks Evita for the opportunity to talk about Heal Pain Naturally, the Heroes of Healing Project and my life, beliefs and work. I am very grateful for your contributions to the Heroes Project and it has been a pleasure working with you.

January 2016 Update

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