My name is Adrian A. Boniardi. I am the founder of Meditar: Underwater Meditation. I was born a little over a year before man stepped on the moon for the first time, down in Buenos Aires, Argentina. As many, I was raised Catholic and I did my early schooling (up to the first year of high school) in a big private catholic school, running and hiding from priests and nuns in the bell tower of the school church.

One night, I was riding in a taxi with my grandma to my grandparent’s house, when suddenly ‘I was made for loving you’ by Kiss began playing on the radio, it blew my young mind off! I was 11 years old. I could have never imagined how this single event was going to mark and impact my entire future life path…

…to the point of guiding me to re-encounter and later on remember a very special and ‘key’ person from my latest previous lifetime, thousand miles away from my original birth place…

My journey of awakening and personal expansion

My journey began at the end of ‘just another relationship’… or at least that was what I foolishly thought, never imagining anything different than any other time…

My family wasn’t very religious, but I was still conducted to take the habitual catholic sacraments of communion and confession. I inherited my family’s religious beliefs… and my dad’s favorite soccer team, even when I never really liked competitive sports. But I never gave a second thought to any of this… then.

As I was growing up, I was always having the feeling of a void or vacuum that I wasn’t able to identify… the strange sensation that I was ‘missing’ something… I’ve studied ‘religion’ in my Catholicism classes in school, especially the New Testament; but nothing of what they were trying to ‘sell me’ made much sense for my skeptical rational mind. Their perception of an omnipotent ‘deity’ that we ought to fear and their story of heaven and hell sounded like Santa Claus to me… but I had been conditioned to follow “their” rules, so I did. That was, until one dramatic evening my whole life story up to that point crumbled down on me.

Besides religious beliefs (that I’ve never really bought into) and a soccer team, my parents also gave me the victimhood mindset; the false illusion that life happens to us instead of the clear awareness of being the responsible creators of our life experience. On that black evening, I got into a ‘confrontation’ with the ‘God’ that society tried to impose on me and I demanded the biggest answers to the greatest questions we’ve all wondered within ourselves or I was not going to keep playing this ‘farce of game of life’ any longer (and I really meant it!) I was very hurt, very frustrated and extremely disappointed with life itself and the way everything had turned out regardless of my best intentions.

By the next evening a dear friend I hadn’t seen in quite some time shows up on my doorstep with a book for me as a ‘present’. The first words I read in that book asked me: Do you really want an answer to all these questions or are you just venting? That book is called ‘Conversations with God’ by Neale Donald Walsch; I had just entered my ‘dark night of the soul’.

My Positive Life Changes

I’ve realized and finally remembered what I was missing… What my eternal feeling of vacuum was! It was nothing I didn’t already know within me… but all the static noise from society, from the outside world trying to impose their illusions, was keeping me away from my own inner wisdom. I needed that extreme shake from Life, God, Spirit (the name doesn’t matter, ultimately they are all the same thing) to finally be able to listen. It was the only way my soul devised to call me back home. That woman from another time I’ve had re-encountered was truly a painful gift, the completion of a divine agreement; a different face in a new body but the same spirit I knew before.

My ‘Dark night of the Soul’ lasted about five years… and it was a total emotional roller-coaster. Some days I felt like the king of the mountain, but on other days just the rat of the dumpster.

I had to review, face, analyze and let go of many things that never truly served me but I used to hold onto because I was trained to believe that I had to—just another lie I was programmed to believe. I had to learn who I was and to remember what I came into this present lifetime to do. I had to make brand new choices and heal, and forgive the old ones that brought only pain and stress to my grand spirit. I needed to stare at my Ego’s eyes for the first time and say ‘Hello’ with my greatest love and compassion.

I also grabbed the reins of my health and physical appearance that I never really cared much about before that time. I transformed my body and now as a bonus I love my reflection in the mirror when I come out of the shower!

My next steps as an Evolving Being

My Awakening is not an isolated event. It is happening to millions of people all around the world as you read this; it is the next step in human evolution.

The access to a higher state of consciousness allows us a deeper and more profound awareness in our relationship with the Universe at large and with every living creature in it regardless of appearance, origin or form. It opens our minds to provide us with a keen understanding about the divine magic of Life in the Cosmos and even beyond.

This enables us to find the courage within ourselves to embrace the change we’ve always secretly yearned for our whole lives, but didn’t know how to achieve.

But emotional and physical pain or suffering are not mandatory for the Spiritual Awakening to occur, and truly unnecessary. This is my purpose with Underwater Meditation - to trigger the awakening process in a loving manner, with support and guidance. It is for all those that are ready to really find their silent inner truth and wisdom that would bring out the peace and the sense of a purposeful life, into the sometimes chaotic present life style where fake illusions seem so real.

My Advice to Others

Have the willingness to face and challenge our deepest fears for change to take place, regardless of the consequences. Because when you’re truly not afraid of dying, you stop being afraid of living. And there is no better way to release your fear of death than by realizing that death doesn’t truly exists. We are truly multi-dimensional eternal beings coming into form and out of form in the blink of an eye for all eternity.

Secondly, to recognize that fear is just a weak illusion in the mind. And if you give into its power to control you, your thinking and your actions, you will become a prisoner of your own illusions. Challenge what you have believed to be true up to now and recognize that you’ve never had to accept other people’s truth, but merely your own deep soft whisper…