My name is Catrien Ross, and I live in Japan. I would like to introduce myself via Energy Doorways, the international alternative healing and spiritual empowerment center I founded at the foot of Mount Fuji. Here I help individuals, couples and families with spiritual trauma resolution and transformation.

Energy Doorways also serves as the independent publisher for my mind-body-spirit writings and teachings. As the multidimensional expression of my life energies, Energy Doorways integrates my spirituality, work, wisdom, passion, values, cross-cultural heritage, and personal growth on four continents. It is an evolving vision that continually inspires my creative essence in unexpected ways. (I present Energy Doorways services and activities in both English and Japanese at and EnergyDoorways YouTube Channel).

My journey of awakening and personal expansion

My journey began in childhood, with a series of experiences that early on affirmed the essential nature of spirituality. Surfacing in various aspects throughout my adult personal and professional life, this awareness of spirit has been an underlying constant illuminating my choices. About 20 years ago, while running my consulting business in Arizona, spiritual promptings compelled me to move to Japan to begin a new phase of transformation. I dissolved my company and flew across the Pacific Ocean to immerse myself in Japanese nature and natural rhythms. I have now spent more than 15 years remaking my 300-year-old minka in the mountains into a sanctuary for what I call Natural Energy Wisdom. Energy Doorways is a welcome flowering along this path.

Thrusting myself into unfamiliar situations and circumstances has been an ongoing process in my life. So I have learned to trust my spiritual resources. When I first arrived in Japan my language ability was almost non-existent. For someone with a writer’s command of English this was profoundly humbling, and just to survive I rapidly deepened intuitive skills. Unable to converse coherently, I began listening at a different energetic level of communication. Through this I became adept at perceiving another person’s energy flows. Living so attuned to Nature also helped my own energetic sensing reach greater resonance with universal energy. Then, after the 9.0 magnitude earthquake in Japan in 2011, I experienced a significant energetic shift in my hands that yet again transformed my healing and teaching.

My Positive Life Changes

Along with the unfolding of my spiritual teaching and healing gifts, my intellectual pursuits have broadened. Surrounded by the abundance of the natural world, including the wild animals who visit, I can write, meditate and appreciate. This spring, my studies finally earned me my doctorate in theology. I have my life in Japan to thank for opening so many doors I did not foresee.

For me, energy doorways powerfully symbolize my personal perception of life energy flows. They also represent the thresholds of my own spiritual growth. So often it seems that whenever I sense a deepened understanding, I am instantly urged to walk through a new energy doorway that challenges all my previous beliefs. Each one of us encounters our own particular energy doorways. Awareness of these openings, and your readiness to enter, can make all the difference in how your life shifts.

Living in a foreign culture has allowed me to unfurl all sorts of qualities at the spiritual,mental, and physical levels. Daily rhythms have developed my practical coping skills, a grounded common sense, and a resilience that responds to crisis with optimism and creativity. My particular circumstances in Japan have stimulated compassion and insight into people and situations. While life here can be quite challenging, I know what I am doing here, and why. I am also aware that when the time comes to uproot myself, the ties that bind me now will loosen to set me free on my evolving journey.

My next steps as an evolving being

My next steps include sharing more and more of the self-realization I have unfolded over the past two decades. Three years ago I felt spiritually compelled to reach out more widely from this sanctuary. Almost immediately I received the opportunity to open my healing and teaching center in a large building at the foot of Mount Fuji. My activities expanded, and students and clients from all over Japan – indeed the world, began to find me. Recently an Australian woman arrived via Indonesia for intensive personal healing sessions and study. I also just opened my video channel for Energy Doorways, and am delighting in the process. My first writing was poetry, and filmmaking offers a similar integration of precision, images and story flow.

Over the coming months I will release new books in English and Japanese. I am now editing a work titled Energy Doorways, which shares my insights into unlocking your unique energies. Establishing my own publishing venture has been a dream since my childhood in Scotland, when I wrote poems and shared handmade storybooks with my brothers and sisters. Like all else in my life independent publishing is very much an evolving process, and I envision my endeavor expanding beyond books and the written word.

My Advice to Others

Natural rhythms and cycles are recurring and dependable. But expression of your personal energies within this flow is unpredictable. Going with the flow of your life really means being open to uncertainty. It means a willingness to accept a change of course midstream. And it requires the ability to let go of cherished ideas and plans when the current carries you off in unexpected directions.

  • A major earthquake proves that even bedrock can drop from under you, that seemingly solid foundations can suddenly shift. When you can’t find a physical rock to hold onto it helps to remember that your real touchstones are spiritual and that your true support is based within yourself.

  • When you cocoon yourself in accustomed patterns and routines you deprive yourself of the chance to discover your hidden strengths and abilities. Stretching yourself beyond your familiar levels is the only way to unlock your potential.

  • Heed your innate wisdom and natural rhythms. Your various aches and discomforts are your body’s way of conveying important messages about your wellbeing. Most of all, don’t ignore the inner promptings of your soul – they are your deepest wisdom guiding you.

  • Indecision saps your energies and drains your life force. So just decide and start. Should you find that what you started is not going the way you envisioned, all you need do is stop and start again. Stop and start again.

  • No matter how important your activity seems at the time, it does not define or constrict you. Rather, you are the force that inspires the activity, so even without the activity you retain your power. Whenever you do something, what really matters is your consciousness – being aware of what you do, and why and how you do it.

  • You are constantly being given the opportunity to experience many different dimensions of yourself – aspects of energy that you might never have expressed before. Rather than let this frighten or dismay you, you can choose to try the unfamiliar. By so doing you give yourself the chance to amaze yourself.

  • Your energies are a living, evolving expression of your essential being. Embrace this wisdom and you open to the whole wonder of your existence. When you see with clear eyes, the world not only continually astonishes, it also resounds with so much goodness to celebrate.