What do you believe? What do you believe about yourself? What do you believe about life? What “given” thoughts carry you through the day? Do you know some of them consciously? Can you pull some of those beliefs up for examination right now?… I can.

You are not special

The bogalities implied by this belief alone could fill the entire internet twice over. It’s nice to think that you aren’t special. I get it… If you are just like everyone else, just another person, a drop in the ocean etcetera, you can keep yourself safe from the responsibility that comes with your unique position in the universe. The idea of moving through life doing everything you think is expected of everybody is super appealing. House, wife, kids, vacations, career, social engagements money earning and all the other fun things that come with just being “regular” are super appealing in a lot of ways.

Unfortunately, you ARE special. Being born in the place you were born, to the parents you have with the talents you possess was no cosmic accident. It was the universe creatively expressing itself through you. You are a living, walking piece of art made by something so much bigger than us all, that it can’t even be comprehended. Don’t you see how special that is? Embrace that specialness and go out and do the things you were gifted by the universe to be able to do. Don’t take anything for granted, don’t move through life like it’s a chore. Take over your life and express your specialness in any way that comes into your heart.

You are poor / You don’t have enough

You have more than enough. You are looking at an article on the Internet right now. You have access to the INTERNET, electronic devices, and the magical electricity that makes them work. Computers… paper… light bulbs… clothing. You have clothing that you wear every day. I mean look around! Look at all this stuff all over here. YOU HAVE ENOUGH! Even if you don’t like it, even if the thought disgusts you, you have enough.

Dig this; even the least advantaged person in the “first world” is multiples richer than an average person in the “third world”. There are places where people work for $500 a year. North America gives that to someone on welfare every month. Instead of thinking about what you don’t have, take a look at all that is around you. Take a look at the abundance that you swim in every day. Find a way to give some of what you have to someone who has less. That’s a great way to find out something about having and having not.

You can’t do it

I want to let you know that you CAN do it. I don’t care what it is. It doesn’t matter how outrageous or ridiculous you, or anyone else thinks it is. You can do it. You have the ability, gifts, talents, and everything else required to do it. If it is something that you can fathom in your head, you can do it. If you see someone do something and you think, “I couldn’t do that” you’re wrong, completely wrong. Statements like “that’s not for people like me” or “I’m not _____ enough” or “maybe one day but not now” are all illusions you choose to buy into. That’s all total complete bumberwacky that does not deserve to even be spoken.

You already know you’re special. Part of being special is knowing you are capable of anything. You were put here TO do it. The only reason you aren’t doing it is because you think you can’t do it. And the only reason you think you can’t do it is because other people you’ve met who believe in themselves even less than you do, convinced you that thinking you can do it is foolish. But it’s not, because you can. All they have on you is numbers. It might be millions of people telling you that you can’t do it. But all they have is numbers, and regardless of how many of them there are, they are wrong. A million people saying that the world is flat are no more right, than one guy saying it isn’t. They are wrong. You can do it. Go out and get it started!

You have a shortage of time / It’s too late

This one to me is just a crack up. Makes me giggle every time. You are Young! You are so very young. Life is actually quite long once you’ve taken the time to stop and realize it. Take yourself out of the belief that you are not special and that life is just the same, day after day, and realize that every moment is an eternity.

The world tries to jibba jabber at you that joy is for the young, trying new things is for the young, beginnings are for the young, etc. And they are right! But they also told you that you are old…and that’s where they are wrong…completely wrong. You ARE young and you have more than enough time to learn that new skill, make a difference to your children, change careers, or do whatever you want to do. The only thing holding you back are your thoughts. Change them, NOW, you have more than enough time to do it.

You need proof – scientific or otherwise

You may be thinking by now, sure he says all this jazz in this article but “I know he’s not right because my cousin Benny tried to do it once when he was younger, and though he was special, but he was way too poor and he failed.” … And you take that as proof! You choose to believe that about cousin Benny, and that’s good enough for you. And so you don’t even bother trying it for yourself because you think you have that proof now. Your scientific, or religious, or rational mind has all it needs to keep you form making a difference in your own life with that one little anecdote from Benny, or whoever it may be.

But know this: you don’t need to believe anything anyone else has ever said and you don’t need anyone to say anything to you, to believe what you feel is true in your heart.

If any of what I wrote sounds right, or feels right, or sparked a glimmer of hope in you, then just believe that. It is the fuel that you can use to believe in yourself. Let your long forgotten dreams come back into the forefront. Begin your work towards realizing your true potential just because it feels right, just because you are inspired and allow that to be a good enough reason. You do not need anyone else to tell you what you believe is right.

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