EBTV presents host Evita Ochel with special guest Jessica Schab in a dialogue about spirituality in the New Age, and how to cultivate spiritual integrity amidst spiritual confusion.

Jessica is a spiritual counselor, mentor, and mystic who is pioneering the way for today’s youth into the new spirituality of the 21st century. She has produced a number of popular videos and blogs presenting her views on all aspects of our spiritual reality, which can be found on her YouTube channel and website.

Specific topics covered in the video episode include:

  1. Jessica shares a summary of her journey into spirituality, and the challenges she had along the way. (2:00)

    • exterior illusions versus actual internal states (4:00)
    • our role in perpetuating cycles of entrapment (6:00)
  2. How Jessica helps people understand the simple side of spirituality. (8:24)

    • how we adopt the fears and ideas of others
    • how fear is an illusion and mental construct
    • the difference between the problem and our relationship with the problem
  3. How to embrace fear and see it for the illusion that it is.(13:15)

    • how we give into fear and hold back our truth
    • the limitations of our mind and brain
    • how the world reflects our internal state of being and consciousness
    • the connection between depression and spirituality
    • how conformity is destroying us
    • dismantling fear by going back to a child-like nature
  4. How the spiritual idea of Ascension can be dangerous in disconnecting us from here and now and living for a future moment. (22:30)

    • pitfalls of future dates and promises
    • the power of creating our own reality
    • how any kind of duality fuels separation and causes disorder
  5. What we can do to break out of limiting belief patterns and not get stuck in them. (29:19)

    • the importance of becoming aware of self imposed limits
    • the connection between sin and karma
    • how external messages impact us
  6. How mind is at the core and root of all disease. (33:08)

    • the role of pain as a messenger
  7. Tips for young people who are abusing substances and feel lost in the world. (35:38)

    • the consequences of repression and suppression
    • the consequences of fear and worry for the future
    • the root issue of abusing a substance
  8. How can we be more discerning as to who we can trust if we are looking for guidance from spiritual teachers. (39:25)

    • the downfall of seeking and searching for external answers
  9. Final tips to live from a space of spiritual integrity. (41:43)

    • the importance of being honest with oneself
    • recognizing how to prevent, rather than treat downward spirals
    • becoming aware of personal walls and limits
  10. Closing comments.