We all want to be remembered for at least one quotable quote. Martin Luther King’s wisdom reverberates in his declaration, “I have a dream.” Franklin D. Roosevelt’s sagacity is well stated as, “There’s nothing to fear but fear itself.” And I’ve personally decided to take the advice of Marie Antoinette completely to heart (and stomach). “Let them eat cake.”

My epitaph will be written in two parts, one statement for each side of the tombstone. On the front side: “At least 80 percent of our problems are not our own.” The backside corollary? “We can’t fix a problem that isn’t ours.”

I know my rather flat comments don’t measure up to the flowery, angelic poems that uplift readers to the heavens. I really do get that my proclamations might not stoke any fires with the Toastmaster’s Club. However, I believe that these two hinged truths are the key to healing, manifesting, and if all else fails, getting through life in a good enough way. There’s no better time to discuss the meaning and application of these extracts from my life lessons than springtime.

I don’t know about you, but I take the phrase, “springtime cleaning,” quite literally. I live in Minnesota. There are only a few weeks that suffice for an annual pick-me-up, tasks including sorting out the cupboards, digging through the closet, and pruning the shrubs. Autumn doesn’t even rise to the occasion, as it only lasts about ten seconds. Then the snow falls. And falls and falls and falls. De-cluttering is dependent on getting oneself to a garbage can or a movable vehicle. If Jack Frost has eliminated both options, as well as frozen every applicable door shut, you might as well just stay inside and enjoy the clutter; maybe even create a little. And forget about menial labor in the “Great Outdoors.” Why work on a lawn that doesn’t exist?

The more intelligent of you might notice that there are two (not one, as I professed) remaining seasons available for a cleaning crackdown. These are spring and summer. Sorry, summer is out. Quite simply, we native Minnesotans want to enjoy the three full days of allotted solar bliss, cramming in the barbecues, horseshoe tosses, and mosquito jokes. That leaves spring.

I propose a very different type of spring-cleaning than you might ever have experienced, however. This one involves energy; namely, the clearing away of energy that is not our own.

Energy Clearing: A Special Type of Cleaning

As previously mentioned, I believe that at least 80 percent of our difficulties did not originate with us. Rather, they are energetically transferred in from people and even situations outside of ourselves. This is possible because psychic and physical energies are one and the same, although differing in vibration and speed. In short, psychic energy is faster than the speed of light and physical energy is slower.

Because of its relative speed, psychic energy can bend the natural law of the Universe. It can pass through walls, slink from one time period to another, and cut corners, even turning them into circles. It can therefore slip unnoticed and unbidden into our physical selves, bypassing sensory boundaries, as do micro- and radio waves. This incoming energy, although psychic in nature, can transform into physical energy, creating benefits ranging from healing disease to bestowing wisdom. But what starts in the ethers can also transform into nearly unsurpassable roadblocks.

Psychic energies pass in and out of us all the time. What doesn’t suit, usually dissipates. The real problems arise from the energies that hang on… and on and on. The equivalent is dressing haute couture through various decades without tossing anything out of the closet. Yesterday’s bellbottom pants might have looked great on a 16-year-old body, but the current one? Ever try to get an executive job clothed like a hippie? Most critical is the absorbing of psychic energies that are detrimental. Included in this list are physical illnesses, negative vibes, dysfunctional beliefs, emotional issues, fear-based responses, traumatic suffering, financial woes, and the like.

Sometimes positive energies can also be disturbing. We typically think that dreams, desires, and goals are terrific, in any form. They are — as long as they belong to us. Ever try to live a life that doesn’t mean anything to you? That’s what happens when we sublimate another’s objectives through psychic absorption, and find ourselves trying to achieve his or her destiny. The 20’s flapper gig or 50’s poodle skirt that looked good on Mom don’t do a thing for us — especially if we are male.

The truth is that we can’t process or heal from a psychic impression or energy that is not our own. If I’m holding dad’s anger and the issues underlying it, no amount of raging or working on the issues will help. The energies are not mine. Neither can I manifest a dream that doesn’t emanate from my own heart and soul. I don’t have the gifts or the drive to do so.

Energy Influences From Others

While a little psychic absorption is normal, an over-amount can be downright disastrous. I once worked with a client who was diagnosed with six life-challenging diseases, including cancer, heart disease, and diabetes. As soon as she told me that her dedication yielded no change, I suspected that we were dealing with energy not her own. One of the signs of having assumed others’ energies is that no amount of elbow grease makes an iota of difference. Not only had my client consulted physician after physician, but she’d also engaged holistic healers all over the world. Not one illness budged. Not one.

Another indication of the “over-psychic condition” is an obvious discrepancy between the psychically overwhelmed and others in his or her life. As ill as my client was, and had been since she was a child, none of her family members exhibited physical challenges of any sort, save maybe an irritating hangnail. I’m a mom of boys. There’s not a moment that someone in the household doesn’t have a sniffle, broken appendage, or upset something-or-other. There’s no way a family can be this healthy, I mused, unless there exists what I call a codependent bargain, a psychic contract between two or more people that exchanges subtle (or psychic) energy, usually to the disadvantage of one of the parties, and to the advantage of the other.

These agreements can originate in any time and between anyone, but are most often established in childhood or before. I regressed this particular client to the space-time before birth that I call the White Zone, a heavenly incubator in which we formulate our soul contract and life plan. In this zone, the souls of her future family had convinced her that there was a fee to entering the system. She had to absorb their physical issues in exchange for the honor of birth. My client had agreed, believing the crash course in helping others would merit increased skill at becoming a healer, her ultimate goal.

Well, the plan wasn’t working. You simply can’t heal an issue that is not your own; that is the responsibility of the true owner. Given that life provides no warranty or money-back guarantee, I asked my client if she was willing to release others’ illnesses and energies to the appropriate owner’s higher selves. After acquiescing, every one of my client’s issues disappeared within a few months. And yes, illnesses began to pop up in her family.

We all know what the word “codependent” means. We give ourselves away in hopes of getting something back. The word “bargain” seals the deal. The problem is that when you are dealing with energy, specifically psychic energy, there’s no Grand Marshall overseeing the swap.

There are infinite variations of a codependent bargains. I’ve worked with individuals who have picked up and are acting out a parent’s addictions, fantasies, and even religious ideals; a grandparent’s depression, poverty mentality, or anxiety; a sister or brother’s hatred, jealousy, or spiritual gift. The point is that most of these agreements are psychic. They are transferred in, or forced upon us, for reasons of survival, security, or some other tribal reason to fit in.

What can you do? Well, a little spring-cleaning might be in order.

How can you tell if you might need to release energy not your own? A few signs include the following.

You often find yourself:

  • Relating to the kitchen sponge, soaking in everyone else’s everything
  • Unable to heal a malady, no matter what you do
  • Working hard to separate yourself from others
  • Incessantly trying to figure out your own dream, goal, or desire
  • Exhibiting a negative pattern or cycle; everyone else around you has no such trouble
  • Thinking that you have to fix everything for everyone else
  • Paralyzed or overwhelmed by psychic impressions that you can’t cope with
  • Entering a situation feeling fine, only to leave feeling worse — while the other person feels better
  • Sensing that you are over-reacting — but everyone else is under-reacting

These are only a few indications that suggest that you might need a little psychic spring-cleaning. No matter what, it’s good to clear yourself of what’s not working so that more joy can come through the door. A few techniques that work for me include the following:

  • In prayer or meditation, I ask the Divine to help me release what is not mine; to return this energy to the others’ higher selves; and to help me face what I might need to deal with
  • Imagining a white, pink, or gold stream of energy flushing through and around my body; the intention is to free myself from that which is not mine
  • Taking an Epsom salt bath to release the physical toxins that began as psychic flotsam
  • When showering, requesting that my spirit release me from others’ energies
  • Breathing deeply and sending others’ energies into Nature for recycling
  • Picturing myself as a great big sun, with so much love pouring out of me, others’ energies are kindly returned to them — and can now never enter

Who knew spring-cleaning could be so fun? Certainly not we Minnesotans, who still believe that having fun is only allowed three days a year — or summertime. Hmmm. Perhaps I should erase my current quotable quote and revert to Marie Antoinette’s concept of eating cake for a living. It might be a lot more fun.