For those wishing to work with spirit, to communicate with consciousness, this conversation may be of some help. With my guide’s patience and persistence—two traits that are commendable for every endeavour—I’ve learned that communicating with spirit is not what I believed. Often we’re mimicking, by default, the experiences of our ancestors and peers.

Globally, writers share creative ideas simultaneously, and this is an example of how we’re all connected. Working with spirit is similar. When you meditate with spirit you’re using the vibration and path that everyone in the past has used.

Spirit has taught me to put everything I think I know about spirit aside, and make every experience a new one. Become a creating force, rather than the created. I endeavour to do this every healing, every day. Sometimes I’m successful.

It’s important not to follow me, but to perhaps assimilate my experiences into your life and lead. Spirit’s voice is italicized.

“Until you can determine what it is you want to ask me I cannot help you.”

“We had a conversation about being happy.”

“We’ve had many conversations, and it’s when you start the conversation this way that indicates to me what your failing is.”

“My failing?”

“Indecision. Ask me the question that burdens you the most.”

“How is it possible that we can can communicate this way?”

“What you mean to say is, how is it possible that you can communicate this way, as opposed to we, or others. Your question is loaded with doubt, so my answer will have to be apparent.”


“What is most obvious. You, not everyone, communicate this way because you have faith.”

“That won’t satisfy the curiosity or doubt of others.”

“It’s not meant to. See how you complicate things. You have turned a simple process into a tangled debate with yourself. If you’d asked the right question the answer would have been precise – you have faith.”


“And now we’ve arrived at the notion of happiness. Does having this answer make you happy?”

I pause momentarily and sigh, as I can’t identify what I’m feeling. The voice continues as I’m writing this.

“And this returns us to our conversation this afternoon. You asked why it’s difficult for humans to be happy, and my answer remains the same, because you choose not to be, you are lazy. Your apathy has become habit. The way we started this conversation is an example of this. You knew what you wanted to ask me, but you lacked the will to pause and ask the true question.

You are creating our conversation as you are creating your level of happiness. Our minds are inter-connected but separate.”

“How is this possible?”

“You allow yourself to have a process of reasoning, we are reasoning. We are question and answer.”


“The number is only important to you. I am Gegu (my guide) and I am not.”

“So I’m having a conversation with God?”

“This description is not important to us, or to the readers of this article, only to you – it’s your conversation. God is a barren word, made so by the way you, humanity, has engineered him to be. It’s your nature to believe.”


“To believe in anything. You believe the sky is blue, water is wet, and war is common.”

“Should I have faith in this conversation?”

“You should simply have faith. The question you meant to ask was, should you have faith in yourself. Self-belief. What sabotages this state is your belief that you are real and I am not. What do you see?”

“I see the room, my laptop, possessions.”

“Ask the question. Your answer should have been the question; it was what you were thinking while you were typing.”

“What do you see?”

“Everything. Now you are free.”

I sigh again and feel the world, see outside, hear the tap dripping, know my dog is awake and agitated … everything. It’s a moment of knowing and feeling completely safe. I have no fear, no frustration, and no anger. A feeling I was unaware of until now.

I think this is the point – to be aware. How can we expect the world to see us if we cannot see ourselves? I choose peace in this moment. Today I will be kind to strangers because I’ve been given a glimpse of my own inner turmoil. It’s only when we see completely without bias that we’re free.

Hello neighbours, I love you.