The times of change that we are living in are often very exciting and challenging. The dawn of the information age has opened so many doors, and revealed so many hidden agendas. Today we are learning faster than ever before, and we have many teachers foraging the path to help us wake up and expand our mind from limiting thought patterns. One of these courageous and controversial pioneers is David Icke.

I continue to be in awe and gratitude of the current time that I am alive on this planet. There is an exciting transformation and awakening underway and it is an exhilarating joy to be a part of it. For the first time in the history of the human race as we know it, we have the chance to awaken to who we truly are and become liberated from the illusion that so many of us call reality. Stepping into the fullness of our being is both exciting and challenging, as to this day most of us have lived as part of a system that tries to suppress the infinite potential of the beings that we are.

On this journey, it helps to be reminded, inspired and encouraged by others who have gone before us down this path. These beings can be guides for us, until we step into the fullness of our being and learn to walk through this life fully awake, not asleep.

One of these guides and inspirational beings is David Icke. I have been familiar with David Icke’s work for a few years now. At first I did not know what to make of what he was saying, but as I continued awakening, so much of what he was saying was resonating with me at the heart and soul level. It is not about taking the information of another as our own, or as our way and salvation, but about using it to help ourselves wake-up—and continuing to wake up is what I am doing.

With that in mind, I had the great pleasure of seeing David Icke’s 4 hour lecture entitled  Radical Truth: Knowledge & Revolution that has just been newly released. In this review, I share with you my experience of this material and what it can offer you.

Movie Background

David Icke is an English writer and public speaker, best known for his views on what he calls “who and what is really controlling the world.” He has lectured in numerous countries around the world to hundreds of thousands of people and has written almost 20 books helping to expand the consciousness of the present-day reality. He has been referred to as the most controversial speaker in the world.

David Icke’s Radical Truth was delivered at the Million Dollar Theater in Los Angeles on October 1, 2008. The event was filmed by Sacred Mysteries Live and produced by Jay Weidner.

The talk has been released on the special 2 disc DVD set May 2011. Each disc is about 2 hours, for a 4 hour experience in total.

Personal Commentary Introduction

For those of you who know, like and resonate with David’s work, you will love this DVD material. It was one of the most invigorating experiences watching this DVD and hearing David speak for 4 hours straight. For those who have never heard of David Icke, a lot of his material can be found on YouTube and his site – David Icke. And of course there are those of us who either are just not interested in his material or push against it for various reasons.

What David shares is difficult for many people to hear. It is not a coincidence that he is known as the most controversial speaker. However, what I find so awesome about him, is that for him it is not about creating drama or creating a controversy, or trying to lead people in panic and fear. David is one of the most empowering and inspiring speakers. I for example completely understand where he is coming from, because once you wake up to see beyond the illusion you just want to help people wake up too. However, most people cannot fathom this whole concept…”wake up, from what?” and simply find what he shares either completely unbelievable or deeply disturbing. It all depends how open minded we are, and how much we allow ourselves to become aware of how and why everything exists the way it does in this world.

David has been speaking for a few decades now and while at first most thought he was just plain crazy, as everything he is saying is coming to pass, he has come to attract audiences by the thousands at his speaking events today. As we continue through this massive shift in consciousness on our planet, more and more people are resonating with his work and waking up out of a dreamworld reality to take control of their life and take responsibility for the infinite beings we are. In the end remember, it is not about holding up anyone as the leader or authority, or believing everything they say – but about using them as a cue or sign post to remind ourselves of the larger reality beyond what we see and snap out of the illusions that are holding us in bondage and suffering.

Radical Truth Content

It is on this powerful note that David opens up his talk, sharing that “the last thing this world needs is another person telling us they have all the answers, that you must believe me and if you don’t you’re wrong”. He is simply sharing information that he has received through physical research and spiritual connection, and makes it clear that how it is received is none of his business—it is the business of the people that decide what they want to make of it.

David explains that “we are infinite consciousness having an experience, we are not the experience itself”. This is where a lot of people are stuck. They take everything they see, hear and experience in this reality as the truth or the norm, not being able to see beyond the illusion of the matrix we live in. However, how things are in our world today, is far from how they could be or were meant to be. The foundation of the system we live in has put people into a sense of powerlessness and limitation, making us always feel we need external help or people higher up to save us, help us, work out things for us, tell us how to live, etc. This is evident in everything from religions to governments.

