This article is written for Evolving Beings by guest author Cristian Petre.

I was talking to God the other day and being a little bit under the weather I asked:

“So what’s going to happen with the world with all these dark feelings and energies, is everything already coming to an end for us?”

God smiled:

“Don’t be naive, all these years of hard work to let everything go to waste because of some hateful minds that in their self destructive ways want to drag everybody down with them?”

I already started to feel better:

“So everything is OK, and these changes are just another difficult moment in the evolution of it all?”

“Yeah, I suppose you might call it that.” God answered. “It remains to be seen how difficult things will get. They will most likely have to face an ultimatum after all; either change or … you know … go away. That is when the real difficult part comes in.”

“Agh, I was kind of hoping that part already passed,” I said.

“Well, if you were in total peace with yourself and with the world, you wouldn’t have to worry about it anyway, would you?”

I smiled:

“I try to be. I constantly try to free myself of all the hate and anger within, but sometimes it seems it is not in my power to do that. And then there are those moments in which my Ego takes over and I feel like I am loosing it.”

“It doesn’t sound like you’re doing anything wrong. Are you not getting any good results from this whatsoever?” God asked.

I stopped and reflected for a few seconds:

“To be honest it seems that something is moving in a good direction but I only see this regarding myself. Observing things around me, I see not much is changing. In fact, some is even getting worse and I start to wonder: maybe my life is also getting worse but I refuse to see it.”

God replied:

“So what do you want me to say young man, don’t worry, everything will be fine? I don’t have reasons to lie, it’s all up to you. If you say it is getting better, keep doing what you are doing, keep believing in what you believe and worry less about the situations of others, they have their own stories.”

And after a second he added smiling… “and their own dialogues with me.”

Still not satisfied I continued:

“And what about compassion?”

“Compassion? Do you feel compassion when the bad guy gets killed in a movie? To me it looks like you have more of a guilt problem.” God answered.

“Yes, this sounds like a plausible issue of mine. I think I have to look more into it.”

At this point I was starting to feel like I was wasting God’s time. So I ended:

“One last thing I would like to ask you, why all this suffering and hurt then?”

He looked to me with more of a parenting attitude and said:

“Don’t worry, you’ll get it some day.”

About the Author

Cristian Petre lives in the beautiful mountain city of Brasov, Romania. He sees himself as one of the people, described by Eckhart Tolle, who could no longer accept the everyday life as being the real reality. He continues to awaken to a heart-centered way of life and knows that when the brain listens and follows this inner feeling, everything is just as it should be – happiness. Living from this space, Cristian has various deep revelations, which he openly enjoys sharing with others.