Hardly a day goes by without someone asking me about the secret of The Secret, the book presenting the concept of the Law of Attraction.

One client creeps into my mind — and heart — in that she was crying while begging me for the real secret. In love with a married man, she shared she’d been reading everything she could about the Law of Attraction, but positive thinking wasn’t helping. He wasn’t willing to give her up, or leave his wife. Could I talk to her angels and ask what she could do better?

I struggle with the idea that the Universe responds to my temperament, ideas, and needs, and rearranges to suit my strongest desires. I’d love to believe this world is a giant slot machine, programmed for my own and others advantage. Insert a positive idea and out burps a bicycle, new shoes, or relationship guarantee. Of course, I don’t like the implication that a subliminal negative belief might merit a negative response, nor the fact that nothing comes with a money-back warranty. Still, a little self-development and even more self-control seems a small price to pay to become empowered enough to get what I want.

The truth is that I’ve found that the “system” is a lot simpler than the perfectionist one implied by The Secret, and beautifully so. As hard as it is for me to explain, I’ve been learning it via a new relationship, one with a set of “beings” I’ve become aware of.

A Helping Hand

A few years ago, I began to experience the presence of beings that weren’t my spiritual guides. As do many people, I believe we are interconnected with the living, but also supernatural forces and beings.

The Lakota people refer to “all the relations,” the interweaving of humans, nature, and deceased grandmothers and grandfathers. Christians call on guardian angels and the Chinese, the help of those who came before. Indigenous tribes reference the spirits of place, animals, and otherworldly souls, while children often speak of their invisible playmates.

In my practice as an energy consultant, I’m constantly seeking the insight of the other side — and as a mother, I’m quite reliant on it. Who’d survive if mothers didn’t employ a bevy of invisible angels constantly sending red alerts?

This “new” set of helpers, however, felt different than any I’d previously associated with. Quite simply, they arrived with no message. They didn’t instruct, scold, advise, or give gifts. They didn’t attempt to change me, or even imply there’s anything to change. They’ve never promised to deliver my prayers to God and return with answers, nor have they whispered secrets in my ears. If anything, they laugh when I insist I need help. If there’s anything offered, it’s an erasure of the gap I perceive between them and me; heaven and earth; and spirit and human. Quite simply, they seem to believe in me, and that makes it easier for me to believe in myself.

Who or what are these “beings?” I’m not sure. In my head, I call them the Spirits of Grace, as I’ve come to believe that they represent the real truth of the Universe, best packaged as Grace. At some level, it would make sense they would show up, as I’ve been studying Grace for decades.

Much of my search, I’ve accomplished through personal thought and through my work, but I’ve also analyzed the most effective healers across time, reducing their teaching to this seemingly simple idea. J.R. Newton, born in the early 1800s, performed healing after healing, attributing his miraculous powers to the fact of God is love. Healing is simply the illustration of that love. Newton asserted that compared to other people, he was simply conscious of that fact, whereas others were not.

Phineas Quimby, a contemporary of Newton, held similar views. Known for his famous healing powers, Quimby was one of the founders of “New Thought,” the assertion that belief makes us ill or well. Embedded within his teachings are foreshadowings of The Secret.

“Our wrongful impressions affect our flesh and the material world, creating our problems, including disease.”

Unlike some proponents of The Secret, however, Quimby also asserted that there is an omnipresent Wisdom, a loving Creator that is all good. We must search for our erroneous beliefs, but most importantly, understand that we have “access to the One.” Treating over 12,000 people in the last eight years of his life alone, Quimby arrived at the point of mentally connecting with his clients, sometimes without words. As he sensed the Source within or for them, so did they. They healed.

Bruno Groening was another healer who shared a similar perception. Passing away in the mid-1900′s, Groening perceived healing streams of Grace around and inside all people. We’ve only to believe in goodness to access this energy and heal.

What do these and other “miracle makers” have in common, but the strong knowledge that the “Universe” isn’t so much a system, but a space of living inhabitants, each asked to make a simple decision: To believe in goodness or not.

The Power of Grace

To me, the Spirits of Grace, in that they don’t convey or insist upon a message, are delivering the greatest message of all. I don’t have to work hard to change my thoughts. I don’t have to become a more effective, productive, or enhanced human being to be loved. I don’t have to earn a community of guides. The streams of Grace that informed Newton, Quimby, Groening, Jesus, Buddha, Kwan Yin, and others, also encompass me. I have only to start accepting the goodness inside and around me. The support of the visible and the invisible world will help me do the rest.

I can’t tell you if these spirits are from heaven or another planet, are composed of our collective ancestry or future existence, or are simply a part of the self still coming into being. It doesn’t really matter. I’m not going to write a channelled book with their communiques or serve as their mediators on Earth. I am, however, going to share their “secret,” which is that there isn’t one.

By dropping the cloaking devices that keep us hidden from ourselves, we automatically open to the love of all. To function on this level helps us recognize and receive what we need, and to provide the same for others.


How did I help my client? I first perceived the real issue as a split within herself, one between her own purposeful self and her everyday self. The man wasn’t the issue. He or she hardly ever is.

After discussing the true issue, I asked her to take a few deep breaths and open to the Grace encircling her. The Spirits of Grace surrounding her appeared different than the ones I intuitively sense around me. After all, Grace isn’t a one-size fit-all.

I wonder what might happen if we were each to take a few moments everyday and ask to link with the Spirits that embrace us? The spirit that we ARE?

I wonder, if each of us were to acknowledge the healing streams of Grace already present, how we might affect the world.