You are an intuitive being. Born of God, you are a Miracle, creating other miracles. Do you remember who you are? Do you understand your limitless potential? More importantly, do you live within the Channel of your Divine Destiny? For you are Channel, to All already….

Yes, that’s right. YOU are a Channel already! :) Whether it is conscious or unconscious, you are channeling an abundance of energetic information every day and working from that which you have allowed your self to receive. To help you understand your self in this capacity, envision your ‘Channeling’ ability as your mind has its own Radio.

You are Intuitive, Responsive, Reacting to the signals you receive every moment of every day.

As a woman guided to become an intuitive counsellor, I deeply understand that it takes practice, and openness, to fully receive and integrate your abilities into your life. But I can also promise you, that as you come to respect and honor your natural gifts, the destiny you decided long ago can truly take full-form as it seeks to be birthed, and the ease of synchronistic blessings and divine understandings which arrive will lovingly comfort and guide you in ways that nothing else can.

…choose the Channel of Love & Light. Release the ‘fatality’ of fate to step into the dreams of ‘destiny’.

You the Channel, the Great Radio

As a radio, you may access a variety of different channels or stations, each with unique vibrations and signals that create a diverse wealth of information which they wish to broadcast.

Some of these ‘vibrations’, signals or ‘channels,’ are positive and uplifting. They offer energy that is light and optimistic, that encourages ‘vibrations’ of happiness and love, and send ‘information’ that works to serve and enlighten. While other ‘stations,’ hold lower ‘vibrations,’ these ‘channels’ have more distracting messages, often with tones of angst, disappointment, and even rage. These channels exist to self-gratify and encourage lower feelings that are often disturbing, selfish, and judgmental.

It becomes clear why it is so vital that you anchor in the right ‘signals’ or ‘channels,’ to ensure that you only access those ‘vibrations’ that serve Love, Light and Harmony for you, your brothers and sisters, and the planet.

You can think on these lower ‘channels’ as signals that encourage “F.E.A.R.” – False Evidence Appearing Real, and feed fate, or fatality. While the higher ‘channels’ are signals that promote ‘love’, and nourish forgiveness, compassion, bliss and oneness.

By thinking on this analogy or metaphor, you can understand that when this energy, which you are automatically being the ‘Channel’ to, is mostly done unconsciously, you may accidentally allow in lower, denser, more negative forms of energy which guide you in directions that lead to roadblocks, short-stops or upstreams that are difficult to surpass. However, as you become more conscious of your Divine Power to Channel, your innate, natural ability, which is as much a part of you, as it is a part of me, you begin to Flow your Channel into the sacred space of Unconditional Love, and the energy you receive becomes enlightening, easy, flowing and abundant-filled with blessings, plenty and the ease of the stream of the natural Great Circle of Life.

Being the Conscious Channel – Tuning Out Ego Self and Turning On Higher Self

To assist you in centering your self, to Channel with greater intention into the Great Circle, first we begin by noticing and assessing your Ego Self vs. your Higher Self. As you learn to recognize your ego self, it becomes more and more easy and even natural to tune this ‘distracting’ channel out, and turn on the channel of Higher Self.

You may notice that when I write ‘your’ ‘self’ I divide these two areas, for who you are eternally, Highest Self is unique to who you have become momentarily, for this lifetime. Although, there is a relationship between the two and a contract that exists and connects this lifetime with all lifetimes, past, present and future.

To help you quickly access whether you are channeling Ego or Higher Self, simply refer to the chart below. You may add to this chart as you see fit, or simplify it to its basic question:

“Do you feel good? Are you serving your self and others? OR Do you feel bad? Are you serving only your self or only someone else?”

For although it is good to be in service, you must be in service in a way which is balanced, and serves fairly and equally. Otherwise, the ‘channel’ of energy will be disrupted and you will lose energy whenever there is not an equal and fair exchange.

Ego (Lower Self) vs. Angel (Higher Self)

Chaos vs. Balance (Root Chakra ~ Red Jasper)

Profanity vs. Bliss (Sacral Chakra ~ Orange Carnelian)

Victimization vs. Leadership (Solar Chakra ~ Yellow Citrine)

Selfishness vs. Love (Heart Chakra ~ Green Jade)

Ignorance vs. Clarity (Throat Chakra ~ Blue Turquoise)

Distraction vs. Inspiration (Third Eye ~ Purple Amethyst)

Suffering vs. Peace (Crown ~ Gold Pyrite)

Loneliness vs. Oneness (Spirit ~ White Selenite)

Ego vs. God-Space (Great Creator ~ Rainbow Moonstone)

To help you Channel your Higher Self, decide to reflect on what type of Channel you are allowing your self to be throughout your day.

Gently monitor and pay attention to your thoughts, actions, emotions and consciousness.

Walk your self through your chakras to check in and see where you are channeling information and what type of vibrations you are allowing.

If there are certain ‘stations’ that are particularly difficult, for example, you notice that you are often finding your self unconsciously ‘channeling’ distraction instead of inspiration, you’re welcome to work with the colours and/or crystals recommended above to help you restore balance within these energy centres; strengthening your ability to work with the right ‘channels’ and vibrations in these places. (You may use multiple colour visualizations or crystals, when necessary. Feel free to ‘intuitively’ discover which ones work best for you).

When you work in Higher Self, every part of your Divine Hologram – body, mind, emotion, and soul, feels good and every action gives to all of you and all of another, instantaneously. This can be seen from the simplest of examples to the most complex. For instance, when you nourish your body with truly healthy nutrients your body is instantaneously given the ability to build new, healthy cells, your emotions become lighter and more peaceful, your actions become more graceful, and your divine insight becomes more available. And since you are doing so well, you are able to do so much more for those you love. You have the right energy to give to your loved ones and your work, which in turn helps them to receive your channel of divine energy and continue its flow in their own way. For yes, even the ‘food’ you receive is a ‘channel’ of energy that is either of a higher or lower vibration.

And of course, when you eat food that is of a lower density, and ‘channel’ this into your body, your body gets sluggish as it rejects what is wrong with this vibration, your mind becomes foggy or distracted, your emotions can get lethargic and depressing, and your actions in turn can be off the track of flow and unto the track of ego. And from this place, the energy you channel unto others has a tendency to become more ‘selfish,’ which thereby discourages the promotion of positive energy flow and encourages the flow of negativity.

As you become a more conscious Channel, you begin to enjoy the ‘stations’ that your mind broadcasts, that your emotions fill with, and that your actions create. You find yourself naturally healing, not only you but those around you, and you being to smoothly attract that which you’ve been unconsciously denying yourself before.

Remember, you are Divine, your are God/Goddess, Creator/Creating, and every Channel you wish to be, you already are.

All the Information you wish to acquire, is already within you. Never forget that in the end, you are your own Ultimate Healer and Divine Channel!