EBTV presents a special interview with Top Secret Military Witness Dan Willis on the Disclosure Project, ET/UFO presence, technology, and media control, with your host Evita Ochel.

In this part 1 of 3, Dan shares his role in the Disclosure Project and offers a history of the project, as well as some of the people involved in it, their role, testimonies, and how the media has concealed the information from the mainstream public.

In part 2 of 3, Dan discusses the limitations and control the media has over what information gets shared and what does not. He also describes the view our society tries to instill, one based on fear, when it comes to ET/UFO beings and the alien invasion hoax that is a possible false flag operation. He explains more about the Disclosure Project and technology withheld from the public.

In part 3 of 3, Dan discusses his present-day work after being introduced to the withheld technology, whether humanity is ready for disclosure and the possible outcomes of such an event in changing the way we live.