My name is Audie Herron and I am a Channel for Spirit. I am able to Channel Healing Energies that can heal on four different levels: physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental. These energies will also clear and balance your Auric Field as well as reconnect strands of DNA.

Receiving these energies, to me is proof that we (humanity) are undergoing vast changes. New energies are coming into the planet these days, things are changing. These energies are responsible for the raising of our consciousness levels. We have to evolve if we are to survive as a species. We cannot remain on the course that TPTW (The Powers That Were) had set us on. Below is just a glimpse into my journey and how these energies have affected and brought about change in me.

My journey of awakening and personal expansion

I started my spiritual journey about 7 years ago (when I awakened in 2008). I was like a man possessed with a thirst for knowledge. I wanted to know who I was and who God is. I have read volumes of books, on everything from religions to things pertaining to the metaphysical. I looked into all the conspiracy theories and everything that went with them. Awakening is realizing that there is bad in the world just as much as there is love and goodness. It is not just about sitting on a cloud and playing your harp and wearing rose colored glasses. This whole experience on this plain is teaching us about duality. There is no better way to learn. We have to learn about polar opposites, hot and cold, love and fear. If it were not for sadness, we would not fully know what happiness is.

I started to meditate on a regular basis. Meditation is the single best practice that I ever undertook. I still meditate every single day. I studied and practiced the HRM method of sun gazing. This did for me everything that was outlined in the HRM program. I looked into Out of Body Experiences (OBE). I tried for the longest time to have one, then it finally happened. It was the most eye opening experience that I ever had. You realize that you are not your body, but a consciousness that is using your body so as to be able to have a physical experience on this plain. I have had many experiences with them over the last two years. A couple of years back I took up Reiki. I took classes and would meet up with others once a week to practice. I never really felt anything flowing though.

Through meditation my 3rd eye began to open and I began to see things, energies and beings during my meditations. I have many visions as well. Mainly pictures and scenes of trees, buildings, and people. Some are looking at me, and I know that they know that I am looking back. I would pray a lot. Pray for help in that I may be of service to others, to give my life more meaning. I had a life changing experience a couple of years ago. I was watching a spiritual video on YouTube in my living room one night. I felt the most overpowering presence emanating from the corner of the room. There are no words that could possibly even come close to describing the feeling that I got. Love does not come close, but that is what it was, the most extreme thing that I have ever felt! How do you describe the vibration of pure love? It was overpowering! I cried like a baby. The thought came into my head that I was not worthy of such love, but it just kept pouring into me. It went on for about 4 hours. My wife was freaked out a bit when I went into the bedroom in tears and woke her up from her sleep. I did not know what to do. I went back into the living room and continued to weep uncontrollably. I slept a very deep sleep that night and cried again the next day whenever I thought about it. I don’t know exactly what it was, but I do know that I am loved more than I could have ever imagined. Some said my heart opened, yes it did, but it was because of the presence in my living room. Another said that it was my higher Self paying me a visit. I don’t know, but I now think that it was a sign of things to come. I wish that everyone could feel what I felt that night, indescribable and so beautiful! Those that have ever experienced this know exactly what I am talking about.

My Positive Life Changes

On September 6th of this year (2013) I was reading a book about healing. I remember looking up, and it was as if a silent plea came from my heart, a plea to be able to do healings so that I may be of service to others. Something happened at that time, my hands started to tingle, as if the blood flow had been cut off to them. At first I thought something was physically wrong with me. Maybe signs of a heart attack. I am a 54 year old male. Although I am in pretty good shape, I thought about my heart. It then came to me that this was some kind of energy. I could feel it as I moved my hands together, and as I moved my hands further apart the feeling would intensify as if I had a rubber band attached to my palms. The energy would flow stronger the further apart my hands were. I went to my wife and had her put her hand between mine and she could feel it. She said that it felt like a magnetic energy of sorts. I needed some verification about these energies. I had a good idea as to what I had been gifted with, but I still needed further confirmation/validation.

I contacted a couple of good Mediums, one of which is Jamie Butler out of Atlanta, GA. She is probably one of the most complete and talented mediums on the planet (in my opinion). What she told me shocked me. She told me that I would be known for the healing work that I would do. She said that in the near future that doctors would be watching on monitors as I did work on patients, some of which would have cancer tumors, and as I worked on them the physicians would see the tumors shrink in “real time”. She said that there is no name for this energy, but that it is all about Balance. She said that it would get stronger the more I used it. She said that it can heal on 4 different levels: physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. She said that it clears and balances the auric field and actually reconnects a persons DNA. I was not told nor did I ask if it connected just the 3rd strand of DNA or more, as I was blown away by what I was being told. She said that a person is healed of what they need on a soul level, and not always of what they want. I was told by a spiritually gifted person (that I had done a session on) that there were 3 beings that were channeling this energy through me and that I would flow more energy when I stayed mentally in the background during sessions, to remain in the present moment and not to think, just to watch, notice and to feel. That is exactly what I do. She said that she was to relay this information to me.

It is not up to me as to what, if anything gets healed. It depends upon what you need on a soul level. I have worked on about 100 people since September (2013) and many are free from pain. My wife’s RA is gone, no more injections for her now. My own chronic pain from failed knee replacements at the veterans hospital, deformed elbow and the neck and spinal arthritis is gone, I am pain free now. Many people have had emotional healing from past traumatic events. They see pictures of past events fly before their minds eye. They say that they feel great relief afterwards. Each session takes about 20 to 30 minutes to complete. I just know when it is done, not sure how, but I just know. I have had times where I knew they needed another session, or even two more sessions, depending upon how much junk was in their auric fields. Those that are healthy get their auric fields balanced and cleared, along with the DNA upgrades.

Everyone can literally feel these energies as they flow from my hands. I do not need to touch anyone. I work through the different auric fields that each person has. I can feel areas that have something in them that is not supposed to be there. I manipulate and stretch these attachments until they disappear. A sensitive person can feel these energies go through their entire body right away. Those that are not as sensitive usually take a couple of minutes to feel the energies. People have cried with joy, laughed, twitch and jerked, lots of stomach noise, they feel heat and vibration, have visions, the list goes on. One lady started speaking in tongues. Everyone’s experience is different and is tailored to them. Some only feel the energy and have very few registers as I call them (twitching, etc). Everyone is different and the energies adjust to each person.

I am so humbled to have been chosen for this. I will do my best to fill the shoes that I have been given. Why was I gifted with this? Good question, as I am no better than anyone else. We are all one, each a part of God/Source.

My Next Steps as an Evolving Being

I have recently received some messages about this gift during my daily meditations. I am told that I need to spread this light as much as possible. I was also told that these energies will be at their peak in 3 months time. That puts it a the first part of February 2014.

I will fully concentrate my time to helping humanity in my own little way by spreading these energies, spreading the light and helping to do my part. I was given this gift and will do my best to help others.

My Advice to Others

Times are changing and people need to wake up and get their heads out of the little box that society has put them in.

I believe that there is going to be many people receiving such gifts. This will allow for humanity to grow and to further raise their conscious levels.

It is my wish that God/Source shines its light upon each and everyone of you.