There are still so many things in this Universe that so many of us have not even began to grasp or become aware of. Many of us live life day to day preoccupied with the tasks of everyday life – work, food, bills, family and for a few, some fun.

But how about exploring more about ourselves and life? How about venturing into new territories and asking questions you have never before dared to ask? How about finding ways to connect with your deeper essence or finding the purpose of this lifetime for you?

One of these greatly untapped into fields is that of the Akashic Records. I myself am a novice when it comes to the Akashic Records, but know enough, to know that they hold an amazing wealth of information where our life, our purpose and our existence is concerned.

I had the pleasure to connect with Akemi Gaines of Akashic Records of Souls, who is a trained Akashic Record Reader for an interview to talk about this topic in more depth. Through this dialogue I hope to help others get to know more about the Akashic Records and the healing power that they hold for our life.

A Conversation with an Akashic Record Reader

EVITA: Welcome Akemi! To begin with, I know many people are not yet even aware of what Akashic Records are. Could you begin by telling us a little about what they are?

AKEMI: I’m honored to be here at your great blog, Evita. Akashic Records are the records of all the things that ever happened in the universe. For the purpose of utilizing them for our healing and well-being, we can see them as records of our souls. Each soul has the records of all the things it experienced in all its lifetimes. Akashic Records also record the potentials of the future.

EVITA: How did we come to know about the Akashic Records as humanity?

AKEMI: Akashic Records are energetic records and can be “read” regardless of the reader’s language and culture. We as humanity knew the existence of Akashic Records since the ancient times.

The word “Akashic” comes from the Sanskrit word “Akasha” which means sky or ether. So evidently, the wise ancient Indians knew the existence of Akashic Records. Akashic Records are also referred to as the “book of life” in the Bible. And I wouldn’t be surprised if other civilizations, such as ancient Egypt or Maya, knew about Akashic Records.

The exciting news is that science is now finding evidence of what we have known as tradition. Science now acknowledges the existence of various energetic fields. Akashic field is one of them, and perhaps the same with the zero point field that Lynne McTaggart discussed in her latest book The Field: The Quest for the Secret Force of the Universe. I believe things we have traditionally explained using terms like “spirits” “negative entity” or “curse” will be explained scientifically in the near future.

EVITA: Akemi I actually can relate here a lot when you speak about the science behind their existence, as many renowned scientists like Greg Braden and Thomas Campbell are proving this very same thing. In fact Thomas Campbell does an exceptional job in his book My Big TOE, explaining the physics behind how and why not only the Akashic records exist, but also the different realms of being. So I urge anyone who wants the scientific proof for them to really explore his work.

So how about you Akemi, how did you become an Akashic Record Reader?

AKEMI: I had my own reading and was so impressed that I decided to learn it myself. There is a solid system to access the Akashic Records, and I learn more and more as I do the readings.

EVITA: Now I know a lot of people may also be concerned here about a few issues with such great power, so I will start with privacy. Does everyone out there have access to anyone else’s record, should they of course know how to read them?

AKEMI: I believe the universe is essentially benevolent and there is a safeguarding system for Akashic Records. I think anyone can read their own Akashic Records, but to read other people’s Akashic Records, we need the assistance of spirits, the Akashic Record Guides (or Akashic Record Keepers). I don’t think the Akashic Record Guides would help someone whose intention is just to satisfy their curiosity.

When I do the reading, I am representing my clients, and this is a good valid reason the Akashic Record Guides acknowledge. We are also allowed to access the Akashic Records of those who are significant in our lives, such as our family members, close friends, business partners and key employees — at least to the extent they influence us.

EVITA: And of course there is the issue of fear for some. I know some people will simply be “afraid” of finding out about things from their past lives, perhaps even future. Is there ever anything anyone could “fear” from tapping into their Akashic Record?

AKEMI: It can be scary to gain higher knowledge, to know who we really are. Beyond this, however, I don’t think there is anything we need to worry about finding out. Even horrible incidents in past lives are our history and ignoring them doesn’t make them (and their effects) non-existent.

The objective of my reading is to clear the energetic issues such incidents have been causing to my clients. I don’t just discuss past lives — it’s all about raising our awareness of what has been going on so that we can take care of them. And we can indeed clear the energetic issues and heal our past.

Let me explain by examples. I was persecuted for my faith three lifetimes ago. The effects of this incident were recognizable in my present life. Even though I like public speaking when the audience is up to 50 or 100, talking to several hundred people made me unreasonably nervous. And I hated to be held down, even as innocent horseplay. My soul remembered the tension of seeing the roaring crowd as I looked at them from the stage. Also, I sensed something was missing — something subtle but undeniable that deterred me from achieving big goals.

Repairing the energetic damages that happened back then due to this trauma brought so much clarity to my life. Plus, I feel I know myself so much better because I do understand why I made such a decision. I would do the same if I have to, rather than abandoning my belief for survival. And I appreciate the more liberal society of today ^_^

EVITA: Yes I definitely second that. It is great that in our society today we are so open to so many different ways of life and belief systems. Now what about accuracy? As these readings I am sure, are often life changing, how would you explain or describe their level of accuracy where a person’s life is concerned? Is there for example any room for error, or are they always 100% right?

