Akemi’s story shares her journey and the steps she took to create the life that best suited her personal alignment. Akemi’s story focuses on the importance of connecting with our spiritual nature and listening to our inner voice.

My journey of awakening and personal expansion

You know, I don’t really think there was a point of decision to change in my life. It all evolved naturally. My first memory as a 15 month old was about the understanding of life and death. And even though my upbringing was nothing spiritual (or, frankly, discouraging spirituality and religion of any kind), I always secretly knew there was a big meaning about life and an invisible power (or energy) working around us.

Having said this, I guess something clicked big time when I bought the The Secret Soundtrack audio CD in July 2007. I was in Tennessee back then, spending a lot of time driving to work on weekdays and to town on weekends. So I thought I might listen to an audio book while driving, and just casually picked up The Secret. I loved it! It made perfect sense and I was fascinated with the Law of Attraction.

Soon I resumed meditation on a daily basis. I learned meditation in my early 20′s when I was studying Chinese traditional medicine and Do-in (ancient form of Qigong), but over the years I lapsed in my practice. One month into meditation, I repeatedly heard “Portland, Oregon” in my mind ear during the sessions. I had never even visited the West Coast before. But I trusted my intuition, quit my corporate job and moved myself across the continent by October.

Since then, it’s been a fast roll of manifestations! I feel my awareness is growing so much, and it keeps leading me. I do most things intuitively rather than by thinking these days, and emotionally I’m in a quiet bliss most of the time. Even my physical body is changing along with this — I eat mostly raw vegan and I have dropped caffeine and sugar consumption. And I have a successful business called Akashic Record Reading, helping others develop their spirituality.

My Inspirations and Influences

As I mentioned, The Secret and other books about the Law of Attraction, such as:

initiated the changes I’ve been through in the last few years. Prior to that, I have always loved Taoism. I also have working knowledge of Buddhism and Christianity.

But I don’t think I’m particularly well read. There are a lot of books I heard are wonderful and I haven’t had the time to read.

I think the best source of my spiritual growth, personal development and life changes is my inner voice. If we listen, our Higher Selves and spirit guides give us the best advice in any situation.

So the only strategy I have is trust, or faith. The way I see it is, God gave me the chance to be born and be alive, so God can certainly take away anything including my life any time — I don’t really own anything, everything is just given, or leased, to me. Knowing this, I might as well trust the divine messages. Not that I think God would punish us if we don’t take its leads — God is all about love — but I just don’t see it practical or productive to resist them.

My Positive Life Changes

I don’t think back so often, so maybe this is a good time to do so. I certainly wasn’t the person I am now. I had mood swings and I sought out happiness outside of me, such as in marriage or a nice job. I also sought out reliable power and knowledge sources outside of me. I worried about what people may think of me. I was overworked and no matter how much work I did, it wasn’t enough.

Life is simple and easy now. My work is integrated in my life and it stems out from my interest and love. I feel well rested both physically and internally. It’s actually better than “happiness”. When we use the word happy, I think we usually mean the excited blissful state. What I find myself in these days is something more stable and quiet. It’s like forgetting what happiness was or was not.

My Next Steps as an Evolving Being

I’m interested in becoming a lightbody as I ascend. With this intention, more and more information is coming my way. I think it is about complete integration of body and soul, the physical and the spiritual.

This is why I’m interested in physical well-being as much as spiritual development these days. I don’t see them as two separate issues. For instance, I quit caffeine a few months ago — coffee, tea, chocolate (I never had sodas anyway). I had horrible headache for several days, but once I was clean, I never went back. As of this writing, I’m also dropping sugar and other sweeteners. Let’s see if this improves my intuition.

I love writing, so I’m writing an e-book titled Lightworker’s Guide To Self-Employment. It is shared for free at my blog Real Life Spirituality. After that, I plan to write a book on how to read one’s own Akashic Records and use the knowledge as the ultimate personal development tool. For this, I want a book deal and I envision to sell it on Amazon.

My Advice to Others

Each of us are on our own path of evolution. There are many roads to get to the same place, say enlightenment, so don’t worry if your path is the “right” one or not — if you are called to that path, it is right for you. There is also no point in comparing your progress with others.

Learn to listen to your intuition and act on your intuition. I facilitate a coaching program for intuition development, so I have tons to say about this topic, but it boils down to this: Listen, trust, and act. Don’t compartmentalize your intuition or spirituality – live it every day.