I’m Black Feather (otherwise known as David J. Nagy). I’m a Lifedream Illuminator, a psychic artist and healer. You can learn more about me and my work with Lifedream Illuminations on my site Black Feather Medicine.

My journey of awakening and personal expansion

While I’m sure anyone who knows me now wouldn’t believe it, I grew up thinking I hated people. If someone would have told me that I’d be helping people as a healer and psychic and Loving it as a Privilege, I’d have thought they were crazy.

I began my present life in a small, remote forestry town in Northern Canada. Besides the challenges of living with a family struggling with alcoholism, it wasn’t the easiest place for a child who saw vivid visions to live.

As a result of my early challenges, I’d held a deep belief that there was something intrinsically wrong with me, and that I didn’t deserve love. I developed overprotective personal boundaries, and (no surprise here) struggled with relationships for many years.

In my mid-twenties, I caught a break (in hindsight, that is, because – as you can imagine – I definitely didn’t see it that way at the time): I recognize the death of my first daughter (when she was just ten days old) as the event that started to break my heart open, so that I could begin my long journey of healing. The loving persistence of my tirelessly affectionate second daughter started me realizing that I was very wrong about the ‘not deserving’ part.

I had a couple of saving graces. As a respite from the emotional turmoil I felt, I’d often retreat into nature. It gave me a great appreciation for the energies of the natural world. I also developed creatively, as an artist. While the motivation was to close off from the outer circumstances of my life and go within, these influences were – paradoxically – the beginnings of a path of expansiveness and connectedness.

Among occupations I held – as Divine providence would have it – I happened upon a job as a tour guide. I’d take people (oftentimes, claustrophobic people) into amazing limestone caves, coaching them past their anxieties through the mysterious, dark and constricted – and incredibly beautiful - spaces. Having faced their fears, they’d emerge euphoric and empowered! Through these experiences, I realized that I had a talent - and a Love - for helping other people overcome their challenges and realize innate, hidden strengths and abilities they weren’t even aware they possessed. Ironically, helping others in this way helped me to help myself.

I experienced a major catharsis about eight years ago, during a year that saw the end of both a long relationship with an abusive partner and the business we’d started together.

Not feeling that I could trust my self, I’d searched out someone whom I could saddle with the responsibility of making all my decisions for me (and that‘s what I got). But a long story short, I found myself considering suicide and our business was failing miserably. I’d gotten to the point where there was no other option but change – in my case, drastic change. I thought, “If this is where living someone else’s life, having someone else navigating has gotten me (suicidal, bankrupt), I must be able to do better!” In a way, it was easy for me; I had nothing more to lose! I decided to have a go at not denying who I was.

My Positive Life Changes

I opened myself up to the images again, and life hasn’t been the same since. I went to places I feared going, into my own mysterious shadows, into the ‘Black’. I had my fears (I Definitely had my fears!). I was afraid that I’d have to re-visit and re-experience pains I’d known all over again: my childhood hurts, for instance, feelings of being unloved and unlovable, and hurt I’d felt at the death of my daughter. I’d even worried that I’d be introduced to lots of new ones! Ha! What I found instead was lightness of being, a Divine ‘Feather’… a higher view, a higher source… unconditional love, support, power and wisdom, and my own capacity for all of those things. Through my journey, I realized a talent I was blessed with for opening others up to the miraculous gifts that they hold within themselves.

My artistic abilities started to combine with an increase in my intuitive skills. I found myself doing clairvoyant portraits of people, just from listening to the sound of their voices (reading something as innocuous as the back of a cereal box). All kinds of images would appear, as if by magic, that demonstrated psychic awareness of the subjects whose lifedreams I’d illustrate. My first portrait was of a woman I later came to know as a twin-flame. Figures that ‘showed up’ in a drawing I did for her early in our relationship were symbolic of parts of her life and relationships about which (I had to admit to myself) I had no previous knowledge.

An ongoing interest in dreams and dream symbolism aided the interpretation of the portraits. Spurred by spiritual promptings that I was receiving, I even found myself applying that knowledge and my developing psychic abilities outside of the portrait work, providing clarity and assistance to others.

My Next Steps as an Evolving Being

If you’re seeing darkness and shadows in your present lifedream, allow me to reflect for you the beauty of your own hidden, inner warrior, and the Love of the other souls with you on your journey. What comes out of the dark is – inevitably – not what you fear, not a nightmare, but more like a surprise birthday – not monsters, but a lit candle (and cake, and presents)! You will find that you’re infinitely more powerful than anything that frightens you! Under the protection of Love, know healing, peace, joy, enchantment, and personal empowerment.

My Advice to Others

My advice to You is to look into your shadows. As much as you might fear what you imagine is in there, it’s where your greatest gifts are to be found.

Big Medicine Love to You Black Feather