The quality of our life and wellbeing is highly dependent on the choices we make daily. Every choice matters, even though this is not always evident or easy to see in the moment of. Over time, similar choices become strung together, like the beads of a necklace, to create themes, patterns and outcomes in our lives. We then “wear these necklaces”, meaning — live the results of our creations, for better or for worse.

The best part is that we are the artists who are continuously influencing this living, dynamic work of art. There is no final product to be judged on and no getting it wrong. There is only continual evolution to keep refining our work so that it is reflecting the highest version of who we know ourselves to be at any given time.

Despite the influence of external factors, the amount of joy and happiness, inner peace and peace of mind, satisfaction and meaning that any of us experience is determined most by how we work with our thoughts and emotions within any set of life circumstances. The best or the worst of circumstances will be experienced in unique ways based on each of our inner states of reality. There is no one-size-fits-all, nor is there a universal standard for what it means to “be happy” or “live a good life”. Each of these are highly personal and subjective states, and up to each one of us to define.

At the end of 2017, life coach, entrepreneur and show host, Tiago Buhr, invited me to discuss such life themes and share my personal experiences when it comes to Creating an Extraordinary Life — which is the aptly named title of his podcast. Topics covered included my Vipassana meditation experience, the handling of life challenges and changes, financial constraints and money matters, living responsibly and being a conscious entrepreneur.

The audio episode is now available and you can listen to it here on iTunes or directly on Tiago’s site.

Detailed Overview of Podcast Topics and Timestamps

  • Introduction
  • Insights from second Vipassana experience. (1:50)
  • Biggest differences(s) between first and second Vipassana experience. (4:30)
  • Tiago shares about his Shambhavi Mahamudra. (9:33)
  • Reason for going back to Vipassana for a second time. (10:25)
  • How to deal with occurrence of “bad days” — negative things and life challenges. (13:30)
  • Greatest personal challenges on path of awakening and transformation. (18:20)
  • The first insight(s) that triggered the awakening and life transformation. (24:45)
    • Transition to living more and being more, instead of working more and doing more.
  • How to deal with money challenges and financial constraints of this reality. (37:45)
  • What primary mindset change must happen in order to start creating an extraordinary life. (45:00)
  • How courage, confidence and comparison play a role on the journey of creating an extraordinary life. (49:30)
  • How having the knowing about conscious life creation and the nature of this reality impacted work and business. (51:35)
  • The downsides of approaching business from a constant growth perspective. (58:50)
  • Perspectives about the quote “If you are not growing, you are dying.” (1:00:36)
  • Biggest challenges in creating a business. (1:02:45)
  • Most important message to humanity. (1:10:50)
  • Info about currently available and upcoming resources (1:13:50)