In Australia 90% of my clients are women, in NY State it’s 80%. I’m not surprised. I believe to heal the world we must first heal mothers and children, so this is the frequency I’m vibrating at – the universe responds and together we co-create my clients. I can reach children through the energy fields of their mothers. Men also need healing, but we also must forgive ourselves and take responsibility for how we have mistreated and suppressed women for centuries.

I cannot write this without being completely transparent: I have hurt women in my life, I am guilty, and I’m sorry. Some would say that I needed the experiences in my life to do the work that I do now, I disagree. I’ve lived every lifetime, I know what pain is, and I know what love is. None of us need to suffer to experience love. Let’s stop the hurt, now!

My client’s energy fields talk to me when I’m healing them, and too often the conversations are heart breaking: “I hate myself,” “I want to die,” “Don’t hurt me,” and the most common, “Please love me.” I’ve worked with victims of cult abuse and children who were ignored, and despite the vast spectrum, the frequencies are the same – “Help me!” Generational pain is passed from mothers to daughters. Everyone has the potential to heal themselves and ultimately the world. Let’s start now.

I share the voices of my clients. Thank you for having faith.

Dear dad,

When mum is pregnant don’t be angry, don’t yell at her, and don’t ignore her; I feel everything mum feels. Don’t forget to tell mum she’s beautiful, be gentle, love her with soft kisses, be faithful, be patient, and talk to me. I can hear you and feel your love for my mother. Always tell the truth, your lies reach me no matter how near or far you are.

Tell me you love me every day. Tell me with smiling eyes, soft hands, and attentive ears. Don’t kiss me in the dark, kiss me in the light. Every night tuck me in with three words, “I love you.”I love you too dad.

Dad, don’t leave, don’t slam the door. Please don’t drink every night, or make a fist. Don’t creep into my room at night, or tell me to keep secrets. If you do these things, the men I’ll attract will do those things to me. Your grandchildren will be burdened with my pain, and the cycle will continue.

Dad, listen to my dreams, tell me that I can do anything, be anyone. Don’t make me learn the piano if I want to be a kick-boxer. Read to me at night. Sing and dance, make me laugh, and cry in front of me. Don’t hide your pain and fears from me. I can feel them, and if you do this, I will do the same.

If you don’t love mum anymore, be kind; always be her friend. I’m wise enough to know that sometimes it’s time to move on. Leave peacefully, forgive yourself, and remember my birthday. That last one is a big one dad.

Dad, I’m gay. It’s not a phase I’m going through, and I need to be able to come to you when I’m in love and when my heart is broken. Don’t let grandma, uncle Rob, cousin Dean, or your work colleagues talk about my sexuality. I need you to support me, to love me.

I’m going to make mistakes, and I need you to let me. Don’t be angry when I call you at 3 AM, don’t tell me “I told you so.” I need a hug, dad.

Dad, don’t be sad. Don’t work too hard, stop smoking, exercise every day; your grandchildren want to spend time with you. They know how much I love you, they see me smile when you visit.

Dad, I have cancer. I need you to brave for me. It’s not fair, but you’ve surrounded me with love every day. Tuck my children in each night, and tell them stories about all the adventures we shared. You’re a good father.

Dad, it’s okay to die now. We never went to bed without saying I love you; I’m happy to sit here quietly. I see you in my son, in little Amy, I see you in the mirror.

“I love you dad.”