My name is Brendan. I’m an Aussie passionate about living a happy and fulfilling life, and for helping others have the same. In the pursuit of happiness, I’ve travelled the world, I ran my own businesses, I’ve had about 20 different jobs and I’m always up for some crazy adventures and epic challenges. In September 2012 I launched The Start of Happiness, a cause dedicated to helping individuals find absolute happiness in their own lives while also helping them take action for Starting the Happiness in the lives of others.

My journey of awakening and personal expansion

My father gave me a Christmas present when I was 10 years old. It was a ‘self-help’ book that described life in the same was as being a pilot of a plane. It helped me realize that I am in total control of my life and that I can fly in any direction I want, all I had to do was find the right direction and find the right attitude. I am so thankful for this Christmas present… the best present EVER… as it was the catalyst for changing my life forever.

This sparked a passion for self-discovery and learning. I began exploring the World in every way possible. I participated in sports, sports and more sports, trying everything to see what I was good at and what I enjoyed the most. I participated in Cubs and then followed through with Scouts. I participated in drama at school and learned the trombone. Simply put, I kept myself busy while continually looking for what it was that I truly wanted in life, trying to find my higher purpose, the passion to live excitedly and happily every day.

I started to see the success of all of the things I was doing. I became a good athlete and made the State team and travelled to New Zealand to compete, coming away with 2 gold medals and a silver. I captained sport teams at school and led my scout patrol to win gold at the Australian Scout Jamboree. Through all of my experiences, it was not just helping me learn more about myself, but it was also helping me build leadership skills which I realized were having a positive impact on those around me.

Playing in a variety of sports not only embedded a positive belief in health and wellbeing, but it also taught me the importance of teamwork and leadership.

Participating in Scouts not only helped me learn about teamwork and leadership, but it was the catalyst for some of the most amazing relationships and personal experiences of my life. In addition, Scouts taught me the importance of appreciating the world around us. Think of Man vs Wild… the forces of Mother Nature can be exciting, amazing, powerful but also extreme.

Participating in drama and playing the trombone not only helped me build my confidence and break out of my comfort zone, but it also gave me another avenue for expressing myself creatively.

The successes that I was having in these areas helped me appreciate the power of the mind. I continually read ‘self-help’ books as these always resonated strongly with me and have been a key influencing factor in building my belief system.

That Christmas present at the age of 10 was the catalyst for it all. All it takes it one gesture, such as the gift of a book, to change ones’ life.

My Positive Life Changes

Learning these essential ingredients for life at an early age has helped me progress towards where it is that I want to go. The most important thing that I have learned is that attitude is everything. With the right attitude, success and happiness is bound to come your way.

Entering into my twenties, I have learned to combine a positive attitude with experimenting in life. This time it wasn’t sport, scouts or learning the trombone, but I was experimenting with businesses, careers, travel, relationships and dating. As a little hobby, I also recently became a certified diver. Through these experiments, I have benefited from being able to experience such a wide range of awesome things that I can look back on and be grateful for.

My life has benefited in that I have come to realize that happiness is all that we need in life. And the good thing is, happiness comes in all shapes and forms. Through running my business, I have come to realize that money does not lead to happiness. However, through my career that I have chosen in leadership and development, I have come to realize that happiness can actually bring in money. The happier you are, the more motivated and successful you will be. All the benefits and beauties of life will flow.

I am now building a life of happiness by living out my passions on a daily basis. This is not an exact science as my passions change over time as new experiences enter my life, however being aware of where I want to go has helped me make decisions towards that path.

One key thing that I have come to realize from the experiences I have had is that the happiest moments of my life are when I have made a positive impact on the life of another. This is the biggest, and most important realization that I have had in my life.

My Next Steps as an Evolving Being

Experimenting and maximising life seems to be a key theme I am writing about here, and no doubt it continues with me now and into the future.

My immediate next step which I am extremely excited about is spreading the word about The Start of Happiness. This is a project that I recently established to not only help individuals find absolute happiness in life, but to also help them Start the Happiness in the lives of those around them.

My belief is that anyone and everyone has the ability to change the world, one smile at a time.

My Advice to Others

Never underestimate the power of the mind.

If you are stressed, anxious or unhappy, keep in mind that you CAN change your feelings by changing your mind.

Everything you do and everything you feel is a choice.

You are living your life. You can decide to do ANYTHING you want to right now… literally. You can decide to do that RIGHT NOW.

Whatever your mind can conceive and believe, you can achieve”. I have no doubts about that!