This weekend I had the opportunity to work with a woman who had an eye condition and Fred Hollows visited again. During the healing I experienced surgery on my eye and, as if I was watching from behind and inside the eye, witnessed an opaque membrane being lifted from the lens of my eye.

I’m asked all the time about how I heal, and if you read enough of my articles you’ll notice I use this opening sentence often. The truth is that I don’t know. I’m a story teller, and I’ve a life long movie pass to the sitcom, Simon’s World. The main character has too much body hair to be a Bonds model and not enough to be George Clooney, but the unpredictability of watching a live show is entertaining.

Working with spirit is a major factor in my ability to heal: they have been my teachers, mentors, friends, and greatest supporters. “We love you, my son.” Thank you. The most common phrase I hear from spirit is this, “You’re not in control.” I’ve no control over: who comes to see me, the process of healing, the outcome, life. This is both terrifying and liberating.

If I’m not in control then what is?

Spirit has just asked me, “What do you need?” I don’t know, “we do.” And here is part of the answer.

A few weeks ago Fred Hollows (1929 – 1993) visited, and I had the opportunity to ask him some questions. When I’m healing, doctors, surgeons, indigenous healers, prophets, angels, and a myriad of other spirits frequent my healing room, but what attracts them?

When the client and healer is unaware of what is needed for perfect health to manifest, the energy field of the body, consciousness, knows. The body vibrates at, help me, and spirit and consciousness responds: I am here.

My question to Fred Hollows was:

How do you hear, or receive the question?

It just appears.”

Okay. How do you know where to go, and how do you get here?

I just appear.” Fred, his skill as a surgeon, and his compassion, are present in the healing room, communicating with and influencing the client’s energy field. Up to this stage, I’d call this a process of healing, but as soon as the vibration of the client is tuned to, yes please, healing becomes creating.

All life is created.

The opportunity to write for Evolving Beings was created months, possibly years before this moment. Your feedback and interaction will lead to the creation of further questions and answers, and life will evolve.

The writer of Simon’s World enjoys Friday Night Footy, and dreams about having Rafar Nadal’s arms, but he’s also a transmitter and receiver, the observer and the observed.

From spirit, “I see you.” I see you too. “Then we are the same.”

I also asked Fred these questions:

You can see me?


How do you see me?

You look like a shimmer.

What’s interesting about this is that, this is how I see spirit. They look like a shimmer of light. When I close my eyes, I then see the person. I believe the shimmer is vibration, the wide open spaces between atoms — light. It’s like a visible radio frequency. Our thoughts and actions create an invisible (most times) signal.

If someone you love has died, they will appear every time you have a need for them. I miss you, I need a hug — I am here. To make these experiences a part of our lives, we have to believe without evidence. We have to know spirit is with us. We see each other the same way. It’s like being on opposite sides of glass — we’re looking into, and influencing each other’s world.

Apply this to healing. As quickly as a new illness manifests the cure is being created, because the energy field of the body is vibrating at help me. When I’m healing my conscious mind, my conscious desire to be a healer is not in control. I’m a part of the vibration I am here the observing field is using to create. I’m not a channel for healing, I’m not a healer; I’m an ingredient in a creating recipe. And trust me, these scones taste good.

When spirit tells me I’m not in control, they’re alluding to the signal I’m transmitting — my vibration. This is why the main topics of my writing are self awareness, and self discovery. For consciousness to evolve we must become impartial observers of self. See and act without perception and influence of experience.

The greatest hindrance to the advancement of humanity is our reliance on the past.

The experience had ended the moment it had begun. If it didn’t work or make you happy the first time, why do you persist on trying again?

From the spirit of Theodore Roosevelt

(I was unaware Mr Roosevelt was present and he is talking about war and conflict.)

We cannot survive a relationship with others and the earth until we’re in a relationship with ourselves. I can share my heart with you because I’ve held it in my hands. More numerous than the cells and functions of my body, the signals I’m emitting are harmonising to create a happy life.

If I die tomorrow those frequencies will remain, observing, and waiting to create with a new body — maybe with yours. Every time I heal it becomes easier to heal the next client. The process self evolves.

I believe without evidence, and the impossible becomes possible.

I love you, I really do, and so does spirit.