I have recently been inspired by Brenna Yovanoff, a YA author, online mentor, and in my imagination, The Oracle. When we live with the earth and not on the earth, spirit/consciousness communicates with us and answers our questions. We no longer have to try to be observant, what we need appears in the day to day workings of our lives. To unlock this conversation we need to be self-aware and this process requires us to make choices.

“Everything in life involves choice.” — Mackie’s mum, from The Replacement.

I consider this statement to be true, but I’m also aware that too often the choices we make are governed by a collective signal. Each one of us is a receiver and transmitter of information, but the dominant signals are already present, a sleeper programme waiting to be activated by intention, emotion, action, or the co-creating power of an event.

When choices are engineered by self-awareness, observation, and a willingness to be personally responsible, life evolves, and the footprint we leave in the collective mind benefits our children. Ultimately, we’re in control of our future, but we need to first identify and, if necessary, neutralise the dominant signals. I don’t believe that we can do this until we’re prepared to be brave and take action to create change.

Change is the Catalyst for Evolution

The advances in technology and science have made our lifestyles easier, but except for a few pioneers our minds have become lazy. Problem solving is effortless, but the processes of human interaction — communication, compassion, love, reality — have been distorted by a digital consciousness.

Our children used to learn how to love and communicate by being a member of a family and community. Sadly, in this consumerist age, we’re bombarded with extremes of human behaviour, and now society mimics the un-reality entertainment and politicised news we gorge on. No one is immune; it’s as much a part of consciousness as the thoughts and feelings created by reading this article.

Intention is one of the most powerful forces there is. What you mean when you do a thing will always determine the outcome. The law creates the world.

The Morrigan, from The Replacement.

Let’s look at the conflict in the Middle East. For centuries wars have been fought in the region, and now violence is the dominant frequency. The self-proclaimed peace keepers have always had a political agenda, not a humanitarian one. Focussed intention is paramount for change. You cannot broker peace if you’re an arms dealer, or if there’s even a hint of political posturing and gain.

Peace is possible: everyone, take a breath, turn in your arms, and be kind to your neighbours. Choose peace. Peace comes from within, you cannot impose peace on anyone, and intention must be transparent and pure.

Are We Choosing Love?

I’d like to believe that we’re innately good, and I know that love is an expression we’re capable of, but it’s a force used infrequently in this world. If, as many spiritual teachers believe, we’re love, why can’t we love ourselves? I’d answer, because we choose not to. I’d also argue that love is a dormant frequency in our mind body field.

I’m sure that my parents loved me when I was born, but over time they hated each other more. The hate didn’t arrive by courier one day, they planted the seeds of impatience, disappointment, and frustration, then fertilised the new born with anger and mistrust.

It sounds similar to the Middle East. There were peace keepers, but they too took sides. The dominant frequency in my mind-body field was… I say was, because I made a choice to change it. It’s hard to love yourself when everyone around you loves no one.

“Is it hypocritical to love a person and still find fault with their actions?” — The Morrigan, from The Replacement.

I believe so, wise Oracle, but it seems we judge more proficiently then we love. To say you love someone without meaning, is as harmful as directing hate. We have to be mindful of everything we do.

There weren’t rules or instructions when it came to loving someone. — Mackie, from The Replacement.

No there’s not. I could finish with a bullet point list of motivational exercises and strategies to create change and abundance, but there’s already enough white noise in the field. I’d rather empower you with stillness: take a breath, put down your arms, and be kind to yourself.

We don’t need instructions to love, love is what we are. Be peaceful.

Author’s note: I apologise if I’ve hurt anyone by mentioning the Middle East. I know that there are good people from all factions trying to broker peace, and I pray for peace and forgiveness every day.