Every spring in the city, and country, and continent I live in, a particular event is engaged in by many, and its theme is prevalent all over—that being Easter. I’m not highly versed in the inner workings of this holiday. Growing up my memories of Easter have mostly been of receiving gifts of chocolate eggs and candies for munching. My fondest memory of this kind is from 1991, when I was 11 years old. A friend of mine got the greatest tasting chocolate bunny in the universe. It had peanuts in it, I could never find the same bunny again. I spent the weekend at his house munching the ears, face, paws, and tail of a peanut encrusted rabbit.

As time went by, I learned that hiding pink hard boiled eggs and chocolate bunnies was only a small part of what the holiday was about. It was also about the passing and resurrection of one of the most famous historical figures of all time. There was a cave involved, and a bright light, and three days later there he was again, fresh as a daisy.

I think this resurrection is an excellent metaphor for what happens to this planet and the individuals on it every year. I have great respect for all spiritual teachings and this particular one always reminds me of the beauty and importance of letting go and re-building.

Accepting Our Gift of Rebirth

On one particular Easter weekend in Vancouver, we had a wonderful set of warm spring days. I think it’s quite fitting that Easter happens in the spring. Every part of the world around us, seems as though it’s being reborn out of the decay of winter. The days are longer allowing us to see much more of this beautiful world. The trees are burgeoning with new flowers, leaves, and buds. The animals are coming back out of their caves to begin their season of mating and frolicking. And the human beings are thinking about cleansing their minds, bodies and spirits.

When that influential man named Jesus, came out of his cave for the first time on what we have named today Easter Sunday, all of the people who saw him were left in awe of this miracle. They had seen him die three days ago, they were sure of it, and now he stood before them again. Without the gift of “death” and hibernation given to us by the winter, it would not be possible for us to be reborn in the spring. This rebirth is only the end part of the life cycle. However it is the most famous part, because it holds all of the evidence that we are miraculous beings living on a miraculous planet.

Remembering the Miracle That We Are

Once the flowers have fully blossomed, the fruits have fully grown and we have completed our spring cleansing, we will all move into the summer fully prepared to enjoy the benefits of this life cycle. In the fall, the decay will begin again and winter will follow soon after.

As human beings we will go through this cycle eighty to a hundred times. But as a planet, this cycle has repeated so many times the number is unfathomable to our 100 year perspective. As we celebrate our various holidays, may they first and foremost act for us as reminders of how special it is that we are here riding this roller coaster that whips around the sun at 66,000 miles per hour.

In summation, do not forget to think about the miracle that you are a part of while you may be knawing away at chocolate, molded to represent a rabbit during an Easter season. Remind yourself of the miracle that is the opportunity to become reborn and shed the decay of last year, as you grow towards tomorrows’ betterment. And never forget that 10 minutes is hard boiled and 3 minutes is soft boiled because no one wants to find a pink soft boiled egg.

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