In her story, Farnoosh shares how through her personal transformation she has embraced living life to the fullest and by her own rules, inspiring us to live our personal truth as well. Her love for personal expression, traveling, yoga, communication, healthy eating and personal development, makes her a very well rounded being who can help motivate each of us to live a life based on rich experience and follow all that which drives our inner passions.

My journey of awakening and personal expansion

Spiritual is a seriously deep word. I don’t use it lightly and I need to warm up to it first, so let me start with the emotional aspect of the question.

Until recently, I used to carry a huge, oversized bag filled to the brim, with every imaginable emotion. Just for clarity’s sake, this is not a good thing. Emotions have been the largest burden in my life. Their nature varies across the spectrum and everything is fair game: happiness, sadness, excitement, anger, joy, pity, love, compassion, sympathy, desire, passion, confusion, inspiration, and on and on and on. I could beat you on the emotion meter any day of the week; I always had more than the next person.

The thing about emotions is the massive drainage of your attention span and energy level. The roller coaster of emotions may be fun the first few times but it starts to seriously exhaust your source of energy and happiness and one day, you decide enough is enough. It is time to get a grip and move back in charge of your life!

The hardest and easiest thing of all is to learn to acknowledge and release. Can you just let go of what you cannot control? By letting go, a funny thing has started to unfold in my life. I have started to achieve everything, realize every dream and accomplish every goal. Stunning yes, exaggerating, no.

I learned to stop trying so hard and to no longer allow myself to be held back by what the thoughts of others or by the standards I had set for myself, all of which were influenced by the wrong sources after all.

Little by little, I set aside my ridiculous goals and adopted new ones that beat to the rhythm of my heart and motivate the living daylights out of me.

Slowly, as you let go of your preconceived notions of how life is supposed to be, you start to find peace, calmness, happiness, and a deep sense of acceptance beyond your wildest dreams. The unnecessary drama becomes a terrible friend and you finally learn to shut the door to keep it from poaching into your life.

Why? Because without attaining an honest perspective on life and a sincere control over unnecessary emotional roller coaster, you cannot have peace of mind to achieve the real dreams. And frankly, nothing was going to stop me from doing that so once I realized the culprit lied within my own emotions, I had to take charge.

On the spiritual front, it’s been a sweet exploration in the last few years with more yoga, more meditation, and more awareness around the workings of my body and mind. It is very early on that journey to say much other than this, so take heart: meditation is a brilliant form of relaxation and a great source of inner creativity. It is the channel to listening to your own heart and a beautiful way for embracing yourself. So do it and do it for yourself, not because it is a hip new thing of the 21st century or because you heard it somewhere (like here for instance).

My Inspirations and Influences

I have gone through countless strategies and methods and ideas and techniques. You have to go through trials and errors, before you hit the one thing that will fully resonate with your heart and soul.

It helps to be patient. I wasn’t. Honestly, I didn’t even know I was looking to find anything that resonated so deeply. I was simply out to pursue my “dream”, which was yet to be fully defined.

The problem is that you have to be specific and serious. I was neither; I simply wanted a change. My increasing unhappiness with the current state of things kept pushing me toward the desire for this change.

I read over 25 business books. I talked to mentors, colleagues, and senior leaders at my Fortune 500 Company, life coaches and friends, and many random people who seemed to have it all together. Then I read more books, biographies, even fiction and the classics.

Slowly and shockingly, I realized that it does not take moving a mountain to achieve true happiness and fulfillment. It takes small shifts in perspective, a massive dose of self-confidence and self-esteem – none of it can be faked, all of it stems from within – and a determination to not give up until you find what you are meant to do with your life.

A major source of inspiration for me continues to be the unbelievably inspiring Dr. Randy Pausch, his entire attitude toward life and his emphasis on achieving your childhood dreams – mind you, my only childhood dream was to someday live in the US but he still helped simplify the complex decisions of life and put my aspirations and dreams into a high priority.

Reading Po Bronson’s book, What Should I Do with My Life?: The True Story of People Who Answered the Ultimate Question, hit a big nerve. The stories of real people taking their dreams seriously brought a sense of urgency to me. It helped me understand shifts in perspective. I no longer nurtured the corporate aspirations of the 28-year-old me. I nurtured simpler, and far more fulfilling dreams and every day, I am bursting with happiness waiting to realize them.

If that were not enough, one look at any speck in history and you have your inspiration. Me? I think of the ultimate genius of our time, Leonardo da Vinci and wonder what he would have given to witness the feat of flying, along with the other thousand miracles we take for granted. What fortunes we have at our disposal and how much we can do with them. How little our ancestors had and how much more than us they achieved with less.

My Positive Life Changes

My happiness has more than tripled. Pure guess of course for who can really and properly measure happiness. My relationship with my husband has blossomed a thousand times over since I have found my own grip on happiness. I no longer sigh with regret at decisions that are made that impact me but matter very little. I no longer lose my temper over pitiful affairs because I have, and feel, and believe in a higher purpose.

And something else is happening. I find people asking me what I am doing, how I am doing it, and what is my “secret”. I now know that our entire being exudes happiness when we are truly happy from the inside. It is a very attractive quality that hardly goes unnoticed.

My Next Steps as an Evolving Being

Evita, I love the name you have chosen for your site and the words behind your beautiful vision. We are truly evolving beings and everything I write about on my blog comes from the art of human evolution, be it smart habits, lessons learned or practices refined. I believe our evolution is never quite finished.

For the near future, I simply want to indulge in this happiness, push this envelope and be the owner of my destiny.

More specifically, my aspiration is to grow the Prolific Living community and the brand, to increase my skill set in the areas of my passion.

I remember when I had first started Prolific Living; I told someone that I am not interested in becoming the next biggest blogger. Thank you very much but I am perfectly happy being tiny and enjoying my “hobby” (Never mind that my “hobby” took more hours of work and sweat than my real work on a given week). What she said to me next changed everything. She said my message is worth spreading and I can help more people from a stronger platform and through a longer reach.

That was the killer motivation I needed. I shifted my goals around and decided to grow the strongest and furthest-reaching stage to share the message of smart habits for rich living with as many fabulous people as would be willing to hear it, or better yet, put it to practice.

My Advice to Others

First, please don’t deny yourself the process of evolution. It is not voodoo-magic reserved for the Buddhist monk or the extreme yogini. It is not even necessarily a spiritual path. It is just an evolution of the person you are becoming as you go through life and learn to walk confidently into your new decades. It is imperative that you allow the process to unfold if you want to go on this journey prepared and with grace.

So when you hear the calling of your heart to stop and to explore, please listen. Do it on your own terms and in your own way but please do not ignore it.

Believe that life can be heaps more than the status quo for all of us. The power of changing your life today is unmatched with any previous day or year or decade. With technology advancements, and our world as small as it is becoming with these tight connections online and lessons we learn from amazing resources around us, anything – and I mean anything – is possible for you.

If you are willing, you can and you will. So believe, before anything else, in all the possibilities.

Last message is patience, the one to which you are nodding casually and have no doubt heard a thousand times before. This time, really think about it. Patience means to be perfectly content when the outcome of the first two or two dozen changes does not resonate completely with you. Patience is to not settle in your evolution until you hit that sweet spot and have arrived home.

I realize how difficult it is to process all of this and not be tempted to just dismiss it if you have never felt the possibilities the way I do. Resist the temptation! Choose to believe instead because you have nothing to lose. Go forth and step out of the norm and explore the possibilities that await you if only you give them a chance. Pursue that dream. Go for that hobby. Wake up that passion. Change something. Learn something. Shake something up in your life and watch what happens. Fuel your own fire and find your own magical purpose in life.

I hear you say, “not me, thanks anyway” but I believe, “yes you”. So believe “yes me” and repeat it until it settles down and refuses to leave your head until you have tapped into your full potential and defined your own fulfillment in life.

Soon, people will stop you and beg to hear your secret to true contentment and fulfillment in life.