EBTV presents host Evita Ochel with returning guest Tara Greene where Tara shares an astrological overview for 2014

Tara Greene is an astrologer, Intuitive counselor, Tarot card and Numerology expert.

Specific topics covered in the video include:

  1. Overall energetic imprint and changes possible for 2014. (1:10)

  2. Universal influences and Earth Changes forecast for the year. (10:30)

  3. The role of personal connections and community for the year. (13:05)

  4. Financial and monetary outlook for the year. (14:30)

  5. Changes in the roles of women and children. (16:24)

  6. Messages about the changes in our food and eating habits. (16:40)

  7. Tara’s guidance about navigating through the changes of the upcoming year. (19:25)

  8. Numerology for 2014. (21:25)

  9. The importance of staying empowered as our own authority. (23:35)

  10. Final guidance for 2014. (27:35)