We are at a pivotal time on planet Earth. A time of awakening to higher vibrations of living. Wherever we may turn for solutions to both small and big problems present on this planet today, common themes present themselves over and over again. Those being love, compassion, peace, oneness and forgiveness. These are core components of both our awakening and our evolution. We have suffered enough, and we have made other beings on this planet, the plants, animals and other life forms suffer so much as well. The time however has come to live in a new way.

To help us along this new path, while awakening and healing, author Shiri Joshua shares with us her book The Animals’ Messenger: A Tale of Truth and Purpose. This book offers hope, guidance and courage at a time where many don’t quiet yet know which way to turn. It shares beautiful messages of wisdom directly from the animals that we share this planet and life experience with.

It is a book that elegantly addresses what can often be seen as difficult or heavy topics, in engaging and gentle ways. We are not made to feel “bad” about the choices we may have made to this point, which resulted in pain to ourselves, others or our animal friends. Rather, we are made to feel whole, loved and supported unconditionally as we embrace a more awakened path. It is a book that is very near and dear to my heart, and it is therefore a pleasure to share with you about it through this book review.

About the Author

The Animals’ Messenger: A Tale of Truth and Purpose is written by Shiri R. Joshua and was released in the spring of 2011.

Shiri is a clinical psychotherapist turned spiritual author, speaker, and healer. She sees herself to be a messenger to the animals and all Life, speaking about how animals have a way to open our heart to love and compassion and by that help bring us closer to one another and to our Divine nature.

She is the founder of S.O.U.L. Academy, which is an evolutionary vision born out of a long journey, deep yearning to be of greater service, and a natural progression of her life path and purpose. She is considered to be one of Canada’s experts in the area of the Psychology of the Human-Animal Bond and Pet Loss Bereavement, often appearing as a guest speaker on national media platforms.

Update: July 22, 2014

After a life path change, Shiri’s site is no longer available, nor is she continuing with her previous work, including that associated with the S.O.U.L Academy.

Book Content

The Animals’ Messenger: A Tale of Truth and Purpose is around 300 pages and composed of 22 chapters.

The book is written in a story-like style that describes the life and journey of the main character known to the reader as “Little Boy”. His journey begins in the Land of Lush with his animal friends, where he is trained for his life mission—to be the Animals’ Messenger. The animals, along with Great Spirit, teach him about how life is for most humans, their relationship to each other and other living beings, namely animals, and what can be done to help them. As part of his mission, he journeys to the Land of the Humans to illuminate and help awaken them from pursuing their journey to the Land of More.

Timeless messages of wisdom are weaved into this heart-warming story and cover vital topics like:

  • love
  • healing and sickness
  • connection and oneness
  • grief and death
  • acts of mercy for animals
  • fear and guilt
  • animal life span
  • forgiveness
  • peace and compassion
  • life purpose
  • joy and happiness
  • abundance

The messages of wisdom shared in this book have come from the author’s gift to communicate with, and channel information from animals, as well as tapping into her own intuitive nature.

“No one being was put on Earth for the sole purpose of satisfying the needs of another.”

The Animals’ Messenger: A Tale of Truth and Purpose

Personal Commentary

Due to my personal profound love for, and connection to nature, including all living beings, I found this book a great pleasure to read. Simply put, it is beautiful. At a time in our world where many are affected by so much pain and suffering, where things at times seem hopeless, or just so complicated, this book offers simple solutions. It offers the powerful perspective of hope, encouragement, and empowerment to strengthen us on our personal journey of awakening and evolution.

The book is written in a unique way that will delight the reader on many levels. It shares the engaging story of the “Little Boy” as outlined above, and is a heart-warming read. This is not a book that focuses on any complicated concepts. It is not one where you will have to think deep, or think hard. Instead, it is a book that can take you on a beautiful journey, bringing you back to the innocence and simplicity of life. It helps to awaken the child within each of us that lives from a space of infinite possibility, rather than the hardened adult who often lives from a space of limitations. It aims to share the simple, yet powerful Universal Truths of life, from the perspective of the animals we share this planet with, making for a very touching experience.

I found this book just a pure delight and joy in both how it was written, and the content it shared. The messages are priceless. The wisdom shared is timeless. While reading it I often felt, as I am sure many drawn to this book will themselves, as if I was the “little boy” who is encouraged to help others understand and appreciate the oneness of all life.

“Oneness with all creation means moving away from the belief that separation exists between souls.”

The Animals’ Messenger: A Tale of Truth and Purpose

This book will be of most value to many souls who are seeking to know themselves fully. Whether one is on a path of finding their life purpose, or personal truth, it has so much to offer. It can help those who need healing and encouragement. It will attract those who have an interest in the role of animals during this time of awakening on our planet, or those called to pursue compassionate living. It can also be of great benefit to anyone who has, or is dealing with grief surrounding an animal in their life.

It will perhaps resonate most with those who have a deep love or connection to nature and animals, while on their journey of awakening and evolution. Whether one shares their life with home animals, such as “pets”, or with wild animals, it is bound to touch the heart and soul of the reader. Since it is infused with the energy and lessons from “A Course in Miracles”, it may also attract readers familiar with that work. It is written in an easy and flowing language, and can be a great read for anyone in their teens, to well into their elderly years.

In conclusion, it is a pleasure to share about this book and recommend it to others who resonate with what it presents. The author has done a wonderful job at speaking to the heart and soul of each reader from the perspective of the animals, offering valuable spiritual wisdom to guide us on our personal journeys.

“It is only when we forget our Divinity that we begin to mis-create through fear, and often feel lost, fatigued or lonely.”

The Animals’ Messenger: A Tale of Truth and Purpose

The Animal’s Messenger is available from Amazon.com in paperback format and Kindle format.