This article is written for Evolving Beings by guest author Julia Finley the Dreams Examiner.

With doomsday prophecies, alien invasions and a zombie apocalypse on the imaginative horizon, dreams are phenomena not likely to command headlines any time soon. Their marginal importance is partly historical: viewed as “random and chaotic” throughout the 20th century, dreams continue to be viewed as lower forms of the thought process, a bio-function with little life-altering meaning.

If we think about it, that low regard is another way of saying our most advanced knowledge — knowledge that can put a man on the moon, create super-computers and unravel the genetic code — is not enough to unravel the common dream. Dreams are timeless marvels, but remain largely disowned by a world that cannot grasp their structure.

Scientists recently confirmed to their amazement, that during the dream state
different areas of the mind are speaking to one another. But there is more at work here: like the connections between the life forms on Pandora (Avatar, 2010) dreams connect different aspects of the soul, then connect souls to one another, and go on to connect on even grander scales. During these exchanges, the dream flows in well-structured symbolic narratives, not at random as the psycho-cognitive critics insist.

In truth, the content of these narratives are constantly repeating three astonishing motifs, that in their intelligent, even senescent prerogatives, seem almost missionary.

Dreams restore us to Life

Socrates once said, “Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle”. The Socratic battle is fought first on the grounds of our souls and minds, then extends into our outward existence. But because we dream, we can never truly lose our faith to that inner and outer conflict.

The symbolic prose of dreams show us how we may reach life and freedom, like messages of hope transmitted clandestinely, in perilous times. They tell us the crooked path that leads to greater suffering can be avoided, and the heart pierced through with sadness, guilt, and loss can be healed.

Dreams ultimately tell us, as Cendrine Marrouat says of the success of believers, “If the naysayers are more numerous than close friends, you are certainly on the right path”: the Socratic battle itself can transform, into a crusader’s march toward their original destiny.

Dreams deliver us from Evil

As mentioned earlier, the purpose of dreams’ walk in step with our waking lives, has never been, to us, entirely clear. If we realize the purpose of life itself is unknown, it gradually dawns on us that individual purpose isn’t entirely clear either.

We are made to believe there is no point to asking who am I? why am I here? what is my purpose? through reassurances from society that it is simply impossible to know. The answers are then easily replaced with social sensibilities, social obligations, and gratuitous self-sacrifice.

If we turn to our dreams instead of these influences, the dream automatically empowers the search for truth; they return us to the eternal mindspring of symbol and myth, which holds the answers we seek. Before this mighty phenomenon, the strongest misguidance is as nothing. Dreams are our constant contact with the eternal truth, the guarantee there is always a way back to the light.

Dreams reconnect us to the All

The final mission of dreams is to open our minds to infinite beings, pure steam and fire coming down the tracks with no clear understanding if we are dealing with a train, a god, or what. Dream can and do conduct the means of possession for our limited conscious, expanding and recreating its likeness to the concept: “as above, so below; as below, so above”… Carrying the dream phenomenon in our being is like carrying a magnet for divine encounter, something that can astound and frighten the uninitiated. These dreams are memorable, the starting points of great changes in the dreamer’s identity and self-awareness.

In my berg of the world, dreams continue to astound in new, uncharted ways. Unraveling their majestic form requires us to change our way of thinking, and to throw away our disregard for the realness of Spirit. To admit what is happening in the dream state and to honor it as the other half of life, begins the alchemical concept of rubedo): the unification of man with god; the unification of the limited with the unlimited. There is so much more that dreams can do for us than we could ever initially imagine, it will someday be said that dreams are our birthright to a greater spiritual universe.

About the Author

Julia Finley is a dream interpreter living in Phoenix, Arizona. She is a former member of The International Association for the Study of Dreams, and has made local television appearances explaining how dreams connect mankind to a greater spiritual design. She has also been the Dreams Examiner for and you can connect with Julia on twitter.