This article is written for Evolving Beings by guest author Arlo R. Hansen.

What is “It” that has always “been” and always “will be,” if “It” is not “That” which is asking the question?

Arlo R. Hansen – 1928 – ?

The day of March 2, 2010 will mark the completion of my eighty-second trip around the sun as a passenger on Spaceship Earth.

But, where was “I” on March 1, 1928, twenty-four hours prior to the involuntary beginning, of the trip from the warmth and comfort of its mother’s womb the body I was to occupy, would make to enter the Physical Realm?

Was “I” already inside that small, infant’s body, or did “I” enter it with the first breath it took after the birthing doctor gave its little behind three, or so, solid “smacks” with the palm of his hand, to help it begin what was to be its life-long breathing process?

If I had to make a choice, I would opt for the latter, for it seems to me, that until the cord keeping the infant dependent for its every need upon its mother was severed, and it took its first breath, it was not yet an independent “self.”

“I” was in that first inhalation. As “I” filled its lungs, it became another physical vehicle (among billions of “others”) for “My” expression and experiencing.

Although my parents created the body “I” was to occupy and named it, they did not give it “life.” Life is what “I” am, not a possession “i” have as owner of a “thing.”

Life is what “I” was before “I” betook this journey; life is what “I” shall continue to be upon “My” departure from this human house. “But wait,” you cry! “You haven’t told us where you were prior to your birth on Earth! Is that an oversight, or can’t you say, because you really don’t know?”

I was an aspect of Infinity; but even aspects of Infinity are Infinite. Infinity’s center is everywhere and its circumference is nowhere. It has no specific location. It is boundless.

As such, I am powerless to describe where I was in “It” to you other than to say, “I was ‘It’!”

About the Author

Arlo R. Hansen describes himself as being “One of six billion nerve endings in the Fingertips of God.” He was blessed with being born into a family, with two older siblings, a “word-smithing” brother, whose book, The Meaning of Dreams for Sleeping Man illustrates the life work of Arlo’s older (his brother’s younger) sister, Vivian L. Heeschen, who via her ability as a Spiritual Dream Interpreter, showed many of her students the pathway from darkness to light. You can read more of Arlo’s work at