Arvind’s story offers each of us a gift of personal self reflection where we too can embrace the beauty that life offers each of us. So often we can get caught up in the illusions of life and feel defeated by any struggles we face. However, Arvind reminds each of us that it is up to us to turn things around. He inspires and motivates us to believe in ourselves and live our life with meaning.

My journey of awakening and personal expansion

Before I got into the world of self growth and personal development, I worked for many years in the world of IT and Marketing.

My journey into spirituality and finding the “authentic me” began just over ten years ago. I was working in a dot com start-up and had invested a lot of time, money and energy into this project, at times working 20 hour days.

Just around that time my marriage hit the rocks and I was quite shaken up. I took some time out and visited India for two months.

My life changed dramatically after a visit to help out at a charity school – Nirvana school in Pondicherry, South India changing events. Spending time with the children proved to be life changing.

Upon visiting an orphanage, for a few seconds I really connected with grace, source, god – whatever you wish to call it. I learnt what it was like to be human when I came across this little orphan girl in a Catholic hospital. Time seemed to stand still and my life was never the same again. I share more about this experience of unconditional love here.

After I returned to London, I wrapped up my old life and when I came across the concept of life coaching, it felt like coming home.

Since that time, I have coached hundreds of clients, published four books, been involved with some amazing projects and met some wonderful people. And I feel I am only just getting going.

I am now much happier in myself as I pursue a much more meaningful life of contribution, connection and celebration.

My Inspirations and Influences

As I began my journey of self development ten years ago, I learnt many new principles and wise ideas, some of which in hindsight seem so obvious to me. It just shows me how much lacking in self-awareness I must have been!

I have become much more self-loving and take much great care of myself in all areas of my life. My daily routine now includes meditation to start the day and also walks in nature such as in the fabulous Regents Park near my home or even my back garden as seen in the photo.

I threw myself into the world of self development and personal mastery and along the way became a life coach, published author and set up my first blog at Make It Happen

I am so grateful for the many mentors and coaches along the way who have helped me to blossom into the person I am today.

I want to do with you what spring does with cherry trees.

Pablo Neruda

My biggest mentor has been Gandhi whose life and message I incorporate in my work and the way I live my life. As Gandhi said: “Let your life be your message”

Another person who has played a huge role in my life is my late father. I have written about his compassion and legacy on my blog many times, and his passing three years ago has left a gaping hole in my life.

Also, in my daily life I always remind myself that every interaction with another human being is a gift and an opportunity for growth and contribution. So everyone I meet becomes an amazing teacher.

Along the way in the last ten years, I have learnt all about giving and serving others – my first book came about as a result of running a charity event at my local coffee shop. This led to a column in my local newspaper, and those newspaper articles provided the content for my first book.

I learnt that I cannot easily do anything on my own—there is always a lot of giving and taking, supporting each other and teamwork.

Giving is all about doing things for others without any expectations of anything in return. But inevitably the way the universe works is that I get a lot more back!

Since then I have been bringing this attitude of giving in all areas of my life. Once we realise and accept that we are all one and part of a bigger picture, we can really focus on serving. And the more I give, the more I get back anyway, so it is a win-win situation.

Our society is conditioned for everyone to want first before serving, but I am beginning to see hopeful signs of change worldwide. Slowly but surely, more and more people are waking up to our universal connectivity. We just have to remember the phrase – “All for one, and one for all”.

The other thing that drives me forward is the desire to create my legacy for the world.

Having given up the life I had ten years ago, I have learnt that being “successful” and living my “dream” life means doing what I really love doing, having the resources to live life fully and having great relationships with everyone in my life.

But that’s not all though – I have a deep urge to do something that makes some lasting contribution to the world around me.

And I need a big legacy goal! Something by which the earth will be a better place through me having been here. I don’t know yet what that will be but it will become clearer with time. And maybe I am already living my big legacy.

My Positive Life Changes

Today I sometimes look back in amazement at how my life has changed over the last years. When I look back to my old life of being married and working in the corporate world, it seems all that was a lifetime ago. Or perhaps a different life!

I would like to think I have come a long way in my spiritual development. Whilst I used to be Mr. Angry and a highly driven guy with an A-type personality, today, I am calm, cool and collected as I pursue my own growth and development.

I am much happier in myself and look forward to my continued growth over the coming years.

Whereas before I was self-centered and would focus on what I could get from the world, today I believe in something much bigger than us out there – you may call this god, source, infinite power, universe etc.

I see it as my duty and obligation to live my life in accordance with the desires of this higher power – and do the best I can for others.

I also believe that life is a miracle and I can choose to see everything around me a miracle. Life has now become magical and easy.

My Next Steps as an Evolving Being

One of my challenges in recent years has been to stop playing small and to start believing in myself again.

The life events from ten years ago which shook me up took their toll on my confidence. And for many years I continued to hide and play small.

And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom

Anaïs Nin

I am finally in a place where I can build on all the many things I have done such as my books, my blog and my coaching practice. I feel that the foundations have been laid and the seeds have been planted. Now it’s up to me and the universe.

Firstly, I am focussed on spreading through my blog, my message of improving the world by improving yourself. In the last few months, my blog has really taken off and I know it will develop even further this year.

Another project is something I have had in mind for a while – a way of spreading more love in the world. I have just launched – Love is All That Matters, whereby visitors will be able to sign up for daily messages of love.

My message is that love is the most amazing thing in our lives. It is what makes us human, what makes life worth living. Nothing else truly matters. The size of our homes, bank balances, the beauty of our spouse, the speed of our car – all these things pale into in significance when we face the splendour of what it is that makes us tick.

I want to educate people that love is not the highly commercialised circus we see on Valentine’s Day. It is much deeper and much more profound than sending someone a dozen roses at hugely inflated prices. It is much more than candle lit dinners and fancy chocolates.

Indeed, love is much greater than what we feel romantically. It is what makes us sing, dance and makes us human.

If there was enough love in the world, we would simply not tolerate a single human being starving. As Gandhi said:

There is enough for everyone’s need, but not for everyone’s greed.


However, there is enough love in each of our hearts to heal the world. We have simply forgotten this as we all strive to get bigger, better and to get somewhere.

And my intention is to create a place on the internet where people can share their love and spread it around the world.

My Advice to Others

I have learnt a lot over the last ten years and have summarised below my 7 beliefs to help others also build their life and their legacy:

  1. We can all have abundant, peaceful, healthy and happy lives. Life doesn’t have to be a struggle.

  2. We are here to make the most of what we have and leave the world a better place than we found it. This includes creating financial abundance for us, living healthy lives and having loving relationships.

  3. Everyone has a right to live with dignity and respect. So all of us should treat others as equals and with respect.

  4. There is no limit to our ingenuity in improving the lives of our fellow human beings – we just need the will and desire to do so.

  5. Ultimately we all want to live peaceful lives of contribution and making a difference to others in our own small or big way.

  6. We are here for a short time on the earth and it is up to each one of us to create a lasting legacy for those who will follow us.

  7. Though we may face challenging and at times seemingly impossible odds, we will ultimately prevail and the world will be a better, more just and safer place!

My writing, coaching and other projects are focussed on putting the above beliefs into practice and bringing my message and ideas to many more people.

You too can go out into the world and create your legacy and your own vision of your life.