AKEMI: I love this question! Well, first off, I’m not going to say my reading is 100% accurate. Even doctors make mistakes. I strive to do my best but I’m not perfect.

The main way you can tell the accuracy of my reading is to ask yourself if the reading resonates within yourself. Do you recognize the pattern I’m talking about? Does the past you had, share the same quality that is in you? Do you see the effects of energetic issues?

There are several issues regarding accuracy. Some people have special soul situations such as soul shifting or shell that make it difficult for them to see themselves as they are. In this case, even if my reading is accurate, the client may recognize only part of what I have to say.

Then I also have to consider, that the Akashic Record Guides have a somewhat different frame of reference than us. For example, “marriage” for them means two souls exchanging energy intimately for extended time. Spirits don’t seem to care about legal status. Likewise, a “mother” may be the biological mother or adoptive mother, or even symbolic mother. I pay attention to these points as I interpret the information, but I admit I have missed the point several times.

EVITA: So just to fully understand, does a person get 1of these readings done in their physical lifetime here, or should multiple readings be done? Does the information change in any way, between readings?

AKEMI: My comprehensive profile reading (what I usually refer to as the “Akashic Record Reading”) is good for the lifetime. It’s like a physical check up. I have a set of criteria that I check in this reading whether you are experiencing the symptoms or not. (So you don’t have to tell me your situation, just like you don’t have to have symptoms to have the physical.) When I find energetic issues, I go further to see when and how they started. So it may cover only one past life or more.

The first reading is so comprehensive that this may well be the only reading you need. But if there are issues left, or if you experience some energetic change, I offer a follow-up reading called Life Situation Reading. I can also do readings to uncover the past lives that didn’t show up in the first reading.

I designed my services this way so that my clients get the best value out of their time and money. Readings in which you ask questions (in my practice, the Life Situation Reading) are great, but getting this kind of reading before you get the comprehensive review of your soul may leave out critical points, leading you to order more readings to ask more questions. They add up. By contrast, my Akashic Record Reading might look a bit pricy upfront, but it’s very cost-effective in the long run.

EVITA: In your experience Akemi, in doing these readings, I am sure you have come across some readings that were challenging to do for various reasons. Can you share any such experiences with us here today?

AKEMI: Well, some readings take longer because there are many issues that span across multiple past lives, but they are not necessarily more challenging to read. Perhaps my biggest challenge is for me to stay focused yet related during the reading. Open mind is essential, too.

Sometimes I get information that I think may surprise my clients. For instance, I just read for someone who was once an Aztec human sacrifice. Although I don’t think any findings are “bad,” I started to wonder how I could bring this news in the phone session. This kind of distraction does no good to me. My Akashic Record Guides often remind me, “It’s not about you, Akemi, it’s about this person.” (By the way, this reading was no surprise to the client. Like my persecution, this person remembered it to some extent, so it was a relief for this person to hear my finding.)

And sometimes I get information that doesn’t make sense to me. This happens more often in my Spirit Guides Coaching, which is a lot more open-ended program and the information often comes as visual images. Again, I remind myself it’s not about me and just pass the information to my clients without editing it. This takes some courage.

EVITA: I can also relate to that completely, as I know that during channeling or distance healing and the like, it is very important not to put our analytical mind into it. Simply we need to let the information flow, but as you say this takes time and practice, as we always want to judge and interpret in the moment.

Akemi, I can only imagine how profoundly moving and life transforming an Akashic reading can be. What benefits have you noticed that they offer most to people?

AKEMI: Simply feeling better, lighter, and clearer is the most common and immediate feedback I receive. Some clients report being able to relax naturally or chronic pain disappearing. Many report sleeping better. And some start seeing options in their lives that they didn’t notice before.

It’s a little hard to track the long term benefits because many clients just get one reading, as I mentioned. But I’ve heard that some of my clients changed careers that they feel more in alignment with their life purpose. Some start their own business or expand their business. In fact, I may be one of the best examples — my power to utilize the law of attraction increased so much as I work with the Akashic Records.

EVITA: That is so fascinating to hear! Well, I have to say that it has been so phenomenal to learn more about this amazing tool we as beings have here and now for us. I am so fascinated by this whole area that I would love to have a reading done myself. So Akemi I look forward to connecting with you further for my own personal reading.

AKEMI: You are so welcome, Evita. Thank you for letting me assist you with the reading — I appreciate your trust in me and your courage to go further.

I really enjoyed this interview. If anyone has any questions, please ask in the comment section below, and I will do my best responding to you.

EVITA: Thank you so much again Akemi, for being here with us today! It has been a truly amazing pleasure and I am so grateful that you were able to introduce us all and share with us your wisdom, about what the Akashic Records and Readings are.

I have no doubt we have so many tools here for us now in this physical plane to connect with our higher selves, to tap into our past lives and to realize and live out the lives we truly came here to do! And it is even more of a gift to have access to them so easily, should we only choose to do so. And for those of you who are already familiar with the Akashic Records and would like to have a reading of your own, you can contact Akemi at Akashic Records of Souls.