InLight Radio presents The Brilliance Within featuring guest Evita Ochel about her awakening, life before the awakening, and after as it relates to relationships, work, beliefs, and more.

Listen to the Audio Interview Here

Here is a summary of topics covered in the video:

  1. How Evita’s awakening process began. (0:45)

    • the importance of completing the self
  2. The material that had a key impact on Evita’s awakening. (4:50)

    • connecting with the re-membering process
  3. Discoveries about the world after the awakening. (8:20)

    • seeing through the illusions, games, as well as fear and control based agendas
  4. Understanding how we create our own reality. (14:30)

    • honoring each person’s journey, and timing of awakening
  5. The role of courage and presence during the awakening. (17:45)

    • Evita shares about her past, traditional path
    • dealing with job security and family pressures
    • why Evita needed to leave her job as a high school science teacher
    • taking the unconventional path of freedom
  6. How close family and friends perceived Evita’s awakening and shift. (24:50)

    • the driving inner courage that continued to propel the shift
    • the importance of being an active participant and co-creator
    • accessing the guidance of our feelings/emotions
  7. The agenda to keep us in fear, controlled and disconnected, and how to be guided by our internal guidance. (31:10)

    • the importance of paying attention to inner discomfort versus inner joy
    • being mindful of the distractions that try to disconnect us from our inner knowing and awakening
    • the importance of having positive personal support
    • the importance of having regular practice with respect to our personal awakening
  8. What other significant changes Evita made during her awakening journey. (36:50)

    • Evita’s early years: religion, diet, work
    • hardships for parents when kids turn away from how they were brought up
    • major dietary changes that Evita underwent
    • the role of integrity in our life choices
    • the role of energy in our dietary and lifestyle choices
    • the dietary consequences of our disconnection from our food and nature
  9. Evita’s move away from suburban life, into nature. (45:20) *(includes photos shared of Evita’s natural environment)

    • the backdrop for the new awakenings and choices
    • the importance of paying attention to subtle guidance and follow through with conscious action
  10. How to handle the Ego. (51:00)

    • applying present moment living
    • dealing with worry and anxiety
    • the importance and role of intention
    • the impact of judgement and fear in feeding the Ego
  11. Why is being in nature so important to Evita. (57:17) *(includes photos shared of Evita’s natural environment)

  12. The impact of love relationships on our awakening. (1:00:45)

    • how Evita’s intimate love partnership works
    • how to handle conflict in intimate love relationships
    • the importance of setting up the right foundation in relationships
    • how to handle change in relationships
  13. What new abilities have surfaced after the awakening. (1:10:45)

  14. Awakenings about other worlds and beings from beyond this planet. (1:12:48)

  15. How does Evita’s current life and its quality differ from pre-awakening. (1:18:10)

  16. Evita’s perspective about what is happening on the planet today. (1:23:07)

  17. Evita’s closing message regarding awakening. (1:26:26)