EBTV presents host Evita Ochel interviews Tim O’Donnell, author of A View from the Back Pew: God, Religion & Our Personal Quest for Truth.

In this extended discussion, Evita and Tim discuss various pertinent topics surrounding religion, spirituality, the role of the church in modern society and our personal quest for God, including:

  • The premise and purpose of A View From the Back Pew
  • Are religion and spirituality the same thing?
  • The differences between leaving religion and becoming an atheist
  • The impact a Christian-Catholic upbringing & schooling had on Tim
  • Duality and separation taught about human and God
  • Did we get Jesus’ message and teaching correct?
  • The profound spiritual events that transformed Tim’s life
  • An explanation of the “Ascending Urge”
  • Is religion capable of evolving?
  • The foundation of early Christianity
  • Belief as a taught concept
  • Who would most benefit from Tim’s book
  • The surprising twist in why Tim wrote the book
  • The future of Tim’s work