Our education system, money system, economy, food, health, security and more is based on keeping people in fear, docile and complacent, rather than empowered and thinking for themselves. Manipulation of the human mind, the human perception of reality and of reality about the self has greatly affected the masses. No wonder people don’t want to hear what he has to say, and even push against him. After all, most of our Egos cannot handle being told that are minds have been manipulated. Thus some revert to anger hearing this, while others fall into a hopeless, depressive state.

However, this is not where David is trying to take us. He understands the power of negative emotions and how futile it is to resist anything. He knows that only love can get us out of bondage and simply choosing a new way, based on a high state of conscious awareness is the solution. This is why he tries to empower people to think for themselves. If you are living from your heart, keep going.

What we think is love in this world, is actually attraction or need. Love is not something you are in, love is something you are. Infinite love is the only truth.

David Icke, Radical Truth

Beyond this illusion, we are love. This is why I see it as complete insanity to kill each other, abuse each other, cheat each other, treat each other unkindly, etc. Everyone’s injustice, is ours. We need to stand together, not just look at injustice and think how horrible – we need to support each other. This is a time to choose whether we are going to look on from across the street, or cross the street and act for the freedom and betterment for all of humanity. As David shares, “love is the ultimate power, and love does not do fear, and if we don’t do fear, we cannot do enslavement.”

So why does the average person participate in a system that is not conducive to their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well being? As David shares, “the greatest form of control is control that you cannot see, touch or taste. Sitting in a prison when you can’t see the bars, does not make people rebel against not being free, when they think they are.

As to how we got to the current state of the world that we have, David shares that one of the biggest reasons why the system is so well accepted is because of “repeaters”. We are all guilty of this in one way or another. We take information we hear from somewhere and repeat it, without ever researching if it is even valid, true or has any meaning or sense for us.

David compares the collective reality to the idea of wireless Internet. We can’t see it, we cannot touch it, but we know it is there. This leads to the idea of the Holographic Universe that we live in, which many progressive thinking experts have said numerous times about the nature of our Universe.

So by now if you are wondering as to what reality really is, David shares that it is whatever we believe it is. Whatever we are told to believe reality is, until we wake up and expand our consciousness, is what it is.

David shared this quote from William Blake which speaks to me so strongly, every time I hear it:

If the doors of perception were cleansed everything would appear to man as it is, infinite.

William Blake

To conclude, David shares practical tips as to what each of us can do. Some of these simply include to choose freedom without any consequences. If there are consequences to you in choosing freedom, this is not freedom. He shares that we need to stop putting people on pedestals like government figures, celebrities, doctors, etc. We need to eliminate our diversions and instead of asking the disempowering statement “what is the world coming to?”, we need to become active in our own lives. He inspires us to drop the fault lines that divide us, and come together. He does not encourage any kind of protests or slogan shouting, for the best and most powerful way to drive the change we want, is simply not to cooperate with the current system. We need to stop cooperating with our own enslavement.

Human race get off your knees.

David Icke


I LOVE David’s non-nonsense approach, his enthusiasm, his realness and his passion. He inspires me so much in that he so courageously speaks what needs to be said to expand people’s consciousness, without being worried what other people will think of him.

Like David, I have sympathy for people who just do not know what is going on, on a deeper level of reality. But it is tough to feel sympathy for those who are awakening and still choosing not to use their awareness to create meaningful change in their life, and in this world, instead choosing to remain complacent. He shares that “knowledge is not power, the use of knowledge is power.” If we are aware of something and do not use that knowledge, than it is as if we don’t know.

The most vital part in David’s talk was simply to expand consciousness. We need to crack the eggshells around us and start to live our highest potential—the infinite consciousness that we are in this reality, and watch this reality change before our eyes.

It is time to stop talking about the transformation, and live it.

Thus, to get empowered, inspired, invigorated and expand your consciousness further, I highly recommend this DVD.

The DVD is available directly from Sacred Mysteries here on sale now for $24.95 OR from for $29.95 here: Radical Truth: Knowledge & Revolution

You can see a short trailer clip from this lecture below: