Thank you for taking the time to learn more about me—Evita Ochel, and my journey with Evolving Beings.

We come into this world as pure light. We have no stories, no attachments or judgements. We just are—unlimited potential. We live out the oneness we are, fully in the present moment and love unconditionally.

And then something starts to happen. We begin to form a sense of “I”, “me” and “my”. We begin to weave a story, form opinions and judgements, entering the dimensions of duality and separation. We learn what it is like to feel joy and feel pain. We learn the limits of the physical state and start to think that we are our thoughts, our emotions, our personalities, our bodies, our habits, our past, our families, our jobs, our religions, our ethnicity, our nationality, etc. During this process, forgetting our divinity and severely limiting our infinite potential.

At our essence however, we always “are” — pure, whole and complete beings of energy — expressions of consciousness. We enter this reality in this state of perfection only to have limits conditioned upon us, and then work through each lifetime trying to remember and get back to that place of unlimited potential, wholeness and oneness.

So although I know that I am not my story, my thoughts, my body, my credentials or anything else, I do love and respect life here and now, in the seemingly physical reality. Each incarnation is unique and special, and here is how this one goes so far….

The Beginning

I was born in Poland under the sign of Aquarius, and as a young girl immigrated to Ontario, Canada, which I have considered my “main” home ever since. After my “awakening” however, I have come to live with the notion that this entire Earth, as a whole, is my home and find the idea of any borders and nationalities very artificial. Thus, I have no feelings of attachment or identification to either country, and choose not to be limited by any culture. As I like to say, currently I am Earthian.

I had a pretty calm, happy and emotionally stable childhood. From my earliest memories I was quiet, independent, modest, positive and very resilient. I was born into a Christian household, which conditioned upon me a traditional Catholic upbringing. I took this religion seriously and practiced it with high integrity for the first quarter of my life, until the moment of my spiritual awakening.

A “proper” education and “secure” job were my governing ideals from an early age. Throughout high school I focused on the sciences and continued on to complete a 4 year Bachelor of Science degree with honors. I had a subconscious interest in health and healing, and during secondary school I lined myself up academically to become a pharmacist. Luckily, even before I knew to do it consciously, I began to be guided by my inner being and pay attention to signs in my reality. Without fully understanding it then, my career course sharply changed during my university years, and I became, what I said from an early age I would never become due to all the teachers in my family — a teacher. The inner calling and signs were strong and clear.

I continued on with my formal education and got a high school teaching degree in science and math. My 7 year career as a science teacher was one of the most joyous and fulfilling times of my life. Teaching kids, teenagers specifically, and learning from them and with them, were some of the most amazing moments in my life. I was in the most right place for me at that time, and I knew it without a shadow of a doubt. I did not know or understand what it meant to be “stressed” as a teacher, or have a hard time with youth. Everything was truly in divine alignment and flow. It was so humbling to experience the deeply positive impact I had on so many minds, hearts and souls. I vowed to never take it for granted, acting with the highest state of consciousness in every interaction.

My life in general, up to that point, was based on typical ups and downs, personal highs and lows. Even though I already thought differently from most people back then, I didn’t know how to move fully or effectively beyond what seemed like cyclical dramas of humanity. I didn’t know that suffering was a choice and how to transcend any suffering that arose from external circumstances that I did not desire. At that point, I still lived with the predominant thinking that “life happens to us”, rather than that “we create our life” through our intentions (thoughts and emotions) and actions. In my early 20s, after yet another emotional roller coaster ride that gave me the deepest low of my life, I had my first taste of freedom via a small awakening. It was then that I said “enough”, and told the Universe I was ready for living in a different way, which unleashed my intention and manifested my desire in the most incredible and full blown of ways.

The Awakening

At the start of 2005, I met the man who would become my husband, and shortly thereafter everything started to change, drastically. The two of us coming together were literally a catalyst for great change and awakening, personally and collectively together. All of a sudden, experiences, opportunities, information and resources were coming into our life that I would have never considered before and was not aware that such even existed, like Neale Donald Walsch’s Conversations With God. All of a sudden ideas, thoughts and beliefs that I built my entire life foundation on were crumbling, and a new understanding of reality was coming into clear focus. This was by no means always easy or fun, and had its own struggles and challenges, but the excitement of uncovering the true Self and nature of this reality propelled us further.

Over the next 3 years, we voraciously read, watched and listened to material that was drawing us to it together, and paradigm after paradigm, belief after belief began to shift. As each obstructive veil was removed, we saw through so many of the illusions we lived bound by up to that point, and in which most of the world operates to this day. Most importantly, we felt each step of the way out with our heart and soul, and implemented what resonated with us on the spot, instead of allowing any discomfort or fear to sabotage the journey. In being guided by our personal and spiritual integrity, we applied what we were learning and “remembering” to make effective changes, opening up to new potentials and possibilities.

During this awakening, how I taught and what I saw in the school system shifted. All of a sudden it was becoming very clear that I could no longer participate in a system that did not have the children’s best interest at heart. I could not continue diminishing and enslaving them. I wanted to teach people how to think effectively for themselves, not what to think via indoctrination. At this point too, my personal call to freedom beyond all institutions was getting louder. At the start of 2009, I did what I never would have imagined, when I gave my notice to permanently resign from my teaching career as a high school teacher, at the end of that school year in June.

Thanks to this awakening, the religion I thought made sense my whole life and which I abided by seriously, was disintegrating its hold on me rapidly as well. I saw through the mental and emotional manipulation, and foundation of fear, control, and man-made stories that it, like all religions are based on. By mid-2007, I walked away from it, knowing that never again would I allow myself to be confined or defined by any limiting human belief system, be it religious, cultural or other.

With the increasingly expanding consciousness, everything in my personal life was changing as well. Many friendships which now seemed worlds apart naturally faded. Similarly, thanks to my background in the sciences of biology and biochemistry, along with an inner call for compassionate, heart-centered living in every area, my nutrition and food choices got a complete overhaul. It started with the removal of meat and alcohol in 2007 and evolved to a complete removal of all animal products and most refined foods by January 2009. Over the next few years, I continued to clean out and optimize my diet, which has since reflected a whole-food, plant-based diet based on a vegan lifestyle. During this time, I also began to experiment with grounding, sun gazing, breathwork (pranayama) and yoga, as part of a physically and spiritually healthy lifestyle, and intention to continue moving towards the lowest level of entropy to sustain my prana — life energy.

Professionally, at the start of 2008 I felt a strong calling to share what I could with others to help other humans “remember”, propel their own awakening, enhance their spiritual evolution and learn how to work effectively with this reality. Through the combined talents of myself and my husband, my first online teaching outlet was born — Evolving Beings. My partner, being a highly talented web developer designed and built the site, which later grew to become a network of sites that run on their own custom-designed CMS (content management system) platform. Given my teaching and writing skills, I began to write articles and essays, going on to make videos and do speaking via various workshops and retreats. Evolving Beings started as a blog, evolved to a monthly online magazine, and has today become a living reference site, with over 300 articles and 250 videos. It serves as a free resource to help others awaken, expand their consciousness, engage in conscious life creation, and transcend suffering.

In the fall of 2009, after I left my job earlier that year, my husband also left the corporate world and working under confining conditions for other entities. We both transitioned to working from home for ourselves, where we took charge over how we would spend our time and use our skills and talents. With both of us free, not bound by any workplace or to any geographical location, we realized that we could consciously choose where we wanted to live. There was no reason for us to continue to live in any busy city or suburban environments, where we saw how materialistic, hectic, unbalanced and draining life can be. As we reflected on our priorities, we felt a strong call to live in the midst of nature, away from urbanized areas. At the start of 2010 we sold our house in the suburbs, 1 of our 2 cars, our TV, home theatre system, and some of our furniture, and moved into a beautiful wilderness area abundant in forests, lakes and wildlife, and low in human density, to enjoy a simpler way of life. A way of life that was more in alignment with who we realized we were at our deepest essence and a way that allowed us to experience the richness and beauty of the natural world.

The Present

To this day, we continue to live in the midst of this beautiful natural paradise, where the air and water are invigoratingly clean, nights are black with skies full of stars, and sounds of nature permeate all around. As part of our conscious life creation, since 2013 we have also begun to live abroad in different warm climates during our winter time, where we can continue to experience the fullness of this amazing life experience in ways that is most in alignment with us. We have largely come to consider Costa Rica our “home away from home”. In 2017, my husband and I have passed our ten year wedding anniversary and continue to share an incredible bond, which allows us to be, experience and express the fullest and truest parts of ourselves. We do not have a typical marriage or any kind of contract, but rather a partnership based on unity, oneness, respect, conscious love, appreciation and gratitude. Our life together is based on peace, joy and celebration, where we know we are on the same team. We aim to live fully and love deeply, while being conscious and present.

We live with great inner peace and knowing. We consistently choose to transcend the cycles of drama and suffering that so many humans on this Earth are immersed in. This doesn’t mean that we never get sad or frustrated, or experience some form of negative emotion. It simply means that we realize that suffering is optional and we do not allow ourselves to be paralyzed or controlled by the suffering or external circumstances. We know today that no matter what happens, we will be fine, and that this too shall pass. We are fully aware that we create our life via our thoughts, emotions and actions, and we take full responsibility for it, while respecting the Universal flow of all that is. Not a day goes by where I am not grateful for being so aware and so capable of creating my life to the point of experiencing my own heaven most of the time. I would love to give you the “10 Steps” to make it happen, but I can’t. It does not work that way. What I can share is that it was and is a natural progression of listening to one’s inner being for guidance, being open enough to see beyond the illusions, courageous enough to release limiting beliefs and habits, growing in conscious awareness, living with mindfulness, equanimity, gratitude and joy, and making a heart-centered way of life your top priority.

I have come to highly value all aspects of nature, peace, compassion, tranquility, clarity, accountability, wisdom and environmental awareness. I know I do not need to pursue more of anything, or be “someone” to leave a mark on this world, except for being myself. I have no intention of having a formal job ever again. This site, and all that I do today are simply creative outlets and extensions of my passions and skills, ones that not only benefit me, but the greater good of all. I have learned that we are always divinely supported when we live in alignment with our soul’s purpose. My life therefore is a mixture of actively being of service to others and being of service to myself — whether that be writing or watching wildlife, knowing that when I follow my bliss and live from the heart, everything I need will always be provided for in the present moment.

In my call to be of service to the world, I want to help others ease their physical, mental and emotional pain and suffering, but I also respect that there is a certain reason and purpose to everything — a Divine flow and perfection. Thus, I am not here to fix anything. I am here to be an inspiration for those who may resonate with what I share and help them remember who they are, what the purpose of this physical life experience is and our incredible human potential.

Ultimately, the journey of growth and evolution is not over. And that, perhaps, is the best part. Here is to more being, remembering and evolving!

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