Life’s movements and happenings often roll in like a storm and bring with them lessons in their wake. One only has to look at the things and events that disrupt their status quo to find meaning and importance in life. The humans’ constant struggle to maintain a life full of calm weather is the antithesis of life itself. This type of outlook undermines the efforts of the universe.

Waves are how the ocean knows it’s made of water. The wind carries its lessons and teaches salt water how to be a sea.

Our lessons are delivered to us by the waves of experience. We would be wise to take advice from the ocean and learn to simply roll up and down when instructed by the universe. Our pain comes from our struggle to remain sedentary. It is not uncommon for the universe to bring us turmoil. If we struggle against this movement we will often find that the next wave comes back stronger. The universe has power and size, and it will not forget the lessons it intends for us to learn. To weather the storm is to accept the lessons. Through this process we can learn to be at peace with the inevitable waves caused by the universe in our lives.

Eventually we can get to a place in our hearts where we welcome the next universal lesson. We can become joyous in the reminder that there is something vastly more experienced in existence than us. We can thank the universe for loving us enough to teach us the lessons that will lead to our eternal enlightenment.

We are not here to sit and wait peacefully for death. We have chosen to be here to learn the many lessons that will guide us back to the light. We have come to this place to sample the delights of love and the delights of heartbreak. We are here to endure the struggles and the hardships. We are here to enjoy the love and the success. We are here to move up, and then down with the wave of our experience. We are here to feel what it is like to be human.

Being Human Involves Both Pain and Love

If we were not meant to feel these things we would not have come here. This place—Earth—that we live on, is the best place in the entire universe to learn the things that you are learning right now. This human life allows you to be free of worry and full of love if you allow it to teach you how. For this reason struggling against your hardships will only cause you pain. Struggling against the lessons of the universe that are designed to guide you back to enlightenment is ironically contrary to everyone’s goals.

It is important to remember to accept the fact, that being human involves both pain and love.

Move towards the pain and take a look at what lessons are buried deep inside. Open your mind and feel the pain of your current hardships. Allow yourself to accept your current situation. Investigate your hardships in an effort to seek out their purpose in your life. Look deep inside the reoccurring happenings that frustrate you for the secret to releasing yourself form their burden. Until this acceptance happens on your part, reoccurrence will continue. After this acceptance happens on your part reoccurrence will continue, but your suffering will cease.

Once your suffering is gone, you will realize that the events hold no power over you. You are the one who is conscious. You are the one who decides what hurts you. You are the one who decides to suffer.

In this spirit I wish for your heart to be broken many times. For it means you will have loved many times and learned many lessons

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