If we look consciously at how we spend our time and money, most of us always seem to be claiming that there is not enough of either. However, assuming that time and money is limited, this would hopefully inspire you even more to use both wisely. Instead of supporting the latest Hollywood horror for example, which usually has a direct negative impact on your energy levels and vibrational frequency, not to mention our society, why not watch something that adds to your growth and well-being instead?

These days I am not one for television or Hollywood movies for that matter, unless they involve love and laughter. My personal media preferences shifted in the past few years towards documentaries—and not just any documentaries, but enlightening or educational documentaries. I have always been fascinated to learn about the many aspects of life, including our physical and spiritual world, but never as much as in the past few years when I began my spiritual awakening. My top two ways of doing this currently are through reading books and watching movies. Books that are non-fiction and movies that are documentaries.

With this in mind, I also believe that everyone, no matter what their financial state, should be able to access material to empower them and expand their growth and learning. No one should be limited to learn due to lack of money. Hence today, I want to share with you some great sites that offer some really valuable, noteworthy, great quality and full length documentary movies for free.

Great Sites For Free Documentaries

  1. Films for Action

    This is a great site that features over 500 of the top documentaries and films that raise awareness and inspire positive change and action. It is high reputable, and very easy to navigate and use.

  2. Documentary Wire

    They have an easy to navigate and browse through menu that features all sorts of titles, from health to spirituality. There is a drop down menu to pick from several categories.

  3. Top Documentary List

    This is another great site, which has even more variety and is very easy to navigate. There are about 20 categories including ones I recommend like, philosophy, psychology, science, environment, health and nature. The videos are also congregated from Google video.

  4. Snag Films

    This site also provides a great selection and easy browsing menu for finding various documentary movies. The movies are both short and long, and cover a variety of vast subjects.

  5. Movies Fund Online

    This site has both movies and documentaries, on a variety of topics in their collection’s categories. It is a less visually appealing in terms of its organization than the others, but also features full length, good quality movies through Google video.

What kinds of movies can you expect on these sites?

All sorts of movies that span topics such as spirituality, philosophy, science, health, the environment and yes, I am going to mention various conspiracy theories. I personally was never interested in the past in exploring anything dealing with conspiracies, still I wouldn’t say I gravitate towards them, but I do like that they make me think that really anything is possible.

Naturally you are not going to agree with everything you watch or learn in documentaries. Maybe not now, maybe not ever. But why I really emphasize them and enjoy them personally is due to the fact that many of them push our pre-defined zones of comfort. They push us to think brand new, if not at least allow for a short moment a window of opportunity to entertain some new thoughts.

They can help to greatly expand our consciousness. They can help bring our level of knowledge to new levels. They can teach us. They can entertain us. But one thing for sure is that they make us think. And it is this kind of thinking that can push us out of the predefined norms and into a thinking that expands our consciousness.

Even if you are uncomfortable with some of the topics discussed in documentaries out there today, this is a good starting place to ask yourself, what about that topic makes you uncomfortable? Simply entertaining an idea to possibly be true can widen our sense of perception and awareness. Of course we still need to seek material that resonates with us at least on some level, and not force ourselves to watch anything that we really hold no interest for. For example I have no interest whatsoever in say the history of all the presidents ever elected, so naturally I am not going to spend my time on material of that nature, not that I have any personal discomfort with it, other than it will bore me silly.

If you have an evening free to yourself, or a few hours to spare on the weekend, I recommend checking out some of the amazing documentaries that are available to us all today. You may just awaken to a whole new level of your being by embracing more of the world and more of yourself.