EBTV with consciousness expansion teacher Evita Ochel and featured guest Lissa Coffey in a dialogue about relationships and how to use Ayurveda to improve, maintain and end them in balanced ways.

Specific topics covered include:

  1. Lissa shares about her journey into studying and teaching Ayurveda. (1:17)

  2. How to understand what Ayurveda is. (5:16)

    • what the 5 elements are
    • what the 3 doshas are
  3. How Ayurveda relates to relationships. (7:52)

    • strengths and weaknesses of each of the 3 doshas
    • Vata type
    • Vata-Vata relationship (11:30)
    • Pitta type
    • Pitta-Pitta relationship (14:14)
    • Kapha type
    • Kapha-Kapha relationship (15:45)
    • Vata-Pita relationship (16:48)
    • Vata-Kapha relationship (18:57)
    • Pita-Kapha relationship (20:20)
  4. Tips for using Ayurveda to change or overcome personal and relationship challenges by knowing how to balance ourselves. (22:23)

    • personal care and lifestyle tips
    • tips for daily and seasonal dosha balance
    • tips for balance for the different stages of our life, from childhood to our elderly years (36:57)
  5. How to optimize the relationships with all the people in our lives, for example parent-child. (40:09)

  6. Advice for attracting the best quality partnerships. (44:10)

    • romantic partners
    • work partners/teams
  7. How to find closure and deal with change, challenges and ending of relationships. (48:50)

  8. Lissa’s contact and resources. (53:50)

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