EBTV presents host Evita Ochel with guest Tara Greene in a dialogue about the cosmos, astrology and energies present for 2013. Tara Greene is an astrologer, a tarot reader and numerology expert, as well as a psychic consultant.

Topics covered in the video episode, include:

  1. How can we come back to understand and appreciate the Cosmos? What the role of astrology is in our lives. (2:00)

  2. How can we better understand what a full moon symbolizes and its energetic perspective where our physical, mental and emotional well-being is concerned? (4:00)

  3. What significance do the equinoxes and solstices have, and how can we better understand their effect on us? (6:15)

  4. How we can connect with the planets, sun, and lunar cycles. (9:00)

  5. Each year Tara shares predictions for the year to come, and states this year will be “a challenging and calamitous year”. She shares her observations and explains her reasoning. (10:25)

  6. What message of empowerment Tara shares for people who became disillusioned after 12-21-12 to keep the light within them shining and not give up on their journey of personal evolution? (12:00)

  7. As various recreational drug use increases to cope with challenging times, Tara shares why Ayhuasca might not be the best outlet to use. (15:00)

  8. What tools or support we can use as positive outlets for dealing with challenge in our lives, and in our world. (18:00)

  9. Closing words and guidance from Tara for 2013. (21:40)

  10. Tara’s upcoming events in Ontario and Sedona. (23:15)

If you wish to connect with Tara for a personal reading, please visit her on TaraTarot.com