In her story, Evelyn shares meaningful personal experiences that have helped her move past suffering and misery, to open her heart to the most fundamental love of all—self love. This is not an easy topic for many of us to work with, talk about or even know where to start with. But having gone through years of personal healing and awakening, Evelyn shares resources that can help each of us on our evolving journeys.

My journey of awakening and personal expansion

For a long time, I was engaged in negative self-talk, labeling myself with words like “failure”, “imperfect” and “lousy”. In particular, after I left my job, my self-esteem had dropped tremendously. I had not expected this. I had quit my job because I wanted to be the main caregiver to my two young children. It suddenly dawned on me as to how much I had given up in terms of salary, club membership, car and other benefits.

Eventually, I realized that the root cause of my problem stemmed from having little self-love. I was not able to love myself adequately because I felt unworthy. Having lost my financial independence, I deemed myself just “not good enough” in many aspects of my life.

My Inspirations and Influences

The person who probably had a big influence at the start of my personal journey was my mother-in-law. She ordained as a nun, after my father-in-law passed away. She has also since passed on herself some years ago.

I recall having many afternoon teas with her. She introduced me to several subjects such as meditation, Buddhism, remote viewing, emotional healing, and so on. Even though I was pretty much a skeptic back then, I would listen to the stories of her spiritual experiences with curiosity. As an American who married into a traditional Chinese family, she also had several interesting stories to share.

However it was some years after she passed away that I decided to commit to my own personal development. It happened not long after I watched the movie, The Secret (Extended Edition). I was at the height of my misery and felt that I had nothing else to lose. By then, I had tried a number of get-rich-quick schemes, which failed.

I started by applying the Emotional Freedom Technique and concentrated on doing inner work. However, it took me quite some time to realize what the root cause of my issues is. Unfortunately, I did not have anyone summing things up for me; even though I was trying various kinds of healing. The wonderful thing is that through my own self-discovery, I made a number of findings and which I now share in my book, Self-Love Secrets. By being able to zoom in to the root cause, I have found that faster progress can be made.

My Positive Life Changes

The moment when I made the commitment to change, is the moment when I started experiencing real changes. As a result of doing emotional healing work, I became a much happier person. I learned about accepting myself even though I am far from perfect. I also learned about releasing my fears and reawaken to the love in my heart. I had to let go of the past, so that I can forgive and move on.

My relationship with my husband started to change for the better. My relationships with others also improved. I was much more able to focus on living in the present. My intuition started to develop naturally from having done emotional healing. I was able to align with my creative nature, a side of me that needed nurturing. I was previously in the banking field, having graduated with an accounting degree. Because I am now able to incorporate creative aspects into the things I teach, I am able to help others as well.

I have since written two books, Abundance Alchemy: Journey of Gold and Self-Love Secrets. I am also a co-author to another book, Adventures in Manifesting: Success and Spirituality, alongside with authors such as Dr. Joe Vitale and Dr. Fred Alan Wolf (teachers from The Secret) and Dr. Brian Tracy. As a result of my website, I have been attracting many work opportunities.

My Next Steps as an Evolving Being

My next steps are really to continue to affirm the path that I am on. For a start, I realized that self-love is a journey. In my book, Self-Love Secrets, I have shared that self-love is really a mind-body-spirit process. I certainly hope to shift into greater self-love.

I also intend to continue with developing mindfulness through meditation practices. By being alert, I am better able to catch myself when I become engaged in negative thinking patterns again.

I also hope to develop greater spiritual awareness.

My Advice to Others

I have found that even as we have already begun on a path of personal growth, there will be relapses. We get caught up in old habits and behavior. It is possible to become despondent at this stage. It is when we begin to wonder if all the progress we have made so far has come to naught.

Well, it is important to stay the course. It will be nice to be able to save the world but we really need to begin with finding ourselves. And as we lose the illusory stories in our head, we discover who we truly are at the core. Consequently, through aligning with our true selves, we start to shine. By our very being, we inspire others with our own light. We know that an inner transformation has taken place because we start attracting more love into our lives and also, enjoy greater success.

I certainly hope that more people will learn to recognize if they are engaged in negative self-talk or behavior. With this, I would like to end off by sharing my latest creed: Change begins with you. Be a luminary of love and